How to measure the humidity level in your home

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hi this is Samuel from Stella form and

today I talk to you about how to measure

the humidity level in a room we actually

do have two devices at Stata form to

help you measure this humidity level one

is Salina and one is her little sister

Salina little both ladies have the

purpose of showing you the humidity

level as well as the temperature of your

room now let me give you some technical

background information they have both

implemented the same hygrometer which

actually shows a humidity level between

10 and 98 percent they also have a

temperature sensor which ranges from

minus 10 to plus 50 degrees Celsius you

will see the foreign height up here now

let me give you some background

information about what the humidity

level actually means doctors recommend a

humidity level between 40 and 60% we add

stat the form we believe that you are

perfectly fine with a humidity level

between 45 and 50 percent now as you can

see on Salina we are only at 37 this

means we are below the recommended

humidity level of course there's a

solution for this if the humidity drops

below 40 percent you can use a

humidifier to increase the humidity the

humidity in your room if the humidity

level is above 60% for a longer period

of time please make sure to use a

dehumidifier otherwise your risk of

getting mold at your walls all right now

let me move to the next important point

where to place your hygrometer in your

apartment or your house please do not

put it in a tight shelf where there is

no air circulation possible the sensor

back here needs some air circulation

otherwise the humidity reading will be

40 next important point is not to expose

your hydrometer to direct sunlight if

you expose it to direct sunlight the

temperature will increase

and the humidity reading will not be

accurate now if you place two

hydrometers side-by-side there's a

certain risk of not having exactly the

same measurement that's not a problem

because those hygrometers they do have a

certain tolerance of plus minus 3% so if

they are close to each other that's fine

enough now before I come to a technical

explanation about how such a sensor

actually works let me quickly summarize

the facts hygrometer shows you the

humidity level the humidity level should

be above 40 and below 60% this is not

the case either use a humidifier to

increase the humidity level or at the

humidifier to decrease the humidity

level all right if you liked this video

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them in the comments below now let me

move to the technical explanation about

the sensor you can see this little tiny

white sensor this actually is the

humidity sensor the humidity sensor

measures humidity changes by impedance

the controller on this electronic board

actually takes the humidity change as

well as the temperature in consideration

and then calculates the humidity level

of the room we use the same hygrometer

sensors in salina little in Salina and

in most of our humidifiers so I think

that's quite sufficient as technical

background information if you have still

some more questions about how

hydrometers work and how measure

humidity best in your home just write us

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from Stella form wish you good day bye