Golf Clash, Wind tutorial 1.0 - How to use the rings?

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hey you guys and welcome to this guide

about wind adjustment with Carol and

sack singer before I start the video I

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three times a week this is as I said a

wind adjustment video on how to use the

Rings with Kyle saxing here it's Mac's

trophy player and a good friend of mine

and he is the one who will be talking so

big credit and a lot of credit and all

credit to Kyle for this video so if you

have any questions hit Kyle up on on

Facebook here you can find him on golf

clash elite so then I just have to say

and Joey hey guys so I know the guy made

it was a little bit confusing to some

people so I am gonna make a video in

order to clear some things up so the

first thing you want to do is find your

Club accuracy so I like using the sniper

I think it's one of the best clubs in

the game now if you go to the club stats

you look up the club accuracy for the

sniper it's 100 so once you have that

you want to go to the chart so this is

the chart that I'll have in the photo of

this video the number on the left on the

left side will be your Club accuracy so

you're going to look up your Club

accuracy for the snipers 100 there you

go down here you find 100 now the second

number is

your wind / ring so each one of your

rings when you're aiming your shot is

worth one mile per hour of wind the

third number is the outside of your


so that means outside of your five rings

is where thought miles per hour

now it's going to be different for other

clubs say your accuracy is fifty each

one of the rings is gonna be worth two

and the outside will be ten now I'll

show you a picture just to make a little

bit easier like I said before here's the

sniper each ring is worth one mile per

hour so from the center of your shot

this the outside of the yellow ring is

worth one mile per hour the outside of

the orange ring is worth two miles per

hour the outside of the blue ring is

three the outside of the invisible ring

is four and the outside of the outside

ring is worth five now what I do say I

had a five mile per hour winds

I would line up my rings with the

outside of the take shot button here as

you can see here I would line that up

and then I drag my shot down to the take

shot button you'll be able to see it

better in the video that I'm about to

play and that's it alright guys so this

is attempt number twenty it's over

trying to explain the wind per ring it's

kind of hard to explain the amount of

time but once you look at your charts

and you figure out your mile per hour

per ring and outside rings it's time to

put it into action so what I do first is

I line up my shot as if there was no

wind lining it up to where you want it

to go then I just for the wind so I will

show you

I'll line it up first and then I'm going

to zoom in I'll point the camera so that

the wind is facing directly north and

I'll move my take shot button so that

the rings that the ring that I want to

move it to is exactly where I want it to

go so hold on a sec I'll show you I like

to use Marlins just because now this is

about where I want to put it now I'll

zoom in the wind is fight is facing

directly north each one of my rings is

worth approximately two point one so

I'll move my take shot button to about

seven point two which should be right

about there then drag my shot back to my

take shot button the take shot button

has just used as a reference

to be more accurate when you're dragging

it back so you're not really just

guessing we didn't hit a perfect shot

here but still gonna work out the next

shot will explain it a little bit better

as well

so my next club that I'm gonna be using

is the sniper my outside ring is five

and each of the smaller rings is worth

one mile per hour so keep that in mind

when I'm lining up my shot the first

thing I'll do is line up my shot is if

there's no wind and then point my camera

facing directly north then you want to

move your camera so that the tape shot

button is placed on the ring to adjust

for the wind and then pull it back and

adjust for the wind so here we go

I'm gonna put some backspin on it stay

away from that fringe so we'll put some

full backspin on it the fringe can be

dangerous you don't want to hit the Sai

the fringe so if there was no wind that

should go in

now we're gonna zoom right in each ring

is worth one mile per hour of winds so

one point four should be what just about

one and a half rings line up the take

shot button where you want it then pull

your shot back to the take a shot button

give yourself enough time to get that

perfect shot lined up take your shot and

there it is no so that's how it's done

if you have any questions leave in the

comments or you can message me thanks

for watching