Golf Tip Find Your Distances

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hello mark crossroad here we're outside

in the Sun I've got some balls I've got

my bag of clubs and I've got my

rangefinder so what I'm going to do is

use this look on rangefinder to show you

guys how you can improve your practice

and improve your shot variation which

will help you play some better golf in

maybe some mixed conditions let's get

stuck in right guys lovely sunny day I'm

outside I got some balls got my bag

clubs and I've got my rangefinder so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

play some shots where I play with what

club I use from certain distances and

learn some patterns and try and take

those patterns onto the course when the

next time I play so what I've got Nick

on rangefinder here and I'm just going

to shoot a target out here so I've got a

sign out there a nice side which is

measuring out there too at one three six

one three six yards okay so one three

six yards for me if these were real

balls so we're going to pretend these

are real balls for distances but I can

see how the distance changes for me

relative to real balls and I can hit my

pitching wedge 136 for me is a good

solid struck firm struck pitching rate

so I'm going to hit my standard shot hit

that nice and straight and that's going

136 that's going the distance maybe one

three two it's slightly short but it's

you know it's a birdie putt and a good

result so what I would do is I'd hit a

number of shots just homing that

distance in feeling how I'm playing it

making sure I know the distance of my

pitching wedge when struck hard that's a

full struck pitching wedge for me I know

I have to hit that quite full so now I'm

going to do I know the distance I'm

going to go and try and hit the same

distance now with a 9-iron so 99 for me

that distance is medium I can hold at

the top I can make a pretty full swing

all I'm going to do to try and find the

same distance I've got different Club

and of all in the same distance so I'm

just getting my feelings I'm going to

use less swing speed I'm going to hit

the lot as aggressively at the bottom

some hitting down on it the same I'm

hitting it very much the same I just

feel like it's in my feel a slower swing

and that's gone maybe one three five

almost the exact same distance it feels

on a lot of the hard pitching wedge to

the medium 9-iron feels a little bit

stronger the medium nine I just brought

the speed of that one down a little bit

more probably perfect this does that

looked identical so what I'm going to do

now you get where we're going here I'm

going to go up to something like a sixth

time so I'm going to jump all the way up

and now what I'm going to do to hit a

6-iron one three six yards I'm going to

have to hit this quite soft so literally

it's going to feel like I'm pitching

this club out there so I'm going to come

down the handle so holding down the grip

and I'm going to make a similar swing to

what I felt like I made but I'm just

going to hit it much softer also to me

it feels like a much more level angle of

attack I feel like I don't hit down as

much as that one which again to me feels

like I'm lying it's hard when I do that

that went there one three six are then

rolled on let's do it again a little bit

clean with that ones where it's going to

loss and losing carry that's rolling up

to the group of other balls now that

shot for me with a 6-iron is going to be


into the wind and I'm talking gale force

strong links golf kind of wind rather

than hitting my 9-iron and pitching

wedge up in the air nav and hit their

medium or hard taking extra Club and

obviously this is an extreme but I've

played in extreme conditions where the

shots really worked out well

it gives me better feel for what happens

when I'm playing in extreme conditions

now that one's gone left and that's what

it feels like to me when I hit six I'm

this soft it feels to me like I can pull

it left it feels like the face is going

to come in close the mortals going to

catch it a little bit on the Left wood

path so for me as I practice this I'm

learning a how to hit this shot softer

and how it feels and if I can control it

but I'm also learning what the patterns

are with my miss when it comes to

hitting a 6-iron softer so I can see it

goes out lower because it's a lower loft

which is great so I'm thinking under

trees under winds you know if you wanted

to picture 136 years and it wasn't the

go allowed to go over a certain height

so I had to go under branches those

kinds of things now this is an option in

effect I am practicing this shot and

it's this kind of gaming practice caught

that one a little bit heavy so slightly

short this kind of gaming practice is

what's going to help me take better

schools out onto the course because I'm

going to feel much more prepared rather

than having a shot oh yes perfect having

a shot that I haven't played since last

year when I had to play this shot on a

hole in a round so what's happening is

I'm actually using it in my practice

session to try and find distances with

different clubs so I can take that date

around to the course if I was confronted

with this shot on the course and there

was trouble at the left

I might think right I'm going to hit

maybe a hard eight rather than a soft

six which has a tendency to me pull

slightly left you see what I mean

and you can take this to whatever

extreme you want I mean this is pushing

it all the way but you could do this at

a 200 yard marker you could do it a lot

of different markers I'm going to try

one now just for the fun of it you know

I might play this shot once every four

years but I want to have played it when

it comes I'm now going to just try and

hit a soft cutty hybrid the same

distance and that's perfect this is

taking it to the strings but I know

that's going much lower than the 6-iron

also doing that soft cutty feelings feel

like I was swinging left with the face

pointing left but right of my path so

getting that gentle cut coming down a

good fuller missed

it's in like a cut-up pitch with my

hybrid this feels much more controllable

than doing it with a 6i and when I'm

moving it that shape so instantly here

now if I'm confronted with this shot I'm

thinking actually what I'm going to do

is pitch it with my hybrid with shape

rather than hitting my six side

oh yeah that's so much easier to control

- look guys next time you're on a range

get a distance and you can do it a lot

of different distances most of you have

got these kind of machines so you don't

have to be using fancy little wonders to

do this get your distance measured take

four clubs from short clubs too long

clubs and see how you can work the ball

to get the ball to find that distance

monitor the trajectory see how it

changes with a different loft and

monitor which side you miss on more when

you're hitting maybe the six sign soft

or the pitching wedge hard and work that

date air into next time you play you've

got a pitch under trees 136 yards water

at the left I'm cutting a rescue every

time which kind of went on the target

the slightly right where my six I went

to target but had a tendency for me to

feel like it's going to go left more on

the left that distance under trees why

would I ever use the six I'm always

going to choose that hybrid now I lean

know that because I'm here practicing it

do the same go into the range go and

your practice session doesn't just mean

beating balls and trying to it perfectly

straight shots every time try moving the

ball try playing with a loss chart

playing with the trajectory playing with

that distance and you'll be much better

player for it facials you guys post

comments down below how do you practice

this or if you never thought about this

I would love to hear and we'll speak to

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