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Welcome to cric science

friends in this video we are going to discuss

how to face fast bowlers in right way

Before we move on

i want to say you

That if you come to our channel only because

I can tell you any such tips that you should become a cricketer overnight

then it is not at all


i want to say you that

cricket learning is long term process

that you learn slowly.

work hard and achieve your goal

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Let's start

Friends, if we talk about the reasons

for a batsman not playing fast ball

fear of injury

and because of speed

not to judge the length of the ball is the main reason

how fear of injury affected to your batting against fast bowling

fear of injury makes you hesitate

Which reduces your footwork

And you're late for a stroke

Which also affects the timing of your batting.

second problem is length judgment

if you judge wrong length of quick ball

You play over pitch ball backwards, and the short ball forward.

because of this your shot selection to be incorrect

Now you have come to know

that what kind of problem comes

against quick bowling

And the main reason for this is fear of injury ,

and inability to judge the length

what is fear ?

Friends, fear in batting reflects your poor footwork

and injury phobia.

You survived these two

protective gears always give you confidence

always use quality protective gears

And bring confidence in your batting

we select two boys for bat against fast bowling

both are in different age and as well as skills ability

When batting against fast bowlers in the net,

always pay attention to footwork

Try to leave the ball at the beginning of the inning

keep body side on against bouncers

so that you van left the ball easily and

use same technique in match also

Do not play the ball over the chest

leave that ball !!!

keep body side on against short pitch ball

Key Point - Which will help you to bat

against fast bowling during match

Judging the right length shows your batting ability

Its show, what kind of batsman are you?

lets try to understand

From the release point of the ball to the time of playing,

we can divide it into two parts

part -1 area of reaction

and blind area

Area of ​​reaction is the point

when the batsman picks up the length of the ball

and Blind area is

the distance between the pitch being impacted.

lets see how good batsman can judge

the length against good fast bowlers

Here are three such points after the release point shown in the video

where a good batsman judges the the length by looking to ball

The same less skilled batsmen

allow the ball to come closer and then judge the ball

Causing him to be late in playing strokes

And this increases the chances of Batsman

being LBW and bowled out.

Try this on the net

here in this video

you can find out two type of backlift

you must try advance backlift

This will give you more time to play the stroke.

So friends, you have seen

how we can face the fast bowler in the best way.

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