How To Measure The Success Of Your Content Marketing Campaign

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some business owners and marketing

managers still see content marketing as

a bit of an abstract discipline whose

success is hard to measure but that is a


measuring the success of a content

marketing campaign is equally possible

and crucial as measuring the success of

an advertising or PPC campaign this is

how it's done when you start designing a

new content marketing campaign you need

to keep your objectives in mind from the

very beginning with each creative idea

you come up with ask yourself two

questions how will this help meet my

audiences objectives how will this help

meet my Accio objectives how will this

help meet my digital PR objectives and

how it has helped meet my business

objectives providing value to your

current and prospective clients is in

his essence domain aim of any content

marketing company get this part right

and the rest will follow

how can you entertain inspire teach help

or engage your clients or prospective

clients today how can you make them want

to share your content or spend a lot of

time browsing your site once you have a

few rough ideas of how you'd like to tap

into your clients passions interest

problems and objectives you can start

hearing these ideas through a search

engine optimization lens how can this

Content ID help you get the rankings

visibility and organic traffic that you

want from relevant key phrases

next have a look at whether this ID has

the potential of providing press value

can you provide any stats data or in

size that can lead to backlinks brand

mentions or a viral traffic and lastly

how can this content campaign help meet

your business goals not all content

ideas will work from all of these

perspectives but if you find one that

does you're onto a winner

now to answer the question doesn't

everyone slips which content marketing

metrics can you use to measure the

success of your content campaign you can

use audience based metrics how many

times was your content shared on social

media how many unique page views did you

get and what was the average time on

site and what does that say about the


your content the visitor find the answer

to that question quickly then that's

great but if your intention was to

entertain a longer time on-site is

usually a good sign you can measure

social shares with an online tool called

buzzsumo information about unique

pageviews and time on site can be found

within your Google Analytics SEO based

metrics rankings visibility in search

engines and organic traffic are all

perfect metrics for measuring your

content marketing success - such as a

curing kur can help you measure rankings

and visibility

whereas organic traffic is measured with

a well-set-up Google Analytics account

digital PR based metrics ditcher content

assets receive any backlinks from online

publications preferably once with high

trust indicators did you see an increase

in brand mentions when the content was

launched did you receive any referral

traffic to the content asset tools like

majestic can help with measuring

backlinks and PR software such as

session helps you measure brand mentions

and referral traffic can once again be

measured with your Google Analytics

business objectives a well-set-up Google

Analytics account will give you precise

information about the way your web

visitors navigate your sites that they

visit any of your landing pages after

they saw your content assets that they

end up purchasing anything or sign them

to your mailing list all these metrics

are indicators that your content was

useful and its viewers ended up trusting

your brand more as you can see there's

no shortage of content marketing metrics

by which to measure your content

campaign success if anything there's so

many out there and that you will need to

make an informed decision about which

ones matter to you if you want to learn

more about how to measure the success of

your content marketing campaign get in