How to Test Your Punching Power

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love it so for the first one we have 15

12 and 13 all right so in this video I

want to do something different something

a little more fun this is a personal

experiment of mind that I wanted to do

out of curiosity

a cheap or cost-effective way to test

your punching power so the best way I

come up with is something like along the

lines of t-ball but I went and made is I

got myself a couple pieces of 2x4 wood a

couple little planks in between there

and I basically just traced the circle

of this PVC pipe and then drilled some

holes and sort of like knocked it out

you definitely don't want me building

the deck for your backyard but once I

got that set then I just add a piece of

PVC pipe down the center and voila there

is my boxing tee ball set I also went

and purchased myself a medicine ball

this is a six pound medicine ball and

Nike makes sort of a soft one there so

it almost has the feel of hitting a bag

in this video you're gonna see me using

the RDX ego boxing gloves I'm gonna give

you a quick review of those I'm not

sponsored by them at all there are no

affiliate links to click on or coupon

codes I'm just gonna tell you straight

where I think of them and if you like

them that you can go get them for

yourself this test isn't the most

perfectly scientific because I may hit

the ball at different contact points in

my punches I may be putting in more

effort in one shot than the next even

though I'm trying to put my max effort

and of course there's also the direction

the ball goes after I hit it it may go

on an angle and you have to account that

that's more distance and of course

there's the way the ball lands sometimes

it might not land in a way that's

conducive to get it rolling so take it

with a grain of salt it's not the most

scientific but once you do it a few

times it does give you a feel for what's

working and what's not also in this

video I'm swinging for the fences so

technique is a bit on the backburner I'm

just trying to get the most impact with

each of the punches so what I wanted to

do is test the different ranges for my

hooks and here you see me throwing from

short range and this is close enough

where to get a straight right would be

uncomfortably close so that I could

probably throw a rear uppercut but I'm

not going to really throw a straight

right and from here I felt I had good

power the average distance I was able to

knock this on the football field from

the zero yard line is about to about the

13 yard line I had a couple more on a

couple below but 13 yards was the

average shot then the next one I tested

was the mid range this is sort of the

sweet spot where everybody likes to be

when throwing the lead hook not too

close not too far my arm when throwing

the lead hook is just beyond the 90

degree points so maybe like around 110

degrees or so outside of the 90 degree

point and here I had good power not much

more power than close range but it just

felt a little more solid in the lead

hook my weakest range was from long

range I stepped out a few more inches

and the extension of my arm is closer to

120 degrees it's a little bit

uncomfortable uncomfortably long if I

was to throw a straight right I would

just meet the target with a few inches

to go so it's not really the ideal

position and I felt that in the shots

that I was averaging around 12 yards

with this type of hook I could feel that

I was a little bit weaker and the last

one that I wanted to test on the lead

hook was if I step through with my lead

foot now I don't actually do this in

sparring or in fights I wouldn't advise

this but sometimes when you see a


load up and they miss you actually see

them step through so I thought let me

give this a shot see if I get extra

power and again it might be something

that when you train it you develop that

ability to get power but for me it

wasn't much more power than the close

range or the mid range hook I was about

the same averaging about 13 yards per

shot alright so next I wanted to test

the right hand and with the right hand I

was averaging about 13 yards which was a

shock because I've always thought okay

my right hand has a lot more power but

it wasn't really going much further than

a lead hook again this isn't the most

scientific way to do it so there might

be a

our test for this because I feel that my

right hand is better than my lead hook

but the distances that I was knocking

the ball were about the same now one

that really was noticeably different is

back skipping in to my right hand and

often you'll do this to feint or set up

a jab and throw this this is something

that a technique that reg Ando does a

lot to throw his power shots power when

he throws a straight left he was sort of

a back skip in now if you're gonna do

this you want to set it up with a jab or

set up with something to keep your

opponent off guard and you want that

back skip to be short but I definitely

had more power working the back skip

right hand my average was about 18 yards

this is one thing to note about punching


this shot definitively has more power

now are there any takeaways from all

this well one takeaway is that I was

shocked that where I thought I had the

most power it wasn't really noticeably

different I thought my right hand would

be killing my lead hook and they were

about the same and I thought that the

mid-range lead hook would be the most

powerful by far but at close range I was

just as powerful I also thought that

stepping in with my lead hook would give

me a lot more power and it didn't

another take away that I could say

that's very important and it's important

in all sports is accuracy and making

good clean contact with the target I

would recommend that we always think

about power in terms of what the body

can generate and that is very important

but it's also so important to hit with

true precision if you can set yourself

up a sharp shooter mm bag or a small mm

bag and work that not just for your

accuracy but also putting your whole

body through and seeing how well you can

land those shots that precision power is

gonna go a long way towards helping your

overall power that you have to put power

in the context of sport and hitting it

with accuracy and hitting that sweet

spot is very important now just a quick

review of the RDX gloves if you go on

Amazon and check out the reviews they're

out of 280 someone reviews these gloves

get about a four and a

star and so that already tells you

something right there and I have to say

that my opinion of these gloves is in

line with that review a couple things I

noticed about the RDX glove

interior lining was very comfortable so

it's nice putting your hand in this club

you're gonna feel comfort right away I

also like this sort of chunky bar here

in the middle some gloves have it really

well and some gloves don't these RDX

gloves do have this sort of nice thick

bar in the middle which gives you a

little bit extra grip another thing that

these gloves have is the dual layer foam

so not as extreme in the triple layer

like a lot of the gloves have but still

really solid dual layer protection in

the knuckles this is a solid beginner to

intermediate glove another thing about

the RDX glove is the flattop and the

wide base is gonna reduce impact into

the bag so they're also great for

absorbing shock that way now another

thing about these gloves that I wouldn't

say is a downside but it all depends on

what you look for in a glove is they are

a by cast leather which is a synthetic

leather now some people like that

because they don't want to use animal

leather and other people look more

towards only using a genuine leather in

their glove the upside of that is it

makes the gloves more affordable the

downside is if you're used to working

with genuine leather and that's what you

like then they are not going to be that

but overall the RDX ego bag gloves a

great glove for the beginner and

intermediate at an excellent price if

you're interested go check out the

website for yourself

alright I hope you had fun checking out

my presentation on testing punching

power if you have any other ideas for

how you'd want test punching power let

me know and I'll see if I can put them

into practice build something implement

them somehow

just for curiosity and to see how it

goes alright thanks for watching guys