Pennsylvania Title Transfer Instructions - SELLER - in PA

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all right so let's take a look at the

title instructions when you're selling a

car in the state of Pennsylvania

remember that title is a legal document

so don't erase anything Ruiz why doubt

don't scratch across anything out right

really neatly you only use black or blue

ink use actual names or no nicknames

don't make mistakes because any errors

can void the document and you don't want

that um also to be sure to check the

link in the description of this video

for updated information and other links

so okay keep in mind that in

Pennsylvania you're gonna need to have a

notary public witness the signatures and

give their stamp on it this can also be

an authorized PennDOT agent okay so if

there's any of liens shown on the front

of the title they must be released the

normal practice is for the lien holders

send you the title only after the lien

is paid off so you should have your

paper title with liens released or no

liens on it alright so on the back of

the title the portion that says

assignment of title section a will be

filled in fill in the odometer reading

and the space provided enter your

mileage exactly as it appears on your

odometer and do not include tenths

if you Dahmer does not reflect the

actual miles on the car check the box

that says is not actual mileage warning

odometer discrepancy then to the right

of the odometer information you'll print

the purchaser or the buyer their full

name and address on the lines provided

this can be more than one person if

there's more than one buyer make sure

you check with them to make sure that

that's right

then you'll enter the purchase price the

amount that is being paid for the car

and as far as the signatures go make

sure that you don't do anything until

your what the notary public or an

authorized agent because that is really

important in Pennsylvania so once you're

with the notary the purchaser will sign

on the indicated lines or line if

there's a more than one purchaser each

one must sign on the lines provided just

gotta squeeze it in on most versions of

the PA title then the purchaser will

print their name on the lines provided

so then the seller than signs names on

or name on the lines provided and prints

the name or names on the line provided

beneath the signatures make sure you

print your name or names exactly as they

appear on the front of the title below

registered owner if there's more than

one name you'll need to squeeze them in

and make sure you don't use short names

or nicknames and when there's two

registered owners that are listed on the

title make sure that you check to see if

there's an or or nothing listed between

the registered owners names if there

isn't or then either registered owner

can sign and print their name using the

instructions above so be really careful

about that and that's a good thing no

but yeah otherwise the signatures and

print names of both registered owners

are required so now you have to have the

notary Republic I'm sorry the notary


complete the document and uh and you

want to get a receipt where the buyer

acknowledges delivery of the title and

vehicle as just kind of cover your bases

and include the date of sale make model

title number VIN number and the buyers

name and address and the buyer will sign

that and if you can make a photocopy of

both sides of the assigned title very

good idea to keep that for your records

I mean it's it's on you but so yeah

probably want to do that in most

situations like that anyways but yet um

then last you're gonna want to keep your

license plates you can transfer to

another one of your vehicles if not

you're gonna return to the Bureau of

Motor Vehicles then lastly the injuries

on the front of the title are made only

by the buyer you as the seller as no

part in filling that out so check out

the buyer video if you're looking for

the specific instructions for filling

out the title when you are the buyer and

it probably doesn't hurt to check out

both of them anyways just to make sure

that you know you cover everything it's

a better to measure twice cut once so he

is you don't have to get a replacement

title if you do need a replacement title

though we do have instructions on the

family car buyers dot-com website that

will direct you to the paperwork and the

stuff you'll need for that so yes that

is it and thanks for watching

the Pennsylvania title instructions when

you are selling a vehicle have a great