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today's topic is all about 24 ways to

find out if a girl is a virgin or not

yes I understand it's hard to lie about

it now in 21st century I am clearing

doubts like is she good in bed how many

partners she had in the past the list

goes on another topic of conversation

online lately is how men can tell it if

a women is a virgin or not here is a

list of most ridiculous climbs people

have in determining if someone is still

a virgin number one how to tell whether

a girl is virgin or not first she

doesn't flirt at all yes so the belief

here is that when women flirt with the

opposite sex it's because they want to

get it on at the dance floor coffee shop

work you name it

second reason experienced women have a

penetrating stare it is reasonable that

women with a sexual history can match a

man's stare number three she works

differently according to this

prehistoric belief a woman's vaginal

opening increases after sex making her

walk a little broader number four women

with a sexual past or more brazen sex

made them more mischievous and willing

to try new things that's the reason

number five they are more confident with

what they want

calleman believe of women who has had

sex magically developed a high


number six experienced women act like

Saenz around sex number seven women who

has had sex understand body language

after having sex they have a magically

placed chip that allows them to break

down and understand a man signal that he

wants to hook up number eight they are

always ready for what's ahead

that means she carries an abundance of

condoms with her at all times

number nine she knows exactly what makes

a man orgasm number ten they have a

foggy memory that means she will sleep

with you one day and forget you the next

day number eleven if she is beautiful

she cannot possibly be a word the less

attractive women remains virgin milking

the cows and making cheese to sell at

the market to feed her nine siblings

number twelve

she is not religious number thirteen

virgin don't wear makeup or ballet any

number fourteen contraceptives if a

women is taking the pill she is doing

the deed number fifteen her skin color

and tone is a giveaway number sixteen

her upbringing and social standing

no women who comes from an upstanding

and moral family would ever be having

sex without the sakta t of marriage

number seventeen how does she respond

when you ask if she is a virgin number

eighteen she finds the topic of sex


number 19 how does she behave around men

is to be noticed

number 20 how she kisses is a giveaway

number 21 how she dresses should not

come as a surprise

revealing talk short curds and tight

jeans or the uniform for the non-virgins

number 22 how does she behave in an

intimate setting number 23 a warrant

won't know how to act when she sees a

man naked number 24 if unsure you can

always check a woman's hymen just make

sure you have a good lawyer who will

represent you for sexual assault thanks

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