How are Bodybuilding Competitions Judged?

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all right what's going on you guys Nicky

with Nick's on the power is a question

that I commonly get asked by both people

that are new to bodybuilding and people

that are familiar with bodybuilding is

how does the IFB be judging system work

so in this video I'm gonna try to break

down the IFBB judging and explain to you

guys how the judging and scoring works

at an IFBB Pro show so technically there

are two rounds in an IFBB show many of

you know this this is the prejudging and

then the finals now the prejudging

itself consists of two rounds so round

one in the prejudging is often referred

to as the simmetry round and this is

going to be the quarter turn round so

this is when you see the bodybuilder up

here and a front relaxed pose they've

got their arms at their sides and the

judge asked them to hit the quarter

turns and see them from every single

angle but without flexing their muscles

so they don't do the mandatories in

round one now the reason they do this

relaxed posing round it's not actually

to single out symmetry the reason they

do it is because when a bodybuilder

poses even during the mandatory poses a

bodybuilder knows how to pose to hide

their flaws when they are forced to

stand relaxed and hit quarter turns it's

very very hard for them to cover up a

weak point or cover up a flaw so it's

very vulnerable for the body blurred and

the judge can easily see any imbalances

any flaws anything the bodybuilder might

be trying to hide that they could hide

with a posing round so round two of the

prejudging is the mandatory posing round

so the point in separating the posing

and the relaxed round is the same point

that I mentioned before is you can hide

some things with posing that you can't

hide withstanding relaxed but at the

same time there are details that you can

bring out when posing that can't be seen

when you're standing relaxed so these

two rounds need to be divided into two

different categories so that the judge

can draw as much information about the

physique as possible by dividing this

into two different rounds and seeing two

different variations of the physique

both relaxed and flexed so what key

elements is a judge looking for during

these two rounds number one is going to

be obviously muscularity so the overall

muscle mass at the bodybuilder carries

how big is that body builder muscle wise

the second thing they're going to be

looking for is

overall definition how defined is that

bodybuilder how conditioned is that

bodybuilder how lean is that bodybuilder

how detailed is that bodybuilder that's

what definition means definition is

going to be shown by you know the

separation between the muscles the

detail that you can see that cuts the

tie-ins all those little minutiae of the

muscle that you can see in a conditioned

bodybuilder that's what you will see

when you're looking for definition

they're also going to be looking for

proportion now proportion is the balance

of muscular development so you don't

your arms to be too big for your chest

you don't have a big chest and no arms

so how balanced are your muscles

relative to other muscle groups that is

what proportion means they're also going

to be looking for symmetry

now symmetry basically means how even

each side of the body is so one bicep is

not bigger than the other bicep one PEC

is not bigger than the other PEC one leg

is not more defined than the other leg

something like that they're looking for

the left and the right sides to have

equal development or as equal

development as possible and finally

you're going to have stage presence or

presentation which is what I'm going to

talk about later that is what they judge

in the finals round of bodybuilding so

round three is essentially the

presentation round this is going to be

when the bodybuilder does their

individual routine at the final show it

presents their body in a way they think

is the best way to present it where they

can hide their flaws they can pose to

highlight their strengths and present

the body that they the way they want it

to be seen so then that's where they're

going to be judged on overall

presentation and stage presence so how

is the bodybuilding show actually

objectively judged so it's judged in the

form of numbers so it's a lot like golf

and the lowest number is the best number

so the person with the lowest score is

the winner so on the panel of judges

there's typically anywhere from five to

nine judges so regular judges and a head

judge so in the case of nine judges one

high score and one low score can be

thrown out to try to eliminate bias so

if there's a judge it doesn't like a

competitor gives them an extremely low

score that score can be thrown out to

kind of eliminate bias and then they add

those scores together so for reference

for an example let's look at the 2017

mr. Olympia scorecard Phil Heath

received a score of five at the

prejudging and a score of five at the

finals so let's say there were seven


throughout one high score and one low

score that means all five scores that

were kept had a first-place vote for

Phil Heath so Phil Heath got a perfect

score so a perfect score in bodybuilding

is when a judge gives you a score of 1

and then all the other judges also give

you a score of 1 so the score of 5 means

that all the judges voted for first

place for Phil Heath so then if you look

at the scores of big Romney and William

bow neck he had William Boone ak who

took 3rd with a total score of 27 and

big Romney with a total score of 25

Hoopa and he took 2nd so you can see how

close William Bowe neck and big Romney

were by just two points from their total

score separating that placing so the

judges were definitely mixed up on who

was gonna be number two and who is going

to be number three with their votes so

the vote that they give is essentially

the placing that they would place that

competitor then they add up all those

votes and then that totals the score so

I hope this video maybe cleared up a

little bit for you guys on how

bodybuilding is really judged I know it

can be a little bit confusing and a

little bit hard to understand if you're

new to bodybuilding so I wanted to make

this video to clear that up for some of

you guys please give the video a thumbs

up if you enjoyed it Nick strength

empower signing out