How to Check Water Temperature Without a Thermometer

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if you need to check water temperature

for yeast without a thermometer

adjust the faucet until the water feels

very warm

but not too hot on your wrist at that

point the water should be around 105

degrees fahrenheit

or 40 degrees celsius which will work

great for most yeast

to check water temperature without a

thermometer for tea

fill a pot with water and place it over

high heat

once tiny bubbles start to form on the

bottom of the pot

you can estimate that the water is

around 160 degrees fahrenheit

or 70 degrees celsius once visible steam

starts to rise from the pot

the water is around 170 to 180 degrees


or 75 to 80 degrees celsius

when large bubbles start to gently break

the surface of the water

it is around 190 degrees fahrenheit or

90 degrees celsius

when strings of bubbles start rising to

the surface the water is 200

degrees fahrenheit or 95 degrees celsius

finally once the water is at a full boil

it's close to 210 degrees fahrenheit

or 100 degrees celsius