Which club to use and when??? [Golf Basics]

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golf is not a game of perfect sometimes

we find ourselves getting in a bit of

bother a little bit offline

and choosing the right club to hit and

the right shot hit

can be the difference between getting

you back on track or

unfortunately getting in worse trouble

and watching your scores go up so what

we're going to do today

is go out on the course my home course

here in baltimore golf club

show you some of the different scenarios

that can arise and help you

pick the right club and the right shot

to get back on track

so let's get going i managed to find my

ball in the deep roof i'm

in trouble i can see the dream shot

though i can see the nine iron up over

the trees the green is just there

but hang on a second that is a one in 50

shot if it goes wrong

i could leave my ball in the roof i

could find myself in any of the

those trees the prudent thing to do in

this situation

is to choose your most lofted iron

look at what the where the fairway is in

this case it's outside ways

take your medicine punch out back onto

the fairway

and keep your round going

now i found myself in a fairway bunker

off the tee and

it's a long haul and i know the way

fairway bunkers are designed they don't

tend to have high lifts it kind of

tempts you to take i know i could get a

seven iron out there just about skim the


and it will go a good distance but what

i'm going to do to be prudent

is to take one club less i'm going to

take an eight iron

to be sure i clear the lip the

trajectory will be a little bit higher

i know i'll be okay

and we're back on track now i'm on a par

four and i've come up short of the green

i've gone up to have a look at the

peanuts at the very back of the green

now the good guys on tour on tv

they might hit a love wedge and it looks

amazing it goes through the air it spins

at the hole

but it's a very tough shot performed by


really if you want that safe option if

you're not so confident with using a

wedge just yet

you could take something like a seven

iron now or nearly a seven iron is meant

to go

quite far but in this case because it

doesn't have much loft

you can use it almost like a putter

around the green

to to perform what's called a bump and

run shot so basically

you bump the ball and it starts rolling

as quickly as possible

almost like a push so if i address my


almost hit it like a push a bump

that's pretty good a nice safe option if

you come up short on the green and the

pins at the very back

now we're on the most beautiful hole on

my course it's a power three

it looks beautiful there's trees other

side there's water there but it also

looks terrifying and this is where

having a positive mindset really pays


it's only a seven iron maybe an eight

iron you've hit this shot a million

times on the range

just step up there on the tee make a

good swing and trust that the results

will be good

positive mindset pays dividends

now when you find yourself around the

green and you have to chip over a bunker

it's quite

a scary shot but this is where we have

to allow

the guys that make the clubs to do their


now in this case you would choose a very

lofted club maybe your

sand wedge or a wedge that says 56

or 60 degrees of loft and the thing

about these clubs is

the sole of them this part here tends to

be very thick and that is designed

to skim along the ground and not dig in

and its job is just to flip the ball up

in the air so you don't need to do

anything different at all except take a


easy swing nice chip and let the club do

its work

when you put the club down behind the

ball it looks kind of scary it looks

like it's kind of pointing up a little

bit to the right

but trust the club to do its job it will


so you can address your shot

and just trust the club

throw the ball up there and that's quite

close to the pin that's a good job so

trust in this

in this situation you don't need to do

anything different except

choose the right club a sand wedge or a

lob wedge

swing as normal trust the soul to do its


so you find yourself under a tree and

this happens quite a lot in golf and

there's only maybe a seven iron distance

left to the green but you know

that if you hit your seven iron it's

going to go up here

and possibly hit this branch here

because that's the trajectory of a 700

so what you can do in that situation

is take a longer iron maybe a 5 iron

and grip down the shaft a 5 iron has

less loft and it should come out on a

lower trajectory

with much the same distance if you grip

down on it

so it should look something like this 5

iron at address

gripping down on the grip


it just goes seven iron distance with a

lower trajectory gets you back on track

hopefully it's on the green now i've

missed the fairway off

the tee and my ball is in the rough

there's no real problem here it's cut

rough and it's a very wet morning so

there's lots of water on the grass

and there's a really strange phenomenon

here in golf

and it's called a flyer light now

ordinarily when you're in the rough you

think that the ball

is going to go a little bit less don't

you because the roof is going to

snag up your golf club and the ball is

going to go less far

what actually happens on a lie like this

with water all around

the ball tends to go a little bit

further so when you hit the shot

a little bit of water gets between the

club face and the ball and the ball

actually goes further it flies a bit


it's called a flyer in golf so

ordinarily i would like to hit a seven

iron here

but i know instinctively from years of

playing golf that this

is a flyer lie so i'm going to take an

eight iron because i know

that the eight iron with the flyer lie

will go the seven iron distance

got a flyer but i was expecting it

now i have 50 yards to the green and i'm

in the roof and ordinarily i'd like to

hit a little pitching wedge here because

i'm new to golf

and i'm not that confident little

pitching wedge or roll it up onto the

green but in this

case it's not going to be possible

there's roof all the way to the green

there's a bunker to go over it's clear i

have to hit one up in the air and that

might be scary

for some people but especially when

you're new to golf but that's what

lob wedges and sand wedges and wedges

that have

like a loft of 56 degrees and 60 degrees

that's what these are designed for

just with a normal full swing they're

engineered to pop the ball

up in the air go about 50 yards and drop

it down onto the green so there's

nothing to be scared of

all you need to do is just address the


as normal nice

normal swing let the club do the work

it pops up in the air and it lands on

the green

nothing to be scared of trust the club

to do the work

now i'm in no trouble but the wind is

really starting to pick up and it's

against me in this shot and there's an

old saying in golf and it says when it's

breezy swing it easy and what that means


i probably have a pitching wedge left to

the green here but what i'm going to do

is take a 9 iron

because i'm into the wind i'm going to

swing it easy and the result

will be better so

perfect so when you're into the wind

remember when it's breezy

swing it easy take one club more

this is just terrible look isn't it my

ball is right up behind the tree i'm


this direction and all i want to do

is get the ball back to safety but if i

try to

hit normally i'm not going to be able to

hit the ball

or if i try to hit another way i could

end up breaking my club off the tree

so in this situation you just have to

get a little bit inventor what i could


is go the other side of the tree again

i've got a very

lofted iron here sand down i could go

the other side of the tree

and hit a shot like that to get me out

of trouble

that worked pretty well or what i could

do is

put another ball here i could get more

inventive and even though these are

right-handed clubs i could set up to hit

a left-handed shot

and just get in trouble that way so

sometimes you just got to think outside

the box

get a little bit inventive to get

yourself back in play

now this is a pretty common scenario

your ball ends up short on the green and

you've got it

up slope all the way to the flag and the

flag is at the front

and the scary thing is that if you don't

play it quite right the ball will go

halfway up the hill turn around and it

might come back

down quite come back down to your feet

and you have the same shot again

now the good guys really skill golfers

they might take something like a lob

wedge or a 60 degree wedge they'll

throw it up in the air it'll look

amazing and it's a really fantastic shot


it's a very high tariff shot that

requires a lot of skill

if you're not confident with using a

wedge you can do something like

take a seven or an eight iron and hit

what's called

a bump and run shot gripping down the


all you have to do is put it back in the


play the ball around the ground nice and


it's a much easier shot and you're just

as likely to get a good result

so a bump and run with an eight iron if

you're not comfortable with your wedge

oh dear i'm on the wrong side of the

flag i'm on the edge of the green and

there's a steep

slope down to the flag now ordinarily

you want to chip down towards the flag

don't you but in this case

what can happen if you get it wrong if

you hit directly at the flag

is the ball catches the hill

scoots on and it might just end up off

the green

it's gone what you need to do in that


is play away from the flag i know it's

it feels totally wrong but play away

from the flag

and use the slope so in this case i can

see out here at the top of the hill if i

land the ball

out there on the top of the hill and get

it to stop just near the top

let the hill do its work then the ball

should feed its way safely

down towards the flag and maybe i'll

have a power pot

so instead of going directly for the pin

and choosing

a line

here now i'm letting the slope do the


and the ball is coming down towards the


and that's not bad i've got myself a

powerpoint so sometimes

it's contrary to instinct which you have

to play away from the pin

to get better results so there you go


those are just a few of the situations

that can arise and having the right


having the positive mindset being at

peace with your mistake and knowing how

to fix it

will help you shoot the lowest score as

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