No Papers? How to get a title for a used classic car simply

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plates are finally here wait

Vermont welcome back everyone this week

we're going to go over how to get a

title and plates for a vehicle that

didn't previously have title got lost

what not you know a lot of our buses and

classic cars no longer have titles or

paperwork or documentation of any sort

so what we're going to do is fill out

some paperwork through Vermont of all

places and there's a great method for

securing plates through there see so

what we're going to do is take a look at

that documentation and try and get old

classic cars back on the road so here is

the form that we need to print out from

the Vermont DMV I'm going to post the

link to this form in the description but

basically there's a few sections you

need to fill out the transaction type

the plate type the make model etc of the

vehicle for a which is basically your

information 5b and 6a which is actually

pretty important the purchase price go

based on the nad a price not we paid for


I put 750 bucks for a bus that I'd

bought but they will they rejected it

and said that we needed the

da price so anyway put that in there and

there's a document that explains how to

go through this form this is just a

quick primer on the process so then you

know obviously your signature and also

filled out this section here

it's the basically all the fees so like

I said there is a form that you download

this guy it comes with instructions on

how to fill after sending in the form

along with the cheque to the DMV

basically a few weeks later you'll get

your plates and and they'll they'll give

you the paperwork it's basically a no

title state so what that means is they

don't even offer a title to you so

basically you'll get a registration card

which has transfer of ownership on it

you'll then take that card if you feel

like not rocking the Vermont plates

you'll take that card to your local DMV

and transfer that into your name in my

example it's Colorado so then I'm going

to get a title for it and take these

plates off and put Colorado plates on so

all in all it's a pretty simple process

a lot easier than going through

Colorado's process of lost title so I

hope that helps and I'm going to go slap

these on the on the bus

all right there it is Vermont plates on

the 77 bus I am stoked to be able to

drive legally there are some

complications process construction right

eventually get a Colorado title for it

80 plates one thing I forgot to mention

is that we need to make sure to get a

bill of sale we're getting the bus so

that about wraps it up feel free to

comment and let me know if you have any

questions Beaver Mont FAQ site is

actually very good

it goes through topics of common

questions like do I have to be a Vermont

resident in order to register a vehicle

and surprisingly you do not so there's

quite a few good resources on their

website anyway I'll try and link to that

in the description but hopefully this

will get some old cars on the road