How to find career In Vedic Astrology (Career in astrology)

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oh you guys were waiting for this series

for a long long time huh ever since I

probably started this channel is how to

find your career through Witek astrology

and yes there's nothing out there that

can help you with this so this is why

I'm here to save your life as I always

am with how to find your career in

reading astrology so the way to find

your career in Vedic Astrology says the

first thing you want to look at your app

macaca what is your macaca Anatomy not

macaque I mean charity macaca meaning

that a planet other than the Sun holding

the highest degree is known as giraffe

macaca but Sun can also have the highest


so if Sun holds the highest degree it

becomes your earth macaca and your chart

macaca at the same time so look at the

planet with the highest degree look

where it's placed look at the sign that

is placed in look at the nutshot right

it's placed in and then look at the next

where the natural Lord is saying okay

but mainly what you want to do is look

at the house and sign that the earth

macaque is placed in because the next

earth is just going to tell you how good

or bad it's going to be which our gain

is not in my hand you can have a battery

or you can have a good career I mean I'm

just here to tell you what it's gonna

you know signify as far as what career

you're going to be doing so look at the

placement of that that will tell you

that what kind of field I'm going to go

into selective Sun Ishrat macaca Sun

represents politics government art and

cinema okay these are the things that

Sun represents represents Authority

meaning that being a manager somewhere

is being a CEO somewhere

so if Sun is yacht macaca one of these

things are gonna and gonna end up being

your line of chosen line of work and I'm

gonna get a lot of twenty-year-olds well

I'm not this I'm not this this is my

passion and Sun has nothing to do with

my passion blah blah look here Sonny I

got wisdom

I'm the Gandalf here you wane the

Gandalf I'm the Gandalf you're gonna

have to listen to me

because when you turn 35 you're gonna

have total different outlook about life

and what you're going to do okay

most not some most people think

something at 20 end up doing something

at by the time they're 28 35 36 okay you

know what I wanted to be when I was 20

years old a painter an artist and for

that I would have been right now on the

street begging for money I wanted to

work for NASA at 20 when I wanted to

work for NASA

yeah for that you're gonna have to get

good grades in school

mmm who knew I was going to be here and

making a videos on YouTube and writing

books for a living I would have never

thought that so never questioned that

okay and so look at the app macaca works

placed in then let's talk about the next

step now once you find out macaca and

pretty much I've made a video on what is

at macaca at macaca is your sold lesson

what your soul is here to learn what

kind of a situation is here to deal with

and you're going to deal with that okay

so once you find the odd macaca then you

want to find a Mott de caca

what is a MIDI caca Amata caca is like a

minister to the soul is the guider of

the soul so the soul has destination to

go to the Amata caca will help the earth

Michalka it's okay I have a car let's go

so I'm at the car cover board at macaca

on the car and soon they'll go so Amata

caca is the planet that is holding the

second highest degree in your horoscope

besides a Uranus Neptune Pluto and gay

to never count these four planets as the

at Makara map takaka okay always look at

the other planets okay so look at the

second highest degree of planets in your

horoscope that will become your car for

your soul so if your Sun represents your

politician so let's say you know Rahu

becomes da matta Kaka Rahu is holding

the second highest

so Rahul will tell the Sun hey here is

my car let's go

so Sun will sit on his car and Rahu will

help the soul go there so if Sun

represents government entertainment and

art Rahul pretty much represents a same


government entertainment art

photographers illusion magicians okay so

based on Rahu's right Sun will go to its

destination so then you can look at the

Amata Kaka and say okay so I'm going to

become a politician but with the help of

wrong and Rahu is in my let's say seven

towels so through law I should become a

lawyer and through becoming a lawyer or

becoming a businessman since Rahu is

representing that I will lead towards

myself to politics you see how that kind

of helps the next thing you want to do

is obviously look at your tenth house

ten thousand people have started calling

the house of career but it's house it's

called Karim ston what you're here to do

you know it could be anything other than

the career as well what if your mechanic

at somewhere but your karma is to go out

and help the poor in the world okay so

really the way you can look at the tenth

house is Authority what kind of an

authority will you have in this world

will you have authority over your not of

authority will you be a manager will

leave you employ all the time so for

example let's say if Capricorn is your

tenth house and Lord of Capricorn is

Saturn Capricorn presents what structure

discipline and order these are the three

things about Capricorn okay and that can

be applied anywhere this is where you

have to see where Saturn is placed so

the tenth Lord is your place in the

fourth Lord a fourth house okay and in

sign of cancer that can represents

several things structure order and

discipline and the realistic business

structure order and discipline in

- home business okay structure order

discipline into taking care of others

taking care of elderly people I've seen

combination of Saturn the Capricorn in

the fourth house of cancer having open

up a nursing home because Saturn

represents what old people okay besides

the oil and the iron that it usually

represent in the fourth house you know

it represents a home environment real

estate home and old people and in cancer

is a sign of taking care of other people

mother's nourishment so this can be a

place where somebody has opened up their

own nursing home to take care of older

people or take care of any you know

homeless people or they have homeless

shelter homeless shelter shelter as a

business you know whoever owns the

homeless shelter gets money from the

city they have private homeless shelters

you know orphan homes things like that

is represented by that so you see that

where is my authority going to be taking

place in then you look at this here okay

this is and this is important is if

tenth house is Authority 11,000 is gain

of authority do you get my point is

where you're getting a gain of your

authority from okay so let's say if

you're like we were talking about Aries

Aries is a tenth house which is ruled by

Mars not told you is that impulsive and

that energetic force like a soldier and

okay that that wants to put in their

career pretty much like a cancer

ascendant this is why they're ten

thousands Mars okay and let's say you

know where your Mars is placed and you

figured what I just told you but the

source of that authority is going to be

from the eleventh house an eleventh

house in this case is ruled by Taurus

whose Lord is Venus so you figured out

where your authority lies so let's say

if you have Aries ascendant Mars is


again fourth house and it is now in the

sign of Libra represented by vs Libra

future possess beauty design fashion so

this represents somebody who could be in

the fashion industry or home decoration

like an interior decorator okay so we we

established that this is where the

authority is going to be but the source

okay the gain of that authority is also

going to come from the eleventh house

meaning that you look at Venus where is

Venus placed and then you look at of an

eleven thousand which sign is holding

11th also is Taurus it's again Venus it

represents singing phase it represents

Beauty it represents but at the same

time finance financial industries okay

so your authority is being in the fourth

house of real estate and beauty and

fashion and interior design but source

of that authority is really now held up

by the eleventh Lord will you gain that

authority or in what manner you will

gain in is going to be controlled by the

eleventh house because the lamp house is

gain what type of a source of gain you

will have and Venus represents music

industry can represent art it can

represent finance as well okay

so once you know your authority okay

very Authority is and gain of that

authority will you be able to gain that

authority and in what manner you will

gain that authority so once you have

this figured out then you look at the

third house why the third out third

house is a house of your efforts what

effort you're going to be putting in how

in what direction your effort is going

to be putting in so if let's your

Capricorn and your third house is ruled

by Gemini mercury your efforts you look

at the Lord where is the Lord of that

thread has placed okay the third house

Lord with this mercury where is it

placed and then if there's any planet

sitting there okay so based on that you

will judge

how strong is your watercolor your

courage is going to be your effort is

going to be will you put forth the

effort in your authority and gain of

that authority are you going to be

putting forth the effort or now so what

if the third house is debilitated like

Mercury's in Pisces that means your

effort is really going to be very lazy

it's not going to be there you're going

to procrastinate a lot whether you would

do it don't don't do it don't do it your

communication is just going to be like

out of the ordinary and people will just

think you're just not serious about your

craft if you look at that but let's say

in Gemini then Mars is there so lord of

the third house above your effort

mercury is debilitated but then you have

more sitting there so what Mars is doing

Mars is not providing that energy

because Mars in the third and tenth

house is absolutely a phenomenal Mars

because Mars pushes you so it's going to

make your communication even though the

Lord is debilitated but now that Mars is

there Mars is equally it is bringing

that balance to your efforts it's really

pushing you now to do efforts so this

becomes a very important picture in your

horoscope in your d1 chart this is just

a d1 chart that you're going to do so

from d1 chart you'll get a good amount

of picture literally 60 to 70% of the

pictures what you're here to do then you

go to a d-10 chart the samsu chart

opening up your 10th house surgically

and looking inside there you look at the

10th house who's in the stand house and

where the tenth house Lord is placed in

and all the time every single time the

structure on the d1 chart is going to

some support it's going to complement

the D D 10 chart and D 10 chart is going

to complement the D 1 chart always I

have never seen where it's not

complimenting it okay there's a reason

why divisional charts are there so then

you look at the 10th house the 10th

where the place 10 then in D 10 chart

you look at the third house third house

of your efforts

how are the really the surgical when you

open it up how is your actual efforts in

your career your authority look at a

third house and who's there

where's the Lord setting and based on

that you'll be able to know what I'm

here another good thing is the name on a

chart the d9 chart okay that represents

literally your efforts of the second

life that has a very good amount of

information about your career so look at

that tenth house and a tenth Lord of

your dimanche chart d9 chart that will

also give you the d1 shardene I charted

d-10 chart all three will always

complement each other they will just

tell you the exact same picture they're

never going to be like d1 chart is sing

surgeon the nine chart is saying a

musician and D turn chart is saying the

politician but guess what though once

you judge the entire horoscope with the

- ah you know how people start out in

the acting move into politics as it's

very common in Bollywood that a lot of

actors go into you know politics and

then from politics they go into writing

it all they'll tell you through these

charts based on the pressure so one

specific - ah you know is showing that

okay this person is going to be an actor

then when this session starts it's going

to show okay it's going to be a

politician then this test recharge the

third touch'

so they're okay he's going to become an

author and a writer of children's book

so these D 1 D 9 and D 10 chart will

complement each other because you'll be

like okay in my d1 chart I'm seeing a

writer politician and an actor d9 chart

I'm seeing a writer D 10 chart I see a

politician then when you look at the -

out those things and if you're like say

50 year-old watching this look back on

those touches see what you were doing

then and what you're

now it's all going to make sense you can

escape the planets maybe you can escape

the planet and also important thing to

remember is that tenth house Lord 'z

conjunction and aspect on the 10th Lord

tenth house will make also a difference

in your career will influence it

so if tenth house is being a spectator

being looked on my Jupiter while Saturn

is holding that position you're going to

also include the qualities of Jupiter

now in the house of career as well if a

planet is aspect into 10th Lord that is

also going to influence it with its own

qualities including the conjunction that

it's in so always look at that too and

once you practice this thing it will

just make sense once you look at your

own chart you'll makes sense ok and a

lot of you ask me you know like how can

I look at my chart this places all over

the place on the internet look at your

own chart but what I usually do if you

go on my website is that once you get my

book my astrology speed of light book

you I send you links to look at your own

charts whether it's the KP system

coordinates you know where you see 2 4 6

8 11 or it's your normal chart like most

orientation and all the divisional

charts ok so I do that but just make

sure you follow the steps because if you

email me in the wrong email without the

proper things that I'm telling you to do

when you get the book under this shop

section you know you will get your

proper step once you follow the steps

that I tell you that are but you know

this is important to see the aspects of

the conjunction and also remember Venus

is your passion Rahu is your obsession

so look at this - Venus represents what

are you passionate about Rahu represents

what you might be obsessive about what

you might be here to fulfill from past

life so and I know you guys want me to

do an example right right right right

and the thing is we don't have enough

time so maybe on my second part of this

which I'll do probably text we get a

month or whatever I will give you

example that okay see this d1 shard see

then a mantra chart see the d-10 shark

how they're working together

okay so anyway if you're new to my

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