Failed Smog in California? Here's how to get $1,000!

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hello and welcome to the JK feather

ranch channel today we're going to talk

about two things car people love to hate

California and Chevy Cavaliers now if

you're unfortunate enough to live in

this great state as I am you're probably

used to seeing these and if you're

really unfortunate you might see one of

these shortly after now at that point

you've got a few options you can either

try and get it fixed

try to sell it privately or the one not

everyone knows about the state of

California will give you a thousand

dollars just to get it off the road

in my case this thing's almost twenty

years old the paint's faded and peeling

the seats are uncomfortable as hell I

tried to do my own bodywork I already

have a replacement vehicle and blue

looks only about $600 so I'm gonna go

with the last option so just a quick

video of the signup process it's through

the Bureau of automotive repairs website

BARC a gov and you are a consumer it's

under the Consumer Assistance Program

vehicle retirement then it's going to

take you to the sign up page apply

online I can't go any further because

I've already done this with my car but

you're just going to fill out the

information and submit it now there are

a few requirements you'll have to meet

the vehicle has to have been registered

in your name for the past two years so

you can't just retire a vehicle you just

bought from someone else cannot be

registered to a business and the

registration cannot be expired by more

than 120 days additionally the vehicle

has to be complete it has to have its

doors hood dashboard windshield at least

one window driver's seat bumper exhaust

all the body panels headlight taillight

brake lights the vehicle has to be able

to drive itself to the

retirement location you cannot have it

towed and it has to be able to shut off

and restart once you get there

so once you've met the requirements and

submitted your application you do have

to wait about two or three weeks for it

to be processed and then they will mail

you an approval letter on that letter on

the back is going to be a list of

approved locations to take your vehicle

to for retirement

just pick the closest one I would

suggest you give them a call first some

of them will require you to make an

appointment but assuming everything is

in order bring your vehicle to them and

they'll take care of it well we're here

at the junkyard I've visited multiple

times getting parts for it looks like

it's going to be the Cavaliers final

resting place

well I guess that wasn't the end but

this is its final resting place with all

the other dead cars farewell old friend

I'm sorry at this point you're worth

more to me as a check and here's the

check just for anyone who doesn't

believe I actually got $1,000 for that

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