HOW TO WIN ANY SCHOLARSHIP | Tips for college & scholarship applications

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I really appreciate y'all watching this

video looks good a job hope you're

having the best day so today I'm coming

actually with some facts about

applications especially for scholarships

and colleges universities whatever the

case may be these are some tips that

y'all need to hear because I guarantee

you that if you follow these steps

you're most likely gonna end up winning

scholarships after this or getting into

schools after this because there are so

many little details that a lot of people

aren't cognizant of or that a lot of

people just don't pay attention to that

can make all the difference in your

decision of whether you get accepted or

denied or whether you receive that

scholarship or you get hit with that I'm

not even here to waste any time because

time is money so let's get right on into

the video so my first tip is to pay

attention to the cohesiveness of your

application you want to make sure that

from the part where you write your name

all the way down you're presenting a

consistent theme that can make all the

difference because if your application

is haphazard and it's all over the place

and one place you talk about your

passion about this then by the end of

your essay you talking about oh I really

like to do this but I'm not really sure

if I want to go into this field but I

also like this they're gonna be like you

don't even know yourself you don't even

know what you want to do and colleges

and scholarships these are all known

investments so they are going to invest

in people who they believe whether they

are completely sure of themselves or

what they want to do they are confident

in their abilities and they they true to


there's nothing worse than somebody

who's fickle and changing every couple

seconds so you want to make sure that

your application is cohesive you're

presenting yourself more or less the

same throughout it and that there aren't

gonna be any random surprises my second

tip is to be intentional with every

single word usually you have a word

count for an essay or you have a time

limit in a video that you have to submit

when you're applying for something and

you want to make sure that you're making

use of every single opportunity that you

can in that application if the

application prompts says Oh explain to

us why you would like to be an astronaut

what don't make your first sentence oh I

want to be an astronaut because that's a

given they already know that that's

wasted time that's wasted space that you

could have used to articulate more about

yourself more about your passion and the

words that you more or less wasted to

reiterate the same thing that they

already know those words could have made

the difference between you winning and

losing because you could have had boom a

couple more words that tug on the

heartstrings of the application readers

or that could be used to tie your

application in altogether and make them

feel wow this is the person that I want

to win this scholarship was to get

accepted to this school so you don't

want to waste time say things that

people already know we don't have time

for that and the same thing can be said

with over-explaining and get a word vani

you gotta you gotta cut it no

application reader wants to sit here and

read a thousand applications in a phrase

place so if the word enough is 500 words

do not send in an eight hundred word

essay because they're gonna look at it

and just push it to the side

nobody wants first of all it shows that

you can't follow instructions and second

of all nobody wants to do that so you

want to get your point across in the

most intentional and concise manner

possible it could be as quick of a

change as saying I like to read and

write comic books instead of saying I

like to read comic books and I like to

write comic books my third tip and even

though it seems like common sense it

happens way more than you know make sure

that you are

not name-dropping the wrong institutions

or the wrong scholarships because let's

face it you're running more or less the

same essays over and over because a lot

of times these applications give you the

agencies to write about whatever you

want to write about so you can reuse an

essay you do not want to be applying to

say Princeton and you have UF in your

essay like you don't care enough about

our application to read through and

actually give us the right name like

it's almost kind of disrespectful even

though it's not done intentionally it's

just like well day they didn't care

enough to proofread and to personalize

their application for us so why should

we care enough to award you with this

just doesn't make sense

and this can be extended to making sure

that you fill out the application boxes

correctly and they ask you for your


don't go riding your pillow box or

something don't go right in your

school's address if they tell you to

write your email address make sure that

you use an email address that you want

to have access to and to check regularly

usually when you get responses from

these companies or institutions whatever

the case may be

they're time sensitive if you don't

respond within a certain time frame they

give it to the next person so you want

to make sure that you're using the email

and writing down an email or a phone

number that you have consistent access

to and you want to make sure that you

write it down correctly because if your

email is Gabbie 1 2 3 and you write gabi

1 or you don't write legibly and it

looks like Gaby 1 3 3 the emails I can

go through and now you missed out on

some money so you want to make sure that

you're double checking so that you can

read what you write so that you know the

person who's gonna receive your

application can read what your what

you've written and you also just want to

make sure that all your information is

correct because if you win they want to

contact you and if they can't contact

you ok with one of the most subtle ways

to almost always guarantee that she'll

win something is to like slightly

incorporate the company or the found day

values and their motto not verbatim like

word-for-word obviously because when

that's plagiarism - you're just gonna

look started if you look at McDonald's

website for instance and it's talking

about oh we really valued the outdoors

we love nature we're all about

I don't know veganism or something you

know oh okay in my essay I may just

include yeah oh I love to go hiking or I

love like the green scenery or if you're

applying to a foundation and on their

page they say that they like devote

themselves to creating fearless leaders

who aren't afraid to like go against the

grain or who has like really

invigorating new ideas why wouldn't you

make your essay about a club that you

started that embodies that or an

initiative that's you're involved with

that resembles that motto or that shows

that you have that leadership that fired

that them like come on as soon as they

see that because they already know what

their company values were their

foundation values these organizations

are going to choose people who they feel

like a reflection of themselves and who

they feel like properly represents their

brand and if you can like articulate

yourself and like kind of orchestrate

your application to resemble that or to

reflect a lot of the elements that they

value it's almost always gonna be a

win-win but just be wary don't

plagiarize don't use exactly the same

words I mean you can't use some of the

words that they have on the website but

then it's just they're gonna pick up on

and be like oh they're just using a

whole bunch of buzzwords it's like we

definitely wrote this in our bio now

we're seeing like all five of the same

words that we have on our company motto

page and here like they're gonna know

you have to do it authentically muscle

don't force it if you don't then body

those values and characteristics and

maybe the scholarship just isn't for you

or the school just isn't for you and

that's that and last but not least and

lastly but most importantly

shoot for the stars within reason of


when I say this I don't mean like if the

cutoff school test score is like a 1500

and you only have like the 12:40 light

that's kind of dead talking about more

so say the GPA cutoff is a 3.5 but you

have a 3.4 or 3.3 but you're qualified

or better yet overqualified in other

aspects say the requirement is you have

250 service hours but you have 600 or

you have like 400 then still apply

because even though you may not have in

one area you compensate for that or

Vidia overcompensate and other aspects

so you're still a very good candidate

but with this being said if you know

that you aren't 100% qualified for

something it's kind of gonna be a reach

but it's always a research you should

take because you literally miss a

hundred percent of the chances that you

don't take so if you apply and you don't

get it oh wow you weren't supposed to

apply in the first place you really

don't lose anything and it's not even

like you lose time because that same

thing that you wrote or the same

information that you put down could be

transferred to another application and

just modify slightly so just apply for

everything apply far and wide because

you never know who is watching you you

never know who's gonna be moved by what

you say or you never know who is gonna

believe in you like I there have been a

lot of times when scholarships they'll

put out an application and not enough

people apply so if you're one of the

three people that apply and you're

better than the other applicants it

doesn't matter

matter whether you were qualified in the

first place because they may just give

split the prize between the three of you

guys because they expected to have more

and you would never get that opportunity

unless you applied in the first place so

oh no these are my tips I hope it helps

you guys out a little bit because I know

that applications can be really

stressful but boom if you apply what I'm

saying to you guys I promise you

we'll start coming in the acceptances

we'll start writing it in and it's just

only gonna be up from here so as always

be sure to like share comment and

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watching this video and I can't wait to

see y'all soon