Testosterone Test - Check Low / High Testosterone Levels (Sex Hormone)

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hello today we will talk about serum

testosterone test what is testosterone

what is meant by serum testosterone test

why is it done how is it done about this

some basic information I shall give you

what is testosterone testosterone is a

normal sex hormone which is found in

both males and females this hormone is

required for fertility and puberty in

males testosterone is synthesized by

testes and in females testosterone is

made by ovaries why is this test ordered

in males

if there is presence of early or delayed

puberty or there is presence of

hypogonadism or lack of body here in a

pile dysfunction etcetera then this test

may be asked for in females if there is

a history of irregular menstruation

infertility or increased body here also

known as journalism then this test may

be asked for how is this test done this

test requires a blood sample which is

usually collected from the arm of the

patient is there any special instruction

that is given before the test normally

it is suggested that if the patient is

on any medication it should be stopped

at least 48 to 24 hours before the test

however if the patient has taken the

medicine ball mistake then it should be

informed to the doctor with our normal

values of testosterone for adult males

the values vary between

241 to 827 nanograms per deciliter of

blood for adult females the values can

vary between 60 and 276 milligrams a

deciliter of blood these values vary

according to age also

also please remember that these values

can vary slightly as per different

laboratories what conditions can cause

changes in testosterone levels in males

testosterone can decrease due to stress

certain liver diseases trauma to the

testes or certain brain tumors

apart from these certain genetic

diseases like Klinefelter syndrome can

also result in hypogonadism and

decreased testosterone elevated levels

of testosterone may be gay too early or

precocious puberty along with certain

tumors of adrenals and testes also in

certain patients of hyperthyroidism

testosterone may increase in females a

rise in testosterone level may be due to

PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease

rarely it may be due to ovarian or

adrenal tumors are there any drugs which

can cause increase in testosterone

levels yes there are many drugs that can

increase testosterone levels for example

common drugs like oral contraceptive

pills or ovulation inducing drugs like

clomiphene 10 increase testosterone

levels apart from that anticonvulsant

steroid therapy can also increase