Whisky 101: How to Taste Whisky

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you guys today when we were talking

about whiskey one on one I've never

tasted whiskey George is a pro he's part

of seven grass society whiskey tasting

he's gonna show me the steps and the how


so George what's the first step in a

tasting whiskey the first step is

basically you want to have the right

glass this is called the glen kieran

glass and it's known for its tapered

mouth and why bowl so you can really

when you get the whiskey in here you'll

really be able to see the colors and

it's tapered at the nose so you can

really get your nose in there and smell

the whiskey and if you're going to any

real whiskey tastings they will be

pouring whiskey into this glass because

it's the preferred tasting method of

whiskey so the name again was Glen Kyra

Glen Karen yes so if you can they sell

them a BevMo for like 10 bucks and

definitely a good investment if you're

interested in tasting good whiskey's and

frequently doing so so the whiskey we're

going to taste today actually is from

brew clot ik it was actually featured in

our Father's Day gift guide we've broken

into it since then and what you want to

do is you want to pour about one and a

half to two ounces of whiskey so so guys

there's there's a difference there's

drinking whiskey and there's tasting

whiskey today we're doing tasting so

it's more I'm whether experienced aroma

and flavor everything so now that you

have the whiskey in there what you want

to do is you want to hold it up to a

light you want to kind of notice the

color and this one's you know pretty

light you can see like so what this will

tell you is really not much other than

how light or dark it is usually darker

whiskies have a more smoky bolder flavor

and a letter whiskies are more light and

palatable but honestly most whiskey

makers add coloring to their whiskey to

keep it consistent and the next thing

you want to do is you want to smell the

whiskey so get your nose really in there

and you notice the first time it kind of

like sins as the nostrils write hits you

a little bit but you want to smell it

three times so smell again

and then one more time what what do you


I mean honestly there's no wrong answer

it's just kind of like if if there's a

memory that comes to mind is what you

kind of want to go for like this reminds

me of kind of vanilla cookies that my

mom used to make actually well it's um

it's not as strong as as the whiskey

they smelled in the past mhm

um the first one was was really really


the third was about lighter I did smell

like a honey I don't know if there's a

honey in there there's no wrong answer

yeah if anyone tells you that no there's

none of that in there don't listen to

them because everyone's smells senses

are different I just now honey ain't

smell oaky which is what I'm used to um

yeah it's printed on this mother honey

smells sweet right so the next the next

thing that you want to do is you want to

tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle like

so and then roll the roll the whiskey

around so it coats the glass and then

what you'll see is is you'll see little

legs rolling down and how I see yeah

yeah and you see the slower they roll

down is the more flavor that's in there

it's not going to tell you if it's good

flavor bad flavor just going to tell you

you know how long it was sitting in a

barrel and how much flavor got into the

whiskey so and these are moving pretty

slow yeah these tickle wad to start

you're like I don't see anything nothing

the width of the legs is going to tell

you alcohol content which isn't so

important because it tells you on the

bottle but if you're doing I guess a

blind testing you'd be able to tell a

little bit about how much alcohol

content in ism's and these are

relatively thin the next part and really

the only part that technically matters

is the tasting so when you taste it for

the first time you want to really feel

it on the on your palate on their tongue

and kind of see if it you know if it

stays there a while

if you're getting like spicy fruity like

kind of the dangers of yeah go for that

so Cheers

nice right yeah you know it was a a lot

softer than I thought I was gonna be

right um those uh now has like a neck

it's like a smoky finish to it we're

back Bangkok yeah it kind of hits you

with all of the spice and say I didn't

expect that I expected more of a sweet

does it honey I smell mm-hmm Oh soft

perfect I mean for my first time this is

the best time this bar will listen and I

mean this is this is a ten-year-old

whiskey it's not it's not young but it's

not like an 18 year old either so it's a

good middle ground to start with and

it's it's unfitted also single malt

scotch so it doesn't what Pete means is

going to ask you yeah so Pete means Pete

means when when they're uh basically you

have to dry the barley somehow and in

America for bourbon they just use dryers

right but in Scotland they didn't have

at the time they didn't have like dryers

to drive it so they would burn peat

which is the only method they had to

burn and the the peat is like a moss

type thing that burns with really heavy

smoke so all the peat gets into the

barley and that's what makes it taste

like you're like walking through a

bonfire and this is this is mark my very

first time whiskey tasting so um I'm

excited for more yeah we're actually

gonna go tonight

seven grand and do a more formal whiskey

tasting which would be my second time

yeah seven grand actually does a great

thing if you're in the LA or San Diego

area they have the owners or the brand

representatives of all these different

whiskeys come in and tell you like the

brand story like actually tonight we're

so going to be tasting Brut Mladic again


so we'll taste four different whiskeys

from them and these guys are like rock

stars in the whisky Road if just if you

are aware at all they do a bunch of

limited releases which are very hard to

get your hands on but since we're

members of the whisky society and I get

to bring a guest

you're welcome to guess thank you we're

going to try a bunch of rare whiskeys

that would probably be 300 to 400

dollars a bottle to get our hands on and

so hard to find we get to try four

different ones tonight now we've been

talking for so long

need to get back to the shrine so the

last part is the finish basically how it

feels once you've swallowed it and if it

you know if the flavor stays with you or

it disappears quickly and once you're

kind of get on the back end so let's try

it again

and tell me what you feel on the back


yeah I get that aroma that comes out but

it's uh it's not your usual burning

sensation right that you get with your

teeth with your cheap whiskey I mean I

used to do you get the like that the

back of your throat just feels like warm

yeah so you get that yes I'm getting

that too is that common whiskey yeah I

mean it depends on on the style of

whiskey it's all honestly it's all on

your taste buds too if you people didn't

react differently to do this I'm still

tasting like a UH like a nice finish

it's not strong it's not overwhelming

mm-hmm but it's uh I feel like I just

had a mint right now yeah yeah and it

and it's not your typical alcohol flavor

your alcohol breath it's not nice yeah

thank you George for my first whiskey

tasting I'm looking forward to many more

to come

exactly and we're thing about doing this

once a month so if any of you guys are

in the LA area I would like to kind of

get together taste some whiskey's with

us shoot us an email our email is listed

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Cheers thanks