Top 5 things that you should avoid doing at the salvage junk yard - VOTD

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thank you very much for watching once

again at the salvage yard now I'm going

to make a video that explains the top 5

things that you should not do when you

come to the salvage yard some of these

days or safety items some of these

things just will irritate you in the

other customers that come here to get

parts so let's get started my number 5

beef at the junkyard bring your own

tools man let me tell you something I

did not load up my tools find something

to put them in and let them out to the

junkyard to start working on what I need

to pull and buy just to have you tap on

my shoulder while I'm under a car and

that's me can you use a socket or wrench

I think got time to be chasing you

around the junkyard looking for my tools

I don't need you picking them up

stealing them out of the wheelbarrow

know what job you need to do find out

what it takes to take it off and bring

your own tools out here when you come to

the junkyard

that's just a nuisance number 4 why do

you have to make such a mess oh my God

look at this I half the time I can't

even walk between cars because there's

such a mess

why does it need to be an intake

manifold a bracket in the CV axle in the

walking path people when you pull your

parts set them back where they belong

set them out of the way or set them

somewhere don't just chug stuff over

your shoulder where people let see

somebody drug a seed out here took the

seat tracks off of it

and just threw them out in front of

where people could walk this thing I

mean really I hate to see your bedroom

where you get undressed it must be a

real mess just take your stuff that's in

the way take it off set it aside make

this be a safer place for all of us to

walk around and work sometimes I even

see fenders get out into the aisle one

day there was a trim too sticking out in

the aisle I was walking by I couldn't

even see it

and by the time I seen it I pulled my

hand back trying to get around it cut

the back of my hand I still got the scar

on the back of my hand carry wide open I

bled for 15 minutes it's for your own

good and safety don't make such a mess

when you're getting your parts you need

number three

stop destroying everything in your path

that you don't need what if I need that

how would you like it if there's three

thousand cars in the lot one of them

that you need and when you come out here

to get the part you need I have

destroyed the part trying to get it

something else if you need a lifter take

the valve cover off set it aside don't

slash a hammer through the dangling

thing throw it on the ground

ten feet away

the car so that nobody could find it are

using or pry it up without taking all

the screws out bending it out the way so

you can get the little lifter you need

take the thing apart properly later

parts aside so the next guy could come

get the parts he need we got a cam here

we got journals there we got lifters

here the valve cover all the way over

there be considerate for the next guy

got the timing belt off somebody broke

the camera what if I needed that cover

try to be a little considerate for the

next guy when taking the parts off that

you need there's no need to destroy

everything in the past number two don't

take and scatter parts you don't need if

you pull the light assembly off and you

don't need it leave that thing where

somebody else can find it this looks

like the light assembly two xc90 and

it's sitting over here on this Volvo

guys if you don't need a part don't move

it and scatter it around so other people

can't find it kind of sensor that make

how would you like to get to a car that

you need apart from and somebody's

taking it carry the three cars down and

throwing it off to the side another


try not to dirty up stuff that you don't

use or need

just for the sake of being destructive I

come out the cars with good seats with a

knife cut in it

seat belts cut off doors somebody walk a

dang screwdriver down the door down the

fender what if I need this particular

color offender so that I can make mark

are whole and you walk by being

destructive dragging a screwdriver or

something down along the edge of it that

just doesn't make sense

knock it off don't do it don't destroy

stuff you don't need what if I need you

my number one pet peeve is really a

safety issue why would you be such a

idiot and break glass in the junkyard

where everybody has to come get parts

here is right here windshield shattered

why would you shatter this windshield

and send shards of glass flying through

the interior of this vehicle now when I

need to get something lighter interior

vehicle I climb in here cut myself get

splinters and me because you have taken

and that glass scattered anywhere inside

the vehicle here's another one

Subaru glass all over the ground what if

I lose to lay on the ground and get that

toe hits now I got a pic glass out of my

rear in for the next Google glass busted

shattered all the inside of the vehicle

anything I want in there is contaminated

with broken glass window on the side of

this vehicle

busted not to mention I may have needed

the window but now everything I need out

of it is glass all over it knock it off

that has got to be the stupidest most

ignorant thing I've seen people deep

breaking glass in the junkyard man buy

you a wrecked car break glass out at

your house

we don't want to be working around your

broken glass shattered shard fragments

everywhere knock it off

one of the stupidest most ignorant

unsafe things I see at the junkyard

people breaking glass and I'll tell you


if they catch you doing it out here at

the junkyard they give you the pleasure

of paying for the glass like this one I

don't know about other ones but at this

one they'll be glad to charge you for a

glass as you leave folks the top five

six things that you should not do in the

salvage yard it is your work environment

keep it safe and clean keep the parts

around that you don't need you may need

them next week or the next day just help

it be at least a decent place for

everybody else that's got to come behind

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