Buying a Car on Craigslist with No Title

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what about buying a car on Craigslist

when the seller has no title this comes

up a lot and there's many many vehicles

for sale on Craigslist today that the

seller doesn't have a title the reason

why they don't have a title and the risk

to you or things that we're going to

talk about on this video first of all it

is a risk if you purchase a vehicle and

you don't get it legal title signed over

to you technically you to own that

vehicle until you have that title the

vehicle is just a piece of metal until

the title and paperwork is properly

documented that metal is has the same

value as a pile of scrap there are

opportunities however of buying cars at

a good deal without a title and getting

the title signed over to you later

there's common reasons why the seller

may not have a title maybe what's called

a jump title meaning that the title

wasn't in their name it was in somebody

else's name and they signed it over to

them they lost the title however there

may also be reasons that are more

difficult there may be a title pawn or

title loan on the car may be the seller

borrowed money against the title and

gave it to the loan company maybe

somebody else did and the seller doesn't

know about it

sometimes there's cars that what we call

musical chairs meaning that it's

impossible to get a title for this car

and people keep selling it off to

somebody else trying to pass the buck on

getting that problem fixed first thing

you do when you buy a car on Craigslist

with no title is verify the phone number

the person's using to contact you get

their phone number verify their address

verify their identity from a driver's

license one of the biggest problems we

deal with as a title recovery company is

that the seller has disappeared their

numbers disconnected the person the name

is not right and our client has no way

and get in touch with that person even

if you get in touch with that person

even if there's a legal title owner

after you give them the money they have

no incentive to help you one of the

things they might have to do to help you

is to go down to DMV and find some

paperwork nobody wants to go to DMV even

if it's to help themselves they

certainly don't want to go down there to

help you after they already have your

money so keep that in mind we have

thousands of calls every month from

people who have purchased vehicles on

Craigslist and didn't get a title and

there's a title problem as you know

probably the DMV has no way to help you

not going to try to help you you're not

the title owner they can't even tell you

who the title owner is you may be able

to get a bonded title but in many cases

if you tell them the story that you

bought it on Craigslist with no title

and don't know the owner the bonding

company will reject it as a case file

because it doesn't meet their

qualifications so you can buy cars on

Craigslist with no title there's an

opportunity if you buy them cheap there

may be a way to do the title recovery

but make sure you understand the reason

why that person doesn't have one and

that you verify who they are