How To Make Money Scrapping Cars / $ CASH FOR JUNK 🚗

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alright guys so I already left the

office I already got the chip with me

right here guys the moment that y'all

been waiting for how much money do you

make how much money can you make for one

car going on guys it's boy town a

lifestyle hustles welcome back again to

another hustling video guys this video

I'm gonna show you how much money can

you make scrapping cars cash for junk so

let's get straight to the video on these

video guys not only I'm gonna share with

you how much money he made but also

we're gonna share some tips on how to

get started


I'll show you cars clear it's clean so

when you take the car to the


the police ain't gonna get to it right

that's right I just wanna make sure guys

that you research before you even

jumping on on something like this even

if it sounds too good they say are you

can have it or you can just give me the

clothes for it and pick it up you know

first do your research before you get

yourself into some type of trouble

what's the process that you go to search

for cars well sometimes you just you put

it on a medium

like Facebook

cars scrap cars you can take a party to

put it on there like you



how much are you paying for these car

right here

are you picking up right now

well this how this lady found me because

she came to my job and then

she was looking for somebody she was

looking for somebody to know they take


you're traveling


she did have a key

and as you don't know what it's I'd away

so she told me to she'll pay me if I

move a car in her driveway

okay so

just give me you know 60 bucks no I'm


so now have my Porton in here now we on

our way

go people

all right now this is just so this is

just like it's a little little Cyclops

right this is just a side hustle that he

knows no bring some extra party so they

don't know if you will sit on the couch

levels encounter

time is precious money you know


you just sit there and watch TV - a

inside watching TV it's a it's a go kiss

but more money in your pocket all things

real talk happy wife happy life happy

kids happy life right gotta pay

downfield you know hey the bills be

Uncle Sam awesome science for the kids


what you got a what kind of tools what

equipment you need to long before

picking up a car what is like what you

need like a truck tow truck trailer well

first thing first you gotta go to the

place and inspect the car if you got

wheels if you hear up and they fear if

you can put the cars on note you know

like you got to make sure you get all

the stuff you need you know that when

you call me when you're on your way you

get all the stuff you got the trailer

you get your toolbox you know get the

pump the air pump may you know and get

my extra spares if the tire is bad you

know like you can tear it up you know

get some extra tires that fit on the


and then uh I stand on that put a car on

the trailer

guys we have to make a little effort you

see stop regular sugars you can work

without empty stomach guys so got my

fries right here come it'll come it'll

double wall burger alright so after this

we got our move fast and you can't kill

too much time to guys those times gonna

be I'm gonna get this car loaded on the

trailer guys dancing to the jungle so

I'm gonna finish this food so we can go

over there y'all coming with us guys




I come from a town where most of the

people close minded they go into school

and they work in a job but they don't

even like it I will be put in the box

nobody telling me what I should record

until 4:00 in the morning there's no

raining pouring my soul in there every

story I'm writing producing that makes

it I master run building my crafting I'm

not looking back I think I wonder what

things I want to do when I want to

everybody I wanna get away but they not

do everybody wanna copy you but not you

everybody wanna be cool but then I knew

whoa look ever go

don't be you're Dennis and still got the

flow never gonna lose cuz I'm still

doing both never go loose cuz I've been

on the road company is dead and I'm

killing the show know that I'm young and

I still gotta grow know that I'm working

there must oh I'm never gonna talk and

I'm looking back down on the people


the song

let's get these money gosh dude my name

Annie make a few calls see who's paying

the best on Hoss scrap metal so far one

John Guare's paying like seven dollars

per 100 pounds hey how much y'all pay

400 hundred Penhall I mean you know I

got a car that wanna jump okay Oh what

time y'all closed okay I'll be able to

reach a $6 guys out we right here by

Mississippi with my world gold or Marty

if the car doesn't have a title what do

you need but it's the same thing you

gotta just get a tool bills oh yeah if

they don't have a title yeah

the cars under their name now he does

prove the proof it's it's pictured our

ID and I'm going to say that you signed

out that you know they'd a signed it and

your signature next to it that you know

is clear you know


sad to say goodbye guys


I even named the car little Clifford

guys but you know what

let's curse the damn car let's do it



all right guys and here's the moment ya

been waitin for

let's find out how much money he made

yeah I'll take he gives all right guys I

already left the office I already got to

check with me right here guys the moment

the job being waiting for how much money

you make how much money can you make for

one car yeah they average because every

car weighs different but okay first

first things first

come on um how much do you think that

car wait so I know the car is weight by

3,000 3,000 something and then I know

and then they said hey Charlie I saw

seven dollars a hundred pound so do the

math for three thousand right so it's

three thousand s 30 it's 30 times seven

is what two hundred something right to

ten so I think that's what I'm gonna

make so I'm gonna go with two ten on

their chick and see if I'm break

all right guys so here's a check we're

gonna flip it around and see how much

money he made y'all coming below let me


take a guess here we go I had to flip

the check around so so it's a car yeah I

know it

214 $214 guys there you go two hundred

fourteen and twenty cents

ain't bad guys I am bad hey but you know

210 you know that's still good like for

a one day you know a lot of people don't

make 210 in one day you know like some

people didn't make fire you know 80 $90

$100 a day you know for like average

people know for you know like regular

workers for you know like 210 that's

that's good if you get about two more

cars three more cars a day

good for the day yes yes and the car

weighs 3000 I mean 60 pounds so yeah

total 214 and 26 so we better go home

you know you check her cash this cheque

we're gonna flip their money guys look

that's the key don't lose your mind

little money just make sure you alright

guys my home love wait keep in mind that

Lenny hey gave him $60 so he can come

pick up the car so this is how much he

really made and she insisted give me a

$60 for her to come and keep the car so

basically I made two hundred and seventy

four dollars


focus stay focused a hoax you gotta find

something motivating for her to my to

wake up every day

if it's about your kids your family

whatever man then fine with that make

you for the grand club makes me happy

Gerta keep it going keep it pushing

can't be pushing guys let's make it

happen I'll soon there's one good