How to tell if a diamond is real or fake.

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this is Bob for Images jewelers from the

graduate gemologist here a lot of people

ask us how do you tell if a stone is a

fake diamond and a real diamond there's

a lot of simple ways to tell one is the

easiest way really is if you can wade

this stone if you could get it out loose

like this you know get a loose stone and

you can weigh it on a diamond scale but

not many people have a diamond scale but

for example this is a a one carat

diamond actual real diamond and this is

a same size cz but it weighs 8 carats 70

so obviously is a big discrepancy in

weight so that's that is like a surefire

way to tell these two stones here are

diamond simulant this one is a material

called luster which is carbon based but

it weighs differently it's heavier than

actual diamond and this is moissanite

same thing here you can go you can go

online and look up charts for diamond

size and weight equivalents and it will

tell you like for example a six point

five millimeter diamond should be

approximately one carat but eight

millimeters should be a true carat and

that's it around and there's charts on

all the different shapes and everything

so that's that's not for the easiest way

it's your most surefire way but without

a diamond scale it's hard to tell the

other way is to look at it with a loop

take a loop like this and to you know to

look at the stone and if you'll find

that the fast attraction is where the

the flats on the diamond come together

on a diamond they will be extremely

sharp very crisp on a cubic zirconia or

moissanite or luster material they'll be

more rounded

that's just dude as the material is not

as hard you won't come to a crisp hard

definite edge that takes a good keen eye

to tell them tell them apart in a good

lighting so that's another way another

way is to breathe on the stone

do that here Oh second in Kiwanis vlog

it up and it's going to last about three

seconds if it's a diamond you know you

know turn to clear like you just saw if

I do that that's cubic zirconia you'll

see it's gonna last five to eight nine

seconds somewhere in there before it

goes clear again so it's not a

definitive way but it is an indication

all the other materials do the same

thing and that is due to the diamonds

ability to dissipate heat the other

materials don't have that same ability

so it takes them longer to dissipate

that heat that fogging that you put on

it and that's an indication that it

could be could be a fake the other is

you could take a diamond and I know if I

have a large enough one here to show you

I take a cubic take the simulant and put

over some writing I cut a newspaper and

you can see you'll be able to read the

writing or see the writing through the

stone a diamond you won't you will not

you should be not be able to see the

writing through the stone but you can

hear the the last the last indication is

you know you look at the mounting if

it's in a mounting and this is not a

real definite way because that they

mount to big zirconium and moisture

Knights in really nice mountings now so

but if it's in a very expensive looking

mounting a lot of little diamonds on it

it could be an indication that it might

be real but it's that's sure not a

surefire way so those are the easiest

ways that one can identify a diamond at