"What The Judge Wants To See" with Sandy Jirkovski - Western Horsemanship

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this writer is writing a very

well-trained horse

she has correct body position he's a

nice mover correct left lead to a nice

transition to her walk once again a nice

straight line veers off a little bit

early here on her right circle horse is

moving once again moving correctly au

horsemanship riders need to be effective

with your horses it's not always the

slowest as best because we want you to

be effective writers her circle he

steers well she's using her leg her eye

her seat and her hand together comes

down to her small slow well has a little

bit more pump in her body for me but

overall was doing a very nice job she

would come up to this comb for an

accurate stop has a little stumble there

so that takes away from that maneuver

but a nice turn and immediately to that

jog off to the extended trot and that

was a credit earning situation for her

she took a bad stumble but made a good

turn in a good transition to extend a

jog horse stops and backs up smoothly a

very nice horse into a jog to a tight


very good steering very good

communication working in concert with

her horse very well presented for a

score of 15

what we're looking for in the rail work

for the Western horsemanship is the

rider that can get out and show her

horse effectively we're not looking for

the draped rein we're not looking for

the best pleasure best moving horse but

the rider that can show her horse the

best for his best and be the most

effective we're looking for someone that

can be ring wise and get around the

traffic in the show pen and a lot of

times this is where ties are broken from

a pattern your pattern is going to carry

a lot of weight but if you get in

trouble on the rail it's going to reduce

your whole overall scoring in the

horsemanship class we're not caring if

the horse's head is a little higher or

lower here as long as the rider is being

effective you can see some of these

horses are not the greatest pleasure

horses but they are good horsemanship

horses because the rider can sit

properly we're looking for very little

movement in the body whether they're a

10 jogger or a 5 jogger is really

irrelevant because we're looking for

that rider the lope we're not looking

for the slowest again we are looking for

something that the rider can show his

ability to make it lope we don't want

them tropen around we are looking for a

nice look this is the number 169 horse

she's being effective she's sitting

quietly he has a little bob in his head

but once again he's merely a prop the

rein hand in the Western horsemanship is

very important it needs to be held

quietly in front of the saddle horn not

up and down every time we look on the

rail work we want you to look the same

it can't be up and down and spread out

wide if you're in a snaffle bit needs to

be close to your saddle to show that you

know how to carry your reins in the

snaffle the outfit is your first

impression with a judge and it is very

important that your outfit is workman

like and clean but also it's

complimentary to your horse