7 Ways to Identify Intelligent People

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they tend to avoid using words like

certain and impossible anything on the

extreme side of the spectrum of

affirmation because they're full of

doubt and for them almost nothing is

certain or impossible they enjoy being

wrong as much as they despise it

smart people hate it when they realize

that they got something wrong because

they want to know the truth but the same

realization excites them as it means

they're going to learn something new

because again they want to know the

truth they're usually very quiet

intelligent people are not fond of

useless or small talks and in general

they spend more time listening and less

time speaking because the less you talk

the more you'll learn Plus what's the

point of speaking up your mind if only a

few will understand you and the rest

will mock you they see patterns

everywhere in human behavior in random

events in nature you name it in the mind

of an intelligent person everything

comes down to a mathematical formula if

well understood almost anything can be

predicted they don't take insults very

seriously insults are the last resort

for someone losing an argument a clever

person recognizes this and takes the

insult as a testament of winning the

debate also if a smart person is called

stupid or crazy

for example they just examined this

accusation very objectively and do some

inspection of their behavior if they

concluded that the statement held true

they would thank the other person and

take it very professionally otherwise

they would just smile and go on with

their life they're easily bored

especially in social gatherings and

formal events unless the subject under

discussion is interesting smart people

will leave the place in their minds if

physically was not an option they are

very keen and they can't hide it

excitement enthusiasm and boldness are

difficult to conceal when it comes to

the smart it's what they live for to

experience things to go beyond what's

normal and boring intelligent people are

addicted to the new and the big and no

one can cover their addiction