How to Register a Car with a Lien on the Vehicle

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Sunday today I want to talk about how to

register a vehicle with a lien this is

like when someone buys a car and there's

a lien you know and ian is gonna be on

that vehicle this applies to most people

go out of state to buy cars and they

come to Maryland you know to their

states you know to restyle such a

vehicle most times when an individual

buys the car from a dealership they

don't come to us the dealer will process

everything so some people come here and

they like uttering confused they don't

know what's going on

so most cases is that we get them from

out of state like you go to Virginia to

buy a car

Virginia can really study vehicle so

they will give you the paperwork

sometimes they give you the paperwork

and sometimes they don't depend on how

much the you paid for the vehicle so

when you come here and there's a link

going on the vehicle first of all I'm

going to ask you for the paper walk the

first gonna be asking for would be the

title he had the set of Madilyn it could

be a military even though the person

purchase the vehicle from Virginia could

be Maryland it could be any state and

it's also could be Virginia title so

here in the state of Maryland if someone

is coming to me to arrest a vehicle that

has a lien first of all I look at the

title coming in coming to me the title I

have to make sure there's no lien on

that title that you presented to me I

had when I look on the on here if

there's a lien you see West Fargo

Westlake Navy credit union or a PG Bank

or wherever or it could be any

institution poor if there's something

written here services lien on here

it will have the lenders information so

if this is clean and clear then I don't

worry about the limbal is asking the

individual if they purchase yeah

definitely has to be a dealer I will be

asking for the delaria assignment deal a

bill of sale odometer disclosure

sometimes they give you power of

attorney here and there and then they

give you what else or whatever you know

and then and whatever is associated with

that registration or that and title so

usually before you guys come to us these

people they are supposed to go online to

download the VIN I mean what is the code

security interest filing statement this

is a form that shows that there's going

to be an in some dealerships are some

out-of-state dealers don't even know

they have to download these forms you

know before bringing the paperwork to

also what they do they use the bill of

sale if you are not careful to you you

might not be able to catch it so usually

when people working here and I see the

vehicle has got a lot of money our

awesome did you pay cash some of them

would like to you don't take out some of

the paperwork and lie to you so you have

to pay attention to the bill of sale

bill of sale will tell you more and also

the title sometimes they forget to put

it on the title so I ask questions until

I'm able to us okay if you if there's a

lien I need the contract I have to see

everything so sometimes the dealers are

supposed to go online and print out VR 2

1 7 which is them filing you know like

letting us know like it says a security

interest filing statement

this shows that there's going to be an

in on the vehicle some dealers don't do

it so when people come here or we will

rely on the bill of sale and then the

title sometimes they put it sometime

they don't put it so I ask questions

until I'm able to get all this

information so they're supposed to feel

like we are 127 this is like it's delays

the lender telling us they're putting a

lien on this individual and then the

lender was fined and then we'll give the

form we attach it to the rest of the

paperwork and also they're supposed to

fill out we are were not as we

0:05 this is where they put the

customers information if it is too if

they are too on us they'll put the other

the first person here the primary owner

and then the second individual will be

on this side and then here we'll put the

vehicle information what I use

definitely has to be used and then they

pretty make model V number and

everything and then all yeah this is

where the Lin information is so they're

supposed to download this form most of

them don't fill out these forms you know

you just sign the title and then put the

lienholder maybe on the bill of sale

someone dies Russia might not be able to

catch me when I see a lot of money I

always pay attention you know so this is

what the lender supposed to give us the

information it will give us the name of

the lender the dealer is supposed to

give us the land on the company that is

financing the the tired a loan and then

you give us the name address how much

delay the loan amount and then the date

of the lien supposed to give it there

and then over here they put the amounts

you paid forty thousand or twenty

thousand fifteen thousand you put that

amount here and then you break it down

you calculate six percent of that amount

I'm putting basis taxable amount and

then up down here is gonna ask you that

you're doing a transfer or a neutral

neutral to untag the seller which

applies to you put the insurance

information the insurance company you

put the policy number and then give me

the odometer the deal I supposed to put

the Damita here and then the customer

will sign and date they don't bring out

some of the number did I both fill this

out you know so this is they have three

forms to complete

I mean did allah has three forms to

complete but some of them don't complete

it and then the third one now VDV are

what when an IV r129 is that person

within the inspection on sedate area day

if you buy a car from virginia virginia

will not give you the inspection cuz the

inspection will not fly here the set of

maryland the inspection is no good to

you so when you bring that vehicle here

if you have a thumbtack some people use

the temp time to go get the vehicle

inspected and then when they're coming

to us they bring us the inspection if

you're bringing me the inspection you

don't have to worry about this form you

worry about these two but if

you're not bringing me the inspection

you have to yeah I'll give you this if

the land I forgot to give you this form

when you get here I'm gonna give you

this is you within the inspection on

side Italia the meaning I'm giving you

30 days and once I give you the 30 days

you have to go get inspected and then

come back to pay for your registration

or your in registration yes that's


okay so did you lie supposed to complete

this so show Muslims they don't

completely don't feel and you just sign

the paperwork and give you so here my

system will generate this for you so you

put the customer's name odometer you put

the insurance information and then the

person will sign and then by then the

system will select the expiration dates

you put the they will contact it is from

that date of registration and they will

print it here and then once I give you

this all you do I'll tell you okay you

have 30 days to get the vehicle

inspected and if you agree I have your

sign date and then print so that's it

for the forms like I said three forms

you need to do this you need form VR 2 1

7 2 Adaline then you have VR 0 0 5 this

is you apply for a new title and then

this is you within the inspection you

have in the inspection wanted Italia day

once I must have collected the

information I'll put the information in

the system make sure the Linda Linda

whoever is financing that you can have

that person in my database if I have the

person my database I'll proceed with the

registration sometimes we don't have

that company might be a new company that

needs to be added so in that case you

have to call the lender I mean the

dealership until the delight as they

form they're supposed to fill out you

know to so MVA the fact that form

to MVA

I think it's adding a lien I didn't a

Latin a lender to their database you

know that's if you have no if you are

not in our database so that's what you

would do if you are not in my database

there's no way for me to proceed with

our registration but if you're not you

call the lender the lender wolf

falada form send the formation to MVA

and give it like who knows three to five

business days

not for them to anti it's in the system

so once the anti it into the system I'd

be able to see that Linda and then you

bring your paperwork and I will go

through with the registration so once

I've verified the title and there's no

lien here I will ask for the delaria

assignments and then delay below so make

sure you have the doula bill of sale

sometimes they land on my not at the

dealership might not fill out this form

so you the bill of sale would be your

guide you know to make sure that you

record the lien because if you don't

record the lien that's a problem for the

for you and for for the lender that is

borrowing that money so once I must have

entered all this information in the

system the system will print me two

forms we are 0 0 5 which is application

for certificate of title this is you

apply for a new title so by the time I

give you this all I be needing you to do

is to verify all your information make

sure the address is correct you know you

see all the information the lender will

be here your vehicle information the

amount to fit for the vehicle all the

information will be here all you need to

do when I give you this is for you to

tell me everything is correct and if

everything is correct I will have you

sign here and then yeah the only sign

because the system probably must yeah

must have generated your name next to it

and then you put today's date this is we

apply for a new trailer and then the

second for my system would generate will

be VR 129 this is like when you don't

bring me the inspection so the system is

not giving you is now having you to wait

the inspection on say d'italia day so

when I give you this you verify the

information I'll tell you the expiration

date I'll tell you look you have so and

so date to get a VQ inspected if you

agree I have you signed I have you print

your name and then have you dated so

once you must have completed this then

I'll tell you how much your total is you

pay me if you pay me with a credit card

which has 3% on what the ATM or whatever

just represent on this chip and then

also you sign on my clipboard

I want to finish

I'm gonna give you your plates your

plates should look like this something

like this the amount to be on this side

and then the year will be on the left

and then will be good for thirty days

when I give you this play to be your

permanent plates and once you inspect

the vehicle and you bring me the

inspection you're going to keep the same

place the only thing that would change

would be the year sticker if you pay for

two years we give you to your sticker

you pay for when you give you one year

second so once I give you this place I'm

gonna give you a registration card your

registration card is gonna be on this

folder on this pamphlet or whatever you

call it you understand and then you have

30 days so the expression I'll show you

the expiration date that you have 30

days to go get this vehicle inspected

when I give you these plates you have to

call your inspector you know schedule

for the inspection right away that way

if you have to fix something I have

enough time to fix it so once I

restarted visual was the rest of the

vehicle and you get your title in the

mail your title will have yes the title

will have the Landon's information here

if yeah if the lender who financial

vehicle probably was know if the lender

whoever the landed a financial Vic is

gonna have the company name printed here

meaning there's a lien on the vehicle so

in order for you to set this vehicle you

must pay off on the lien called Atlanta

to give you the name release in order

for you to sell it to someone if you

don't have the lien release you are not

able to sell it to that person so when

they sign you delivery list make sure

your title is with your title with the

side of course they go together if you

don't go if they don't yeah if you don't

have the order you can you can reach

that the vehicle so I mean you can't

sell it to someone else so you must have

the limb released and then attaches to

the title so that when you selling the

vehicle you have the numinous to give it

to the individual so this will end the

video if you have any questions please

give me a call at 410 success 8000 thank

you and have a nice day