HOW JUDGES PICK THE CHEER TEAM: Perspective From a Judge | Alyssa Revecho

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hey guys it's Alisa today I'm going to

be telling you what judges look for at

cheer tryouts and how they actually pick

the team also side now I know I look

abnormally cozy right now it's because

it's getting cold in Southern California

and I really just was lazy and I just

threw on this crewneck from Utah

Utah's a beautiful place you should

visit so let me tell you how I came to

this idea of filming this video so as

many of you know I am a second year in

college at a community college I am

applying to transfer in fall 2019 so I'm

going to be graduating in June so that

means right now I'm filling out college

applications or I already filled out my

Cal States and my you C's throughout

this time I have been doing a lot of

Internet research I have been looking up

so many videos about college

applications and what should go on your

application and what I was really

looking for and what like really helps

me the most and what leg gave me the

best like idea of oh I think I know how

to go about this was finding videos of

admissions officers saying what they

look for and then breaking down the

admissions process and if this is a

helpful thing and I thought if I'm here

trying to have the best college

application looking for videos of these

admissions officers telling me exactly

how they judge it would just make so

much sense if I showed from a judge's

perspective what judges look for at

cheer tryouts I say judges perspective

because I personally have judged a few

tryouts before so I know how it works I

know the process I know what the coaches

say I have been a judge at tryouts a few

times so I think I have a good

understanding of what a judge would look

for because I guess I was a judge so


do judges look for when they are judging

cheer tryouts now mind you different

cheer tryouts work in different ways in

each judging panel has their different

ways of judging for example a lot of

programs have a score sheet where they

rank everything out of like 5 10 like

jumps they got 4 out of 5 stunting they

get 9 out of 10 it all depends on your

school but I know some places do in fact

do things like that that's just obvious

stuff aside from the score sheets that's

not what determines the fate of you

getting on the team in reality the main

thing that I can say that will keep you

stuck in the judges mind is leaving an

impression or like an imprint in their

head in a certain area or they're just

like forced to remember you obviously in

a positive way but anyway you can get a

judge to remember you is a really good


your attitude is a really good way to

show this having a really good attitude

and smiling a lot is something that not

a lot of like cheerleaders who are

trying out do as much anymore

which is kind of sad or at least the

programs that I've like been around

smiling I feel like it's just kind of

like diminished you will definitely

stand out to the judges if you have a

good attitude in a lot of cases and I've

stressed this a lot in like my other

cheer advice videos in a lot of cases

and attitude or like an outlook on

cheerleading or your excitement for

cheerleading or your passion your drive

can override a lot of determining

factors for example if someone with a

really amazing attitude doesn't have any

tumbling but then there's also this

other candidate who has great tumbling

but she does not look like she wants to

be there has a horrible attitude then

honestly they're kind of evened out at

this point you may not feel like it but

the chances are kind of equal so keep

that in mind it's to be assumed that if

you have high tumbling skills good jumps

good stunting then obviously it's

thought to believe that you have an


which is true however you can somehow

make yourself equivalent to anybody

because everyone has the same fair shot

to get on that team as anybody else

everybody in the judging room is treated

equally and judged equally so obviously

skill is what a big portion of what

cheer tryouts are all about because

cheer tryouts do take a lot of training

it's not an easy sport to do it takes a

lot of commitment a lot of dedication a

lot of people have been sharing since

they were little but as I stated in my

how to become a cheerleader with no

cheer experience video it is possible to

make the team without having like all

the skills please do not think that you

have no chance if you don't have the

skills I cannot stress this enough if

you go in not confident then that's

gonna be what brings you down and lowers

your chances you not being confident you

not having that back tuck that the other

girl or guy has is not what's gonna

bring you down or lower your chances

your attitude and your confidence is

what's gonna do that personally as being

a judge I noticed that if someone is

just stellar in a specific area the

judges are gonna remember that and they

are likely to bring up your name when

talking about who they should take on

the team because they're gonna remember

you and they're gonna be like oh that

girl had really good jumps or that girl

had really good tumbling a girl was

really sharp that girl was a really good

back spot notice how all these got

brought up in the same subject and

attitude and sharpness were still on

there they're on the same level if you

can just stand out in a certain way that

will just help you so much it doesn't

have to be to be the best tumbler in the

world but standing out is something that

is so crucial a part of the judging

process judges really look for a

teammate who is passionate driven

dedicated someone who you can obviously

tell loves cheerleading and loves the

sport and trust me the judges know like

we know we can just tell by the way

you're trying out the way you carry

yourself when you're trying out the way

that your facial expression is the way

of your sharpness the way you say the

cheer you can tell and the judges are

really going to want people who embody

the passion that is true leading and I

know there are schools that are very

highly selective and will only choose

people that have certain skills and that

is the case for some certain schools

because I know some schools may require

full level 5 or 6 stunting skills and

that is an instance where it skills kind

of dominate the recruiting process and

I'm not saying that skills are not

important because they most certainly

are I know for my high school we had it

required or like I would just say

required it was on the packet that you

had to have a roundoff handspring tuck

and working on a standing tuck and like

a cartwheel tuck to be on varsity chair

but I was on varsity cheer and I didn't

have that you guys know that I'm really

passionate about cheerleading and that

was a reason that they kept me on

varsity obviously I was really driven

and I was like so determined to like get

my skills so they knew that about me and

I was working on my tux the entire time

all season so it really just depends

judges really really also look for team

players they don't just look for the

other normal factors that you think of

when you think of cheer tryouts they

look for players that are going to be

well working with a team they're not

gonna want someone who is kind of like

more negatively independent and doesn't

really want to cooperate obviously so

just make sure that you sell yourself to

be a hard-working teammate and

we want to see that you're communicating

with the other girls helping each other

out like we want to see teamwork and

encouraging each other and helping each

other I know when I was on all-star

cheer sophomore year my cheer coach

really stressed to me how important it

was about encouraging your teammates my

all-star cheer coach really shaped me so

well and taught me so many things like

the way he shaped our team was to the

point where it wasn't normal

for nobody to be just encouraging while

you're stunting literally at any

practice at any given time if there was

a stunt going on you bet there was at

least like five voices screaming out

like you can do it you've got this

don't give up stay tight you can do it

like just screaming from like every

corner and like the most positive way

that is something that is just like so

awesome to me like judges are really

gonna appreciate when you encourage your

teammates and you act like a team player

I just want to say this again is like a

disclaimer having jumps tumbling good

stunting good emotions is something that

is very important when you're trying out

for cheer and that will help you so much

during the process of picking the team

however I feel like we all kind of

already know that so I just like to give

more information on what's beyond that

because there's so much more to that I

know I'm talking a lot about other stuff

other than like tumbling I just like to

give more things from a different

perspective like advice because I know

there's so much more than the typical

like idea of what you should have at

church fry outs and I'm here to share

that with you so I just want to make

sure that was clear Oh another good

thing when we aren't judging something

else we look for is presentation and you

might be like wait a second they judge

the way you look no not like that they

don't judge you by your looks that is

totally not the case but they do judge

how you present yourself because it real

just emphasizes and kind of like

expresses like how much you care about

it if you really want it you're gonna

take the time to like present yourself

well and like put yourselves together

and it's gonna show that you really want

this and you have a lot of dedication

and passion for the sport and for the

cheer tryout judges also take into

account like whether you are responsible

or not and they can tell this if you

turn in your tryout packet and stuff

like that on time and if you're on time

to the actual tryout because it's really

rude to be late and honestly like I'm

being so serious like if you are late to

a tryout like even by a little bit it is

gonna like leave kind of a mark on the

judges especially if you're one of the

only ones like that is like a negative

mark but I understand that accidents

happen and maybe it wasn't your fault

that you were late maybe there was stuck

in traffic maybe like you couldn't get

your parents at the door because I know

that happens to me so much don't get so

discouraged if you are a little bit late

though and say oh my god my chances are

over I already have like a strike in

their head that should just motivate you

to do better that should just motivate

you to try to be your very best and it

will be okay

trust me try your best to plan ahead

because forgetting things like your

application your paperwork your donation

or being late will kind of leave a first

impression on the judges minds that you

don't want I don't know if you guys

noticed but it's progressively beginning

darker in here and I hope it just

doesn't get black black okay now we're

gonna move on to a little more juicy

stuff so everyone's tried out everyone's

waiting outside or you've gone home if

there's like a day to call back thing

whatever it's just the judges your

applications and pictures the notes that

they write yes most judging panels do

take notes on you so make sure that you

do something that is worth taking

positive notes over such as being really

sharp or smiling having good notes is

really awesome or having really good

jumps or really good tumbling they're

gonna write that down they're gonna like

scribble that down so yeah once it's

just the judges and all their notes and

the files and the pictures of all the

teammates you might be thinking what

happens next so what actually does

happen when it's just the judges and the

paperwork the judges collaborate

together and go one by one assessing

each girl they talk about each girl and

maybe what their strengths were what

they could have worked on and then they

take that into account maybe jot some

other things down and I know it sounds

scary this sounds like a horror book for

cheerleaders I don't mean to scare you

as they go through these I'm just gonna

call them applications as they go

through these forms applications of

people who are trying out they kind of

sift through them first they release the

girls applications who they kind of know

aren't the best fit for the team you get

to narrowing it down to who they really

want the team to be and this is when it

gets a little bit more difficult because

then you're deciding who gets a spot

over another person basically and at

this point it goes down to the little

things like oh that girl didn't have the

best attitude or I think we should take

this person because of so-and-so reason

or maybe this person has better tumbling

skills or this person has cheer

experience or like vice-versa for any of

those really focus on the little things

when you're trying out for chair because

once you make it into that like bottom

cut of like people that they are going

to decide whether makes the team then it

comes down to the little things and I'm

just gonna share things from my personal

experience judging because I find like

talking about we're hearing about

personal experiences really eases my

mind or just makes me have a really

clear view of things so I'm going to

share my personal judging stories with

so I remember when I was judging my last

year tryout in the summer when we were

at that point where we kind of sifted

out the people that weren't the best fit

for the team and we were onto the

determining factors at least for coasts

when I judged they're the determining

factors were a lot about your attitude

and there were a lot about your

eagerness to be on the team I remember

just talking with the coach and like

overhearing the coach talking with like

other judges as well and just having

them decide like who was making the team

and who was not like oh it was just like

kind of scary to me because I know how

it feels to be on the other side like I

am a girl who tries out every single

year for a cheer team and then to like

be a judge and hear like a coach like

cut somebody was just like like oh oh my

god cuz obviously like everyone you try

sup for cheer like really wants it I

assume no no that's how scared me

because it was like really heartbreaking

I hope I gave you guys some good insight

on what judges see when they are judging

cheer tryouts if you guys have any

questions or any comments or any video

requests anything about any subject of

cheer or anything else not like cheer I

kind of want to like also start making

more like lifestyle or like beauty

videos too because those are really fun

but yeah it's getting like really really

dark as you can tell so thank you guys

so much for watching and I will see you

in my next video bye everyone