How to total and scrap a vehicle with no title

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hey what's up YouTube this is

pennsatucky outlaw sitting here in what

is now half of a Jeep Grand Cherokee

funny story I need a gas money as I said

in my last interview got a few job

interviews coming up however

unemployment that's brought me to some

drastic measures we have a few vehicles

here without a title and one by one just

been kind of totaling them and then

taking them to the scrap yard and just

want to share a little bit of

information on just how you consider a

vehicle to be totaled now it really

depends on where you live some places

just crush the roof in there in

Pennsylvania it's not that simple

so even though this has already been

done and half of its already in the

scrap yard I got a few pictures of how

the process was done and I'll just share

it along here with you as you can see

we still have the rear half which is

perfect for me showing you just how it's

done step one you're gonna want to take

off all the tires stick them up on some

blocks and

that part's the easy part after that you

take a sawzall and you cut the frame

thankfully this is uniformed

all one piece made a lot easier to do so

but you just take a sawzall cut up your

carpet so you can see what you're doing

you go from one end straight down

through to the other

after you have that cut the next step

obviously cut the roof and then you

should be completely separated at that

point and I'll show some pictures of

just how we got 1/2 onto the trailer in

a second

now as you can see we tied front axle

whole way down to the other one up onto

the tree tight the other side to my Jeep

and just started to jack it up and use

my Jeep level it out slip trailer right

under it now with the rear half in order

to scrap it gas tanks always need to

come off scrap yards do not accept them

so now we get to flip it over

we got our chained up here I'm going

over to the other side and I'm catching

it straight to the rear axle here and if

you'll notice I have this chalk yeah

it's a log I don't know if it'll do too

much but trying to stop that from moving

should help out a good bit

my gas tank was a little bit full and

that right there is why a lot of scrap

companies will not accept vehicles with

gas tanks in them but from here we go

through and unbolt that right there and

that one lets gas tanks should just pop

right out I may have to cut these lines

just to make it a little bit quicker and

then load that right up on the trailer

the same way you did the first one well

I did the first one I'm taking to the

scrapyard that you enjoyed this video

just as much as well I enjoyed being

able to make it cutting up vehicles is

definitely a fun thing to do in your

free time and this is pencil talkie

outlaw signing out