Gun Speed and Target Lead | Shotgun Tips with Gil Ash

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you ever wonder why some shooters are

more consistent than others you ever

wonder why some really good shooters

make shotgun shooting look effortless

I'm Gil Astra OSP shooting school and

I'm going to try to explain a few

fundamentals that might make you look

effortless and consistent when you shoot

in our research we have found that lead

is not the most important component in

shotgun shooting its gun speed when the

bird and the gun are moving the same

speed lead becomes the most forgiving if

you can ever learn to insert the muzzles

into the lead as you mount the gun then

let the gun and the bird go the same

speed you will become much more

consistent now there are two kinds of

moves that you'll have to learn when

you're working on your gun mount there's

a quartering move or a flushing move

that you would use when you were

shooting pheasants or quail or grouse

birds that are running away from you or

a quartering bird on sporting clays

course the the further away the

quartering bird gets from you the less

lead it takes and the slower it goes so

we have to adopt a move that would make

the gun slow down that we finished our

mouth let me show you what that would

look like it's more of a pushing move of

the muzzle in fact I'm going to mount

this gun right in the middle of your TV

set watch how the muzzles slow down as I

finish them out safe good if you're the

target we're going to move the gun in do

you see how the pushing movement makes

the muzzle slow down at the end maybe if

I do it over the screen it'll be better

try this do you see how I finish the

mount the muzzle tends to slow down

that's what the quartering bird will be

doing the other movie we'll have to

master would be the crossing bird the

crossing bard typically is going to take

more lead than a quartering bird he's

going to have more speed birds like

doves ducks geese some passing pheasants

any bird that's not going away it's

going to be a crossing bird we've got to

mount the gun in front of the bird

here's what it should look like safe gun

again we acquire about

I decided to take the shot instead of

moving the gun to the bird we're going

to begin to move the gun where the birds

going and merge in front at the same

speed as the bird and takes a shot do

you see how the move is one move doesn't

matter whether it's crossing or

quartering it's one smooth effortless

motion watch it again we decide to take

the shot we begin to move the muzzles

where the birds going we insert just in

front of the bird moving the same speed

and take the shot I know it's going to

take some practice you're going to have

to take some time to practice it at home

and then you're going to have to go to

the range to practice it don't know

where to go where to shoot dot-org has a

listing of every shooting facility in

this country check it out you'll find a

place near your home to go and practice

and by the way firearm safety depends on