How to review / critique a fashion show? | Justine Leconte

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- assistance what to look at when

watching your potential you wait in a

crowded room full of fancy people it's

loud in full of light then the lights go

off music store model book talks you one

after another then they walk again all

at the same time

cap cap it's already over people stand

up and go running to catch the next show

that leaves eurozone on your seat

wondering what that good work without

knew how to change it it's something

that requires practice indeed so I'd

like to share with you what happens we

find in this video from the video let's

go what is not a critic noise there are

a million waters or instagramers they

are tweeting and posting on their phones

while sitting in the show literally

real-time waiting Tribune after the

shows those people would say oh I loved

it a lot the way in your shins played

with color such an avant-garde designer

I lost every piece those statements are

all opinions an opinion is not acquitted

an opinion doesn't help people who

haven't seen the show to understand what

you saw and whether the designer did a

good job it doesn't help

what is the critic a critic is an

explanation of what you saw but also how

you understood it and why a critic

brings in a research perspective on the

matter it's analyzing a designer's

collection in the context of who he is

where he's coming from what his

background origins are and what he's

been doing until now so it's really

helping other people and then what

they're seeing by hitting a lot more

background information around it example

an extended my queen his show of spring

summer 2001 cold spots I highly

recommend you watch the entire show it's

on YouTube in full I link it if you see

this picture without context it's likely

that you will wonder why what the hell

what was he thinking words that come

so let's add a bit of context my queen

will be in a time and place in which it

was located and wasn't accepted his

father has reportedly beaten him for


I think his difficult childhood made him

want to express his visions and his

message a lot stronger later and that's

why the message in each collection his

show comes the cross extremely strongly

for my queen the topic of the birds is

also linked with childhood from his

giant bedroom he always been he could

see birds flying around and spend hours

looking at them here the white birds

were very aggressive and prisoners in a

huge black box in which the models were

walking in square during the entire show

being a prisoner in his own body could

be a filling in my cream hat and so he

felt more confident about his own

sexuality then the woman is half human

half animal

McQueen saw women as being fascinating

but also intimidating it's very easy I

could talk about this picture for

another hour but I hope you will agree

with me that the more information and

background knowledge you have the more

interesting in the look and the way it's

presented how to renew a show when

attending a show you will probably get

an invitation card or at least a little

notes on the seat when you write by the

designer telling you the business and

inspiration here the words are carefully

chosen so they do really important

useful hints on what you're about to see

the resulting then ideally you already

gathered before hand knowledge about the

designer what he's done until now what

is aesthetics and taste look like and

form a collection so you're capable of

judging if what you're about to see is

new innovative repetitive fits in the

whole picture or is completely new for

that designer then the show starts the

presentation the music the life change

setting in the room everything is

helping you understand that one message

so remember that what you are judging

is the collection you're looking at the

clothes don't let yourself be destroyed

too much by the whole fence around the

clothes the first and the last look for

the two most important ones in the show

the first one is the first impression

it's unfair that people certainly

sometimes just just because of that and

then the last look is the one that

people will remember once they've left

the room in another 20 shows in the same

fashion week and go home to write their

critique so the first and the last look

get extra care and attention they hit

the assess of the collection in case you

forget about the rest of the collection

while the ones walking try to describe

what you're singing

using emotions in adjectives for

instance here's irreverence

start from tribal 40 etc it's best to do

that in your mother tongue so you can be

more precise in the wording and really

it matters and write them down during

the show I like to do that then at the

models coming in all together at the end

you get a chance to see overall the

cohesiveness and the balance of the

collection two very important

communities collection then one misses

orbitals and all the algebra when one

clear and analytical are the balance

button has the right proportions between

long and short between different sizes

silhouette fabric colors etc if you are

a buyer the finale is also the moment

for you to decide to buy or not do you

find enough finishes that fit into your

sort meant that are original that you

want to stock that are wearable and up

you think hit the trend the finale is

really really really important in the

collection after the show once the noise

and the people are all gone you go home

go online and look at all the objects

again in pictures next to each other

they are a ton of websites to do that

that is your time to think College

without time stress but what this

collection makes you think of if you

think it's new unique it has a strong

message it's something wearable and

something you want to write about in at

the end you write your review you see

that is the result of a whole process

the whole journey so you want your is

new to reflect exactly that that's why

we want to write not just what you see

but also how you got to that conclusion

and series you have to give a bit of the

knowledge you gathered for other people

to also be able to understand what

you're talking about

and still now I haven't mentioned what

important points if you call physically

attend show it doesn't mean that you

call really quickly about it you can go

online on YouTube or other platforms the

shows will be uploaded in full usually

within a few hours after

show sometimes they even get streamed so

you don't even have to wait you really

get to see what the fashion editors are

seeing it wasn't the case before the

internet so we're really lucky to live

in this country and there are no more

excuse to write poor critiques in the

info box right below you will find a

couple articles for further reading

including an interview with the lady who

spent multiple years writing fashion

reviews for the New York Times

highly recommend it read some up she

found this very useful thank you so much

who is your favorite designer and why

here's my video from last week about

athleisure clothing and here is burned

and trendy fashion week it shows in one

day my head exploded on that day so with

this one we can start practicing your

fashion critiquing I see you next Monday

from you video and take care