11 Signs of Having a Baby Boy | Signs and Symptoms of Baby boy or girl | Early Signs of Boy or Girl

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when you are pregnant you and your

family get curious to know the sex

of the baby this curiosity over the


gave rise to several assumptions tales

and myths about predicting the sex of a


while these methods may be fun to try

for a couple they cannot be taken

seriously as they are not scientifically


in this video we tells you about several

such myths of the so-called signs and

symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy

what determines the sex of a baby the

baby sex is determined by its chromosome

makeup at the time of fertilization

an embryo receives 23 chromosomes from

each of the parents

where one pair is made up of the sex

chromosomes that determine the sex of

the baby

if the baby has two x chromosomes it is

a girl and if it has one x and one y

chromosomes it is a boy

when is baby sex determined in the case


baby boy signs the penis starts to

develop around the 11th week of


however the gender is decided long

before the 11th week

at the time of conception when the sperm

fuses with the egg

it is possible to find out about the sex

of the baby through a genetic test at

around 10 weeks or through an anatomy

scan during the 20th week ultrasound

here we list down some of the common

symptoms or signs that people commonly

believe are indicative of a baby boy

1. morning sickness when you are not

experiencing morning sickness or nausea

it is a sign that you are carrying a

baby boy

2. heart rate if you notice that the

heart rate of your baby remains under

140 beats per minute it could indicate

you are pregnant with a baby boy

3. skin and hair condition your skin is

likely to be pimple free when carrying a


whereas a baby girl borrows the mother's

beauty deteriorating her skin

the mother will also have longer and

lustrous hair in case she is carrying a


4. food cravings if you crave for sour

or salty foods

you are more likely to have a boy 5.

tummy positioning carrying low is one of

the signs you are having a baby boy

6. mood changes you are not prone to

mood swings if you are carrying a boy

but you will be if you are pregnant with

a girl

7. urine color the color of your urine

changes during pregnancy

and if it appears dark it indicates that

you are carrying a baby boy

8. breast size when you carry a baby boy

your right breast is bigger than the

left one

9. cold feet if you have icy cold

feet it is an indication you are

carrying a baby boy

10. weight gain when you carry a baby

boy the extra pounds are mostly visible

at the stomach but when you are carrying

a girl the weight is distributed all

over the body including the face 11.

linear linear is the line on

your skin that extends across the belly

up to the ribcage

in case it goes all the way up to the

rib cage it is thought that you are

carrying a baby boy

sex prediction methods are only for fun

and do not replace

medical examinations we believe

in gender equality we do not support or

encourage sex determination nor

entertain any queries on finding the sex

of the baby


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