10 Questions That'll Reveal Who You Really Are

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ten questions that reveal who you really

are you might think you know yourself

better than anyone else but do you know

who you really are

there may be some aspects of your

personality that you either

subconsciously don't want to accept or

don't even notice luckily this test will

open your eyes to your true self we have

all kinds of fun informative and helpful

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of life so be sure to subscribe and ring

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all our daily updates this

self-discovery test has 10 questions

after each one you'll get 10 seconds to

mull over your choice after you pick an

answer you'll learn what your choice

means if you're ready to find out who

you are deep down then let's get started

ten what's the first thing you see in

this picture


if you first noticed a crocodile you're

the type of person who sees the big

picture that could mean that you

sometimes take the small details in life

like a walk in the park or a cup of hot

coffee in the morning for granted but

that's because there are always bigger

things for you to concentrate on you're

likely to be practical and sensible

taking risks isn't your thing

you're a bit on the cautious side when

it comes to new experiences if you saw a

boat right off the bat this means that

you have an eye for detail people often

describe you as creative attentive and

precise at the same time you tend to get

too caught up in the small details and

miss the big picture at work or school

you may get engrossed in one part of a

project and completely forget about the

main task on the whole nine now what's

the first thing you see in this image


if you immediately saw faces you're

pretty people oriented you're an

extrovert which means you need to change

your battery through social interaction

with others your friendly communicative

and in most cases the life and soul of

any party if a candlestick stood out to

you you're more introverted you often

get caught up in your own thoughts and

if you have to choose between staying at

home and going out more often than not

you'll choose the first option you have

a few close friends that you adore but

you mostly enjoy being alone now take a

look at this picture who would you help


if you chose to help the guy in crutches

you're a leader by nature you are

organized practical and focused on your

life and goals people might find you a

bit cold emotionally if you decided to

help the crying baby you're a very

empathetic person your friends know that

they can vent to you about their

problems and find peace after such

conversations sometimes you get too

affected by other people's emotions be

careful that others don't take advantage

of you if you pick the nurse to help out

first you don't worry too much about

serious problems this woman is the only

one in the picture who doesn't really

need help so choosing her means you take

things that come your way lightly you

are optimistic and always look on the

bright side of life

you're a communicative and adventurous

person with a laid-back attitude and if

your choice was to help the elderly lady

you have high moral principles

traditional values are very important to


you respect elders and the fact that

they don't really do you any favor in


shows your selflessness 7

a lot of people nowadays claim to be

perfectionist but are they really test

yourself by choosing the odd figure

among these three if you chose the gray

figure then you are a bona fide

perfectionist unlike the others the gray

one isn't a square but a rectangle the

next question

tests your stress resistance as well as

your survival skills 6 you need to

escape from a room and you have three

doors to choose from behind the first

there's a hit man with a loaded rifle if

you open the second door you'll find a

lion that hasn't eaten in two months as

for the third there's a raging fire

behind it

so which door will you choose to survive

an experienced survivalist would choose

door number two while lions are known to

survive without food for as long as a

month starving for two months would

definitely kill the animal five

which coffee are you an espresso double


cafe mocha latte cappuccino americano

iced coffee

Frappuccino or macchiato if you're an

espresso you're more traditional and

prefer to keep it simple as for you

double espressos work means a lot to you

you're determined responsible and maybe

a little impatient if you identify as a

cafe mocha you value beauty but also

practicality if you're an Americano

you're calm and keep your emotions under

control all you iced coffees out there

are confident and honest you probably

also live in a hot climate if you are

Frappuccino you are friendly and

outgoing but you're also not opposed to

just lounging around the house if you're

a latte you're very thoughtful but you

can also be a bit indecisive if you're a

cappuccino you're independent and

logical at the same time you can be a

bit of a dreamer if you are macchiato

you're sociable energetic and

spontaneous for


imagine you're scuba diving and suddenly

see a mermaid what color is her tail the

color of the mermaid's tail shows how

sociable you are and how well you

interact with others if you imagine a

mermaid with a bright tail let's say red

yellow or orange this means that you are

the type that can talk to just about

anyone if the mermaid's tail was darker

like green blue or purple you're

probably a bit shy you may be very

communicative with your close friends

which are cautious around people you

meet for the first time 3 while you're

driving you also notice a fish what does

it look like is it friendly and calm or

aggressive and dangerous

the fish represents the way you tend to

resolve disputes if the fish you imagine

is docile and inoffensive

chances are that you can confidently

stand up for your opinion and defend the

things you believe in if the fish is a

predator like a shark or it looks

aggressive you probably tend to avoid

arguments and confrontation it may be

difficult for you to express your point

of view clearly too you keep swimming

and exploring this underwater world

you suddenly spot a beautiful shell

lying on the seabed what does it look

like the shell indicates how open you

are towards the people around you if you

imagine a simple flat seashell it

doesn't matter if it's closed or open

it's not hard for you to reveal your

thoughts and emotions to others if the

shell in your mind is intricately shaped

or has some unusual pattern you're

likely to be more reserved you aren't a

person who easily shares the details of

their life with strangers or mere

acquaintances one finally it's time to

finish your diving excursion you reach

the shore and to look around the beach

are there any people there the people on

the beach represent your friends if the

beach is crowded you're probably a

social butterfly constantly surrounded

by friends and acquaintances if you

imagine just a few people on the beach

you might not have a ton of pals but you

cherish your small but close group of

friends very deeply and if in your

imagination you found yourself on a

totally empty Beach it's probably

difficult for you to trust other people

you may be totally fine with having no

friends at all have you found out

anything new about your personality feel

free to share your results in the

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