HOW TO UNLOCK THE IV CHECKER - Pokemon Sword and Shield

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hello friends and welcome back to

another how-to guide into this guide we

are going to be looking at how to unlock

the IV checker in pokemon sword and

pokemon shield my name is Lee also known

as Osiris and as we get into it I'll

just reiterate the point that this is a

postgame feature so you need to have

complete the game before you can unlock

this now what you want to do is head to

wind in up to the battle tower once

you're inside go to the check-in desk

and speak to the person at the top on

your left and then select that you want

to battle choose either the single or

double battle option whichever your

preference is single battle is what I

chose because I thought maybe it would

be a bit quicker but who knows

then select your team and what you want

to do is go into the first matchup you

will see that you will be playing two

trainers at a time and that will be one

stage complete now what you want to be

doing is getting through this and

hitting that fourth stage once you hit

the fourth stage and you complete it

you'll come up against champion Leon or

X champion Leon and once you beat him

that will bring you back to the check-in

desk and then they will notify you that

the IV checker is now unlocked from the

game we've got some game footage here

going just to let you know that it's not

a long process there's about eight

battles in total and it took me around

20 minutes tops to unlock the IV checker

which isn't really too bad for what the

IV checker offers you in game it's such

a valuable tool to have at your disposal

so I would definitely recommend

unlocking this as soon as possible

especially if you are looking to breed

some competitive Pokemon and get those

perfect Pokemon bred up and it makes

that process so much easier so as you

can see we have it unlocked now and as

we go a little bit further into it I'll

explain how to use it so once you do

have this feature unlocked what you can

do is open your Pokemon box and once

you're in there you can hit the plus

icon now that will bring up an initial

screen of the stats if you press that

plus icon once again it will bring up

the IV judge and it will have a list

of each individual IV and what their

ranking is now these rankings are

depicted from zero right through to 31

and each ranking will be assigned to a

specific number as you can see on your

screen right now I've highlighted what

the IV judge rankings ours so no good

equals zero IV which is great if you've

got a trick room pokemon otherwise

probably not so good decent is IVs one

to ten very good is twenty one to twenty

nine IVs fantastic is thirty IV and best

is thirty one IV so as you can see there

on your screen that is how you read the

judge comments and that should wrap up

the video for us I hope you found this

very helpful it is a very valuable tool

like I said if you are going to be

breeding those compared to Pokemon make

sure that you do unlock this it'll make

your life a whole lot easier drop a like

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more Pokemon content and I will see you

all for the next one so thank you very

much for tuning in and that's it from me