How To Start A Junk Removal Company Without A Truck&Cash!!!

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what is up this is Tim with junk my junk

mob calm can you come into you from live

from Reno Nevada again and I said I

would do this video yesterday on my blog

and figured I'd put this video really

quick how to start a junk removal

company without stop spending any money

it will cost you a couple bucks I'm not

gonna lie there but or having a truck

and and I'm talking what I mean by this

is waking up in the morning quitting

your job jumping in your truck the next

day I've had this happen to me a couple

companies have done this personally done

this to me where you can wake up in the

morning and have a complete junk removal

business overnight what you need to do

is you need to get your you need to go

get your website going right away it

does cost you $10 to get the website and

your comments let's put about 20 bucks

so I did lie on the heading on this

video without cash in a truck and this

is how you do it get all that stuff

going get your get your website up watch

the SEO videos get your website going

get everything going and you just put

your website up and then eventually you

can put your phone number up don't take

any calls or don't put one in a row just

get the SEO going on your website

get it up on angie's or get it up on you

know I'll tell you what permitting you

you're gonna need but what you're gonna

do is you're gonna just put your

business out there you're not gonna run

your business and if you do get any

calls or emails you're gonna ship them

off to another company you don't have to

you don't have to spin any money right

now spend $20.00 get that going and and

this is this is for the people that have

the job you're working every single day

you're working at the Burger King or

whatever and you're just tired you don't

have that much money you do own a Toyota

Celica or something that's worth $1,000

or whatever you're gonna go and work on

this every single night go to your your

website work on your website work on

your keywords

don't take any jobs

don't do any of that don't do anything

I'm not saying doing anything illegal

don't go out and take jobs illegally

you're gonna get your website going and

you're gonna start getting these phone

calls coming in and you're gonna pass

all the jobs off on to your competition

and give them every single job that you

get and then you're gonna realize your

phone's ringing three to four or five

times a day and now your jaw your

business is actually sustainable how do

you find a website how do you find a

website how do you find a website you

all you have to do to find a website is

start going online and start typing in

your dot-com name start typing in like I


junk pic and it came up and it was

available so I bought that I took my

junk pick com put it on a website my

website is not up yet I am NOT ready for

the business yet I'm just finishing up

on a big job wrapping it up right now so

my junk pic should be up in a couple

days or something but get out there get

your website up personally I had a

company actually do this do this to me

where a guy said well I'm actually just

sending jobs off to everybody for free

and could you do this jobs yeah I could

do this job so every day he was sending

me new jobs every single day and it was

like three four five dollars a day and

this guy was working on his SEO is a

really good trick I really don't care

that you know who's giving me business I

don't care that he became my competition

or anything like that so what he would

do is he would call me every day and say

hey I got this job edition of this

job and I took all the jobs and he does

have a sustainable business here in town

and that's how he did it he did it with

no money had his website up he did spend

$20 to get his website up this may sound

like a bunch of bull or whatever make

sure you follow your local laws and

everything on that don't get in trouble

for having a business that is not open

you can lightly say on your website this

business is not open yet but what you're

trying to do is get your website going

get your SEO going get the website we're

supposed to be hitting go to google get

Google listings go to Angie's let's get

Angie's List listings get all that stuff

going when you know your phone's ringing

off the hook and your emails are coming

in and everybody trying to give you jobs

that's the time to know that you know

you probably could leave your job or but

potentially put the jobs on after hours

or on weekends and you start taking your


so your Celica for $2,000 take that

$2,000 go get your permits go buy a

hundred go buy a six seven hundred ollar

pick up clean it up start driving it

around and start picking up junk if you

want to watch my video yesterday I

started with one little trailer and I

think I showed you about six vehicles

that I have or four or five vehicles

that I have I have about seven vehicles

right now that I've gotten in one year

this is not a hard business you don't

need money to start it just get out

there really are you go all you're

trying to do is really get your website

out there and get it going once you got

your website up and going people are

calling you that's when you want to jump

and get into your business that's when

you want to jump and get into your

business it's not hard to do and it can

happen if you're this whole process will

process will probably take you two to

three months watch those SEO videos and

once you get those SEO videos down you

can start doing your website I'm sorry I

gotta order something really quick you

got it you got you get your SEO uh are

you guys cooking chicken nuggets right

now I can't beat that four minutes can

you cook me about 200 chicken nuggets

she wondered yes

in about 20 coffees any anyway you want

to make them 20 small coffees the dollar

whatever what's the dollar coffees you

guys got smalls

I'll take those yeah anyway you ordered

200 chicken McNuggets I had no problem

waiting sorry

I'll have toilet window hey thank you so

I'm sorry I was I'm actually doing

something today for some people in town

here but anyways um I'm trying not to

get distracted here but anyways it is

not hard to get a business one second

let me pay in park

anyways it is not hard to get a business

off the ground all you got to do is just

get your website going get the SEO going

and once you get your SEO going once you

get out on Angie's List Yellow Pages and

go onto your competition's pages and you

type them when you when you type in okay

the wands got a really good really good

question do you lower your prices to get

in the game yes you do

right now I don't have to lower my

prices anymore I have not lowered my

prices I have not lowered my prices at

all in the junk removal in the last I

don't know I'm getting liens or

something something I touched something

that's in Italy

all right thank you so much so anyways I

deal oh ok so wow that's got a really

good question do you lower your do you

lower your prices to get sorry one says

do you lower your prices to get in the

game yes you do need to lower your

prices to get in the game you have to

lower your prices you don't have to Red

Bull did I'm sorry I'm sorry about that

I had a guy kicked off really quick what

do I saying was was do you have to want

asked one asked do you have to lower

your prices to get in the game yes you

do you want to actually be very very you

just want to just just get dirty get all

the jobs you can possibly get be the

dirty person get really dirty in the

beginning so right now I don't have to

lower my prices anymore my prices are

set a certain spot and I stay right

there I don't need to do the dirty jobs

anymore because the money does come in I

make really good money now

redbull did a really good thing and you

could you could walk in with wicked

prices and just do really good business

and make really good money Red Bull is a

perfect example Red Bull they started

their prices out with these damn cans or

like three bucks and I was like damn

those things are expensive but you know

what I buy him I buy him because they're

good I like them and they work in I will

still spend 3 4 bucks for a Red Bull

when I really really need it

Red Bull is a perfect example by having

good prices and good service and they

don't lower their prices the prices

never go on go down on Red Bulls but

when you're starting this business you

definitely want to start out with some

really competitive prices and you know

your you know Y or communal your you're

going up against other companies and


bid low you will get hit a couple times

and you're going to take a couple hits

when you start your junk removal

business you're gonna lose money here

and you're going to lose money there but

you're never gonna do it again

just because you lost money doesn't mean

you really lost money I've lost money on

a job and actually learned more off that

one job and made more money in the

return down the road so you learn your

biddie and everybody's always worried

about am I gonna bid wrong what you

gotta do is go down to the dumps and

figure out what the dump prices are

forgot what your time's worth and figure

out how much you're getting charged

Brandon hi Tim I love computers do you

have employees yes I do I have a few

employees right now I have three

employees right now how do you deal with

big guys like God junk junk King they

are big out here in Orlando Florida

don't worry about God junk don't worry

about junk King don't worry about

college hunks hauling junk don't worry

about those guys you're not junk we're

not those guys don't worry about the

competition there's a reason why they

are there those guys right there their

prices are up here and our prices in the

junk removal industry is about right

here and then you got all the crap

Craigslist crap down here not talking

bad about Craigslist none nothing bad

about Craigslist but when these guys set

a presence of 590 for 15 yards and you

come in with 20 yards for 450 you're

killing them you're killing them it's

good that they put these big prices out

because yes they do go to customers

houses some customers see that oh my god

if it's it's five five hundred ninety

dollars for 15 yards the next thing

they're doing they're calling you up or

they what they do they do a tactic they

do man will come out and we're gonna

we're gonna make everything disappear

we're gonna do everything for you

they're gonna send this beautiful truck

they're gonna send these employees and

they're gonna send this this little

document and it's gonna say this is how

much it is this and this and they're

gonna while you buy the whole shininess

of the trucks and and the kids are young

looking and they're ready to go and pump

yeah it's a great it's a great business

great business great business thing and

you get so wowed about just like buying

a new car you spend way too much money

when you're buying that new car what

happens is you're so wowed and you're

like damn I don't want to call anybody

Alice I've already waited two hours for

these people to show up and now they're

here let's just just get rid of it and

so what happens is they do the whole get

rid of it situation and then and then

they they call the company I'm really

upset with the price and I kind of go oh

well we can knock back just a couple

dollars we'll do this do this and this

rice a good review it happens every

single day in that community I'm not

talking bad about the companies I think

I got drunk and drinking and all those

are great companies but that's just the

way they do business they show up the

house and they you know you've waited

for hours that's how they do the

business that's how it is

so after they've done that once or twice

with these big companies they've been

burned so now they're looking for the

littler guys going yeah

I've already been burned by this company

you know and I'm not talking bad about

these businesses yes it is expensive to

do junk removal it is a service so they

have it in their head already now they

want to just call a local guy and say

hey I got burned and every junk removal

company out there will say the exact

same thing that everybody's been burned

by a junk removal company the bigger

ones because the prices are so huge you

don't need money to Sergent removal

company you just need to get your name

out there get everything going get the

presence once all that's set up you get

your truck and you can get going the

next day

and fair warning to everybody this

business is not for everybody you have

to be a driven individual you can go out

there tomorrow and say yeah I'm gonna do

it I'm gonna put my job and I'm gonna go

get a truck and start hauling junk this

business is not for everybody it's for

that go-getter the person that gets up

every single morning and wants to make

money and makes make wants to make a

difference and definitely so if you got

a more questions throw them out there

really quick but don't worry about the

big guys they're there for a reason

they're there to set the high prices

they're the Ferraris and Lexuses of the

company just be a Chevy Ford guy you

know you get in you give a good service

good clean service your trucks okay it's

not brand new but it is definitely it's

going to do the exact same job as their

50 60 70 thousand dollar trucks a lot of

people a lot of people do I'm sorry I

don't want to ruin how you say your name

how how can you quote how can you quote

when you quote this is this is the exact

formula when you're quoting measure your

truck go online and get a dirt

calculator measure your truck you're up

down and both sides get a dirt car go

online and type in dirt calculator and

then type in your your measurements for

how much what's all the measurements and

and when you get to get in dirt

calculator actually what it does is

it'll put it in yards for you eventually

tell you how many yards are in your

truck next you go down to the dump and

find out exactly what that truck someone

cost you how much it's gonna cost you to

dump half full and empty and get it all

in your head and figure it out so I know

my trucks 20 21 yards I know my dumps

gonna charge me $300 and that's a fact

here in town in Reno they're gonna

charge me 300 dollars to fill my truck

up so when I go to that job I know that

I need to make two to three hundred

dollars or I need to make two or three

hundred dollars off this job and I look

at and how you do is you build it in

your head as you're walking around

you're you're packing your truck in your

head as you're driving around the

business you just start putting stuff in

your truck you literally in your mind

you're building your truck in your head

and as you walk around the job your

truck's half full 3/4 then you go you go

to the customer I know my trucks gonna

cost three probably 225 to dump I need

to make them at least 225 off the job or

or whatever you put that in your head

that kind of your quotation about how

much money you need to make on every job

every job you should be making at least

a hundred dollars at least one hundred

dollars in every job some jobs you will

make 60 in like beds and stuff like that

on your Washington dryers you'll only

make you can charge anything you want

for washers and dryers I've seen people

charge 40 to 120 dollars for just a

washer and dryer that's pure profit

because the metal goes right in the dump

and it's just a pure profit job except

for your gasket I'm insurance and all

that so build your build your truck in

your head figure out what the prices are

in your town and don't look at all the

places and if you got cardboard in metal

that stuff's always recyclable it's 100%

recyclable put all the junk in the front

of the truck all the good stuff in the

back and then get all that stuff out

take the last in and then on that job

that that you thought you're gonna make

a couple of bucks you know taking more

and more out ends up being a $50 dump

and it was a five hundred dollar charge

you just made $450 - gas and all the all

the insurance - everything yes you can

make good money in this business but you

have to be very very what's word for it

you have to be very optimized on getting

rid of things there's stuff you can

recycle you can go to Salvation Army

there's a lot of things you can give up

oh I saw a question up here earlier

why now hey man thanks for your

encouragement you give not it really

does this and I encourage everybody this

doesn't cost you anything to watch these

videos you you take them as you like

them but I just want to give you a

straight up truth this is exactly how

this business works

hm love your videos do you have

employees got that one how do you

recommend advertising

I recommend advertising if you really

starting out Google AdWords it's

expensive but you will get your truck

moving day one literally you can put

your website up and you don't need any

SEO you don't need your website on all

these places you can turn on your google

adwords and literally get business the

same day it's not hard to do it will

cost you probably three to four hundred

bucks a week but you're gonna be making

a couple thousand dollars a week so and

that's that's not profit that's you know

up and down you're gonna figure it out

there's a formula everybody has a

formula in their business how much money

do you need to make you got it two

employees in your truck you got four how

much more money you need to make how

much you charge for a full box truck uh

my box truck everybody seen the video

yesterday my box truck I charge around

450 to 550 450 it's really simple and it

goes through the truck really easy 550

if it's really hard and it's a lot of

hard stuff : trucks is it uh one is it

really expensive over there here in

Orlando we get charged by the ton

normally household disposal like

mattresses beds etc is around $26 what

would you we're actually really

expensive so you guys all see the box

truck that I have I get charged at the

local waste management and Tom around

$300 to dump it we get charged by yards

it's almost $25 a yard to get to get rid

of junk here in Reno plus the ten dollar

Gatsby it's a whole whole nother realm

waste management has come in this town

and taking the whole town over and it's

kind of what happened this town so we're

just very expensive to own to the

general business in Reno but if you know

how to get rid of things you can make

really good money


is it really offensive over there here

in Orlando so you know if it's $26

that's really cheap and you can charge

whatever you want to charge I'm doing a

trash out now send it to cby and

charging $1,300 am i charging enough

cubic yards 72 cubic yards I think 72

cubic yards yeah you're not charging

enough on my stupid yards 20 cubic yards

to charge $500 but if Eric Lane

so Eric Lane access I am doing a trash

shot right now 72 cubic yards and I'm

charging 1350 am i charge enough as long

as your dump fees are really cheap you

could be right but I'm charging for 504

for 20 yards I charge around 450 to 550

for 20 yards so you're right there

you're just a little bit below but I

think you're just perfect thanks for all

the uploads bro

Dan's on YouTube no problem $65 of ton

so I don't know what does one thing I do

not know about about the business

I don't know how heavy my heavy what

goes in my truck cause my truck never

gets weighed so I will never know

pricing on $65 a ton or anything like

that I don't know how much weight I put

in my truck so there's a lot more people

out there that can tell you those

questions that charge that get charged

for the time I get charged in yardage

here in Reno Nevada are you just doing

junk removal are you just doing junk

move or you do offering other services

like demo work construction cleanups and

this has come from from Thomas

okay so Thomas asked are you doing junk

removal or are you doing other services

like demo work construction cleanup get

cetera you know what I do a lot I am

actually doing demo work and and light

demo work where you don't need a license

and I'm talking light demo work is

taking down little sheds little

additions or cleaning out properties

that need a gut and when I say gut I'm

talking pulling carpet pulling out old

cabinets refrigerators stoves and all

that yes there's a lot of work out there

that you can do on top of this business


we're the first person they call person

passes away they call us person is

moving they call us we are the first

person on the line they call and they

they they have so much stuff going on

hey I need to get this carpet or they'll

say hey I need all this junk out of this

house I'm rear-ended in this house and

your girl walk in the house and house is

trashed so you're gonna clean the whole

house out and you go you know what I

offer carpet removal service and they're

gonna go really and you know how much

and cover removal is probably one of the

worst jobs that you can possibly ever do

is copper removal because the dog piss

it's like this sticky it is probably the

worst possible thing that you could ever

ever do it's just the sticky little mess

that it stinks and make sure you wear

different clothes when you do cover

removal but I will offer carper removal

offs and help take the carpet up for 400

bucks and I'll rip up all the carpet

keep a good carpet knife in your truck

and if they do tack strips tack strips

are a lot more charge a lot more for

texture to touch strip so you're

actually going around the house and not

gonna tack strips up that cost a lot

sorry just got to sex tack strips are a

lot more work and they're a lot more

time-consuming carp removal really walk

into the middle of the house and you you

cube the whole house up and you just cut

roll up cut roll up cut roll up cut roll

up and that's that's for Thomas yeah I

do a lot more jobs than just junk

removal you'll get a lot of extra jobs

added on but make sure you do stuff that

is not illegal to do one thanks again

you are a good you're a good man that's

why you're so successful it takes time

success comes with time in karma and

trying to help everybody out yes you can

go out start this business and not run a

car based business just run out throw

prices and go do it you'll do whatever

you're going to do but I love karma it

comes back on you tenfold

dr. junk we charged nine hundred dollars

for thirty cubic yards so I say yes you

charge him little yes dr. John

completely agrees with me I think you

are charging I think he could probably

charge about seventeen to about fifteen

so let's see I have another question

coming in Dan YouTube demos can be fatal

on your health

demos can be fatal fatal on your help

dans YouTube you need to be very careful

on doing demo and doing junk removal and

I ran across this once I did a job that

wars mold on the wall and it was really

bad mold I pulled back some stuff and

there's mold all over the wall and it

was really disgusting

I should have been completely based

messed up and I should've charged

hazardous and I should push and never

done the job pusher just walked away

from the job and I didn't walk away I

got sick for two weeks after that job

the mold spores black mold spores are

probably the worst thing you can ever

run into

next to carbon monoxide and I've talked

about carbon monoxide in past videos be

very careful when doing demo jobs you

care very careful messing with asbestos

yes Dan's on YouTube asbestos mold and

yes and fumes and all that be very

careful when you're doing junk removal

because you can get in very big trouble

you're gonna be doing a job and someone

says I need this stuff removed and

you're gonna walk in and you're not

gonna see the mold yet but then you

start pulling stuff up or you're pulling

some old cabinets out and you're gonna

see mold everywhere you need to stop

what you're doing stop the job I'm right

there walk out the building go down Home

Depot get some respirators get the right

gloves get everything that you need to

do to take that stuff out or you need to

tell the customer I can't do this charge

your customer more be very careful

because you can get yourself into

trouble too so be careful just don't do

a job because you know you're making

money you need to make that money your

house is more important than getting

sick for two weeks

my name is a misunderstanding more I

live in the DMV area I mean an enquiring

about doing junk removal for a while

business is tight for me right now but I

can multitask so uh miss underdog that's

a great name for a junk removal company

good go buy that right now anyways uh

miss underdog I did detailing when I I

was 18 years old I had my own detail

business I was detailing cars and like

if I was detailing this just Range Rover

right here right now I probably would

charge about 150 to $200 I can do go do

a junk removal job right now

within 30 minutes make 200 to $300 this

is not a hard business you just need to

know how to get rid of things and how to

how to do this business it's not hard to

do and it's not that we're making huge

profit it is what the market is asking

for when got junk is going out charging

five hundred and ninety dollars they got

to pay all their overhead their

employees and everything like that and

when they throw that big price out it

makes us look good

we do make good money in junk removal

there's some people to say no I don't

make any money I don't make money in

junk removal if you're not making money

in junk removal you're doing something


every job you should at least put $100

in your pocket on every single job yeah

there's a job that you get washing

dryers where you only make this much but

you should be at least putting $100 in

your pocket today in a usual day for me

or any other company a usual day for me

it could be five to seven hundred

dollars a day and if it's five to seven

hundred ollars a day I'm pulling down

three to four hundred Allah's prophet

three to four hundred profit on all that

and that's my day gas insurance

everything so you can pull down and

that's just a two-person 1 to 2 person

one to two person so and don't forget

everybody subscribe on the channel and

don't forget to hit the notifications to

yeah so miss underdog sharing the web

yeah I would rather do junk removal than

detailing do tones fun business and

everything but is time-consuming it

takes a lot of time the weather is

always a problem with doing detailing

because it stops during the winter time

junk removal does slow down during the

winter but it still does move that's why

you'd need to do more jobs do more

things out there like remove carpet

because it expenses but don't get in

trouble with don't get in trouble with

local laws and stuff like that make sure

you have the right lights and seem for

everything I don't mind hard work yeah

look into junk removal there's

definitely good money to be made and

again there's a lot of people starting

junk removal businesses right now make

sure you stand out make sure you stand

out in the junk removal industry make

sure you stand out in your town put a

presence and put your foot down and

don't lift your foot it doesn't matter

if the guy junk trucks are following you

around it doesn't matter

and I've heard these tactics where these

guys they want to bully people around

and try to follow people to jobs and

stuff like that I've heard about these

little tactics it's actually just young

kids in the trucks trying to push people

around don't be scared of anybody don't

be scared of politics just put your foot

down put a good business out there karma

based you will get you'll get everything

you're looking for

Sharon 11 years now Alvin

what's up new year channel Alvin Chico

lawn care so Alvin you do lawn care I

started I started when I quit my job I

work for a job for a company for over 15

years being in management and everything


all the nuggets and everything yeah

thank you all right thank you thank you

so Alvin I just wanted to do a quick

thing so Alvin do you have a lawn care

company and I know that my lawn when I

get my lawn mowed it cost me $30 a month

so you're out mowing lawns every single

day you got all these yes you do make

good money doing lawn care and all that


I started out lawn care I had probably a

hundred accounts 100 plus account but

man I was beating up my truck I was

trying my truck across town going over

here going over here gasps lawn mowers

weed whackers this thing goes down I

gotta go run the Home Depot get new weed

whacker junk removal is all one thing

one truck you drive the truck pick up

junk and then it was the most easiest

thing I did and the reason why I

accidentally got started in this

business this is by accident why I got

started this business I was doing lawn

and in landscaping and all that we had

two snowstorm where the snow was

actually four to five feet in Reno

Nevada it was a really bad storm I did a

lot of snow removal and I was tired and

everything I had about this trailer just

because I needed for landscaping because

I was throwing rocks in and all that

stuff and when I threw the rocks in the

truck and everything okay thank you so


sorry I'm actually on a mission today so

I was doing that every single day where

I was busting my butt doing landscaping

ahead on jobs all over here and I try

and do Rock jobs over here and I was

busting my butt every single day and one

guy called me up yeah there's about 200

big knockers back there one guy calls me

up and says okay

sorry everybody just give me one second

one second I'm sorry everybody that's

watching I see there's a few people


take care now I'm very sorry about that

everybody so I'm getting coffee and I do

this little ritual every probably every

other week but you got to get back in

this business and the only way you're

going to become successful is to give

back in this business but what I was

saying about landscaping here and

everything I accidentally got this got

dis business and this is all happened by

accident a guy asked me to remove some

stuff from his house and he paid me like

five hundred bucks to fill old trailers

I'll give you five hundred dollars to

fill just there all this stuff away and

it was good stuff it was really good

stuff and I end up throwing away

probably twenty dollars worth of trash

and this is back when junk removal

wasn't really big as it is now and I

spent $20 on the junk removal for the

trash and then I made another five six

hundred dollars on the stuff that I mean

another five or six hundred dollars on

the stuff that I took from him and I

stopped every single thing I did I sold

my lawn accounts I sold every single

thing off I sold every single thing off

and I couldn't even fathom the money I

was making I made $450 actually I made

I'm gonna say about $800 in a matter of

like two hours and you can't do that in

landscaping landscaping everything takes

time you got to move rock and it's

busting you had got to have a lot of

employees that's what happened that's

how I got into this business and it

happened all by accident this is really

early when God chunk was just starting

to get just starting to get traction and

junk removal we really didn't make much

money back in trunk removal back in the

day because everything was so cheap but

now everything's so regulated now

there's a lot it's pretty expensive and

we do get to charge big big prices I

know that commercial laugh out loud what

commercially talking about and I bet

they gave you two little barbecue sauces

they probably did just give me two

little barbecue sauces

cool thanks for the head up 11 years now

right on sharing with the with the and

you'll realize in this business you'll

make pretty good money in this business

and doesn't it could happen overnight

I've seen it happen for several people

the word does it does happen overnight

people really do make good money people

really didn't make good money there's a

there's businesses in town i watch

everybody kind of what they're doing and

if you just give it a try and all you

can do is say you tried go out buy a

pickup go out buy a pickup and just

start the business any more questions

throw them out there because I'm about

the homeless shelter and I'm gonna bout

to pass all this stuff out and you got a

rumor in this business you got to get

back you got to get back in this

business and you got to be a go-getter

don't forget to guys don't forget to

subscribe and like yeah I don't forget

to like and subscribe and if you don't

like the channel don't give me a thumbs

down just don't watch it that's flat-out

what it is I don't you know I'm planning

on selling my equipment and having is

having issues and would you recommend

and getting into the business no time 23

23 years old and moving I wish I was 23

years old and starting this business

this business and I'm warning everybody

this business is going to get very very

competitive there's a lot of people quit

in their jobs and starting giacomo

businesses they're starting including

starting and quitting and it's happening

every single day you know there's like

five or six companies that just started

in my town alone in the last year and

there's probably gonna be another five

or six this year so you definitely just

got to give back put a good stance in

your community and just give back take

care of people and you're going to

you're gonna do well it's not it's not a

hard business to do I do run around my

head off now that my business is getting

bigger the money is coming in and coming

in a lot easier you know I had to spend

my whole day yesterday just going out

and meeting with Realtors picking up

checks of jobs I haven't finished or

jobs I finished and I haven't it's been

like two weeks since I've been out in

the truck that actually I can go out

touch jobs

or just take on anymore any new jobs

just get out there and start it you

don't need money to start a junk removal

business just get out there get your

website up get the business coming in

send all the business off to everybody

else and then when you're ready go sell

your Celica make a couple thousand

dollars off of it

do your business license and buy your

truck and just start picking up junk

good fight junk removal he's doing that

but he's actually got a pretty good job

he's actually sorry about that it pops

off I think ecause I just went under a

big overpass but uh get when the

getting's good and definitely all I just

want to say is everybody get out there

help out and then you know definitely

give back to the homeless and get back

to everybody else we only have one life

and you know how how's everybody gonna

remember you by how everybody's gonna

remember me by you know because I'm

gonna once that's always giving back and

good things do happen to me karma comes

in different ways karma comes comes in

different ways there's people that are

hard up and you know I was hard up at

one time when I when I got the carbon

dioxide poisoning I had less than $200

in the bank I sold a couple things and

literally this is only a year and a half

ago I had less than $130 it was like

$130 in the bank and I sold something

sold some watches or whatever and this

is when I start to get back in the

business I had zero I had nothing and if

everybody watched my video yesterday if

everybody watched my video yesterday I

would say if everybody watched my video

yesterday I've only been back in

business about a year and a half with

just simple things that I had you know

the knowledge that I have anybody can do

this business and I don't want drag this

video long any longer I have a few

homeless people that I'd like to feed

right now so I'm gonna take off here in

a second and I want everybody to give

back and give back to everybody because

this is what it's all about we only have

one life and thank you everybody for

making this into May

number one junk removal channel on

YouTube this is what it's about is

giving back to everybody and everybody

take care have a great day and give back

to people because you know what this is

the best thing in the world when you do

get back and everybody some coffee and

some chicken nuggets everybody's gonna

be filled up you know some times and

this is this is one thing and I don't

mean to put the homeless or anything on

you I went homeless for 72 hours for 72

hours longest 72 hours of my life and it

wasn't I I was in business I was I made

good I make good money and everything

with him but I won't homeless on a

project with the mayor son and all that

and we slept on the ground and not one

person talked to me not one person said

hello not one person engaged with me

everybody ignored me and I was downtown

Reno walking around not a person would

say a single thing to me and I was just

shoveled dirty clothes I looked like

crap and actually after the first second

day I started stinking really bad and

you just got to give back to everybody

and it will come back to you just little

things do little things out there and

it'll come back to you so everybody

karma based business don't forget to

Like and subscribe and give back these

guys are they're amazing people

sometimes you just have to say hello to

them and engage with them and it'll make

it a day and this is the best feeling in

the world

you guys can sit and watch for the next

couple minutes but this is just what

it's all about

happy people you all have a great one

what's up boss how's it going today how

about a coffee you want a hot coffee

what's that some chicken nuggets some


you know some sauces hold on let me find

some sauces well

they said they gave me sauces Burger

King pulley slacked on me today I don't

see any sauces here you go there you go

anybody want a coffee coffee there you

go good

y'all stay warm out here a little cold

last night wasn't it yeah I got an extra

coffee coffee shirt how's it going today

not good for you

just Nuggets mine here I'm sorry like

that all right you have a good one how

you doing today god bless you have a

good one

I'm back everybody

I'll answer just a couple more questions

I'm gonna take off for the rest of day

I'm okay so that's why you're so blessed

yes this is why I'm blessed I just got

to help out 20 people 20 plus people to

get nuggets and some warm coffee in

their stomach and a smile on their face

this is what this is exactly what this

business is about is giving back I'll be

praying for you how many place do you

have Tim I have three employees right

now a good karma in the house that's

what this is all about good karma good

karma knows exactly what I'm talking

about good karma junk removal two

dollars I don't know what that means but

uh good karma is cycling thanks for

being you everybody thank you so much

for making this channel amazing thank

you for the donation I see a donation up

there never seen a donation before you

have a video request I have video Chris

can you make a video of dangers of junk

removal and demolition I need to know

about asbestos and insulation and


Dan's YouTube I will do a dangers of

junk removal that is a great video give

me about a week or so to do a video I do

have a video coming up today with my

partner Jeff glass he actually started

what started a junk removal company at


excuse me about right around 3:20

Pacific time I will be on with

Jeff glass he is actually a junk removal

company you watch my videos starting his

own junk removal company he is a

successful success story of watching my

videos and starting a junk removal

company great guy I want you guys all to

meet him he actually has several

businesses that he does and he owns a

healing a junk removal company he owns a

bed-and-breakfast and a couple of

businesses and three o'clock today

Pacific time

I will 320 Pacific time I will have a

live video with him and we're gonna chat

with him about junk removal and the

successes of junk removal and the

downfalls so everybody thank you so much

for watching this video do you so do you

just obey all your jewelry no I put all

my jewelry together and have somebody to

despise at all that's the way I do it

probably should even if you base stuff

and there's amazing ways to make money

on ebay definitely you can make good

money at this the people pay you to take

stuff and you can make money off stuff

you take but some jobs are not all

glamorous there's some jobs out there

that's landscaping stuff like that those

are the hardest jobs out there where

you're loading your truck loading your

truck load your truck and you make all

you're making is the profit that you're

making on the junk but a good way to do

it is do make money off your junk that

you take and recycle your back always

get back and little things like this

right here making put smiles on people's

faces this is what it's all about and

this is this is what it's all about it's

about giving back you're making really

good money get back in your community I

want to see people get back in the

community I want to see some YouTube

videos out there about this and I don't

think YouTube videos of the homeless or

anything like that but just take YouTube

videos to show people what you do so

people will be inspired to do it this is

the only reason why I mean putting this

on video because I want to inspire

people to give back if you have $100 and

you got $10 to give give it if you got a

million dollars and you got $100,000 to

give whatever give it give it back give

it back the right way there's wrong way

and a right way to give give it to the

people that need all this

homeless people they're great people the

last person that I actually did a the

last person that I the chicken nuggets

to and what's up Joe how's it going the

last person that I gave my chicken

nuggets to split his chicken nuggets up

with three people that were still in

line so everybody don't forget to give

back this is what this business is about

yes you can start a junk removal

business without money just give back

thank you everybody for watching this

video don't forget to Like and subscribe

what's up Joe you got to give me a call

we're gonna talk and we're yeah Don for

sure yes I'm on fourth street at the

mission so everybody have a great day

thank you so much for watching this

video and you all have a great one and

don't forget like and subscribe down

below take care now