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hey welcome back to how to barbecue

right I'm Malcolm Reed today we're

barbecuing chicken now this recipe isn't

fancy but it's a recipe that I grew up

on we would take all the different cuts

of chicken the legs the thighs the press

the wings get some good season on them

get them on a hot grill in some smoke

and at the very end we'd caramelize a

sauce on the outside it's really

outstanding barbecue chicken and that's

what I'm going to show you how to cook

today let's get to cooking so the first

thing we're gonna do today is make up a

quick rub for our barbecue chicken I'm

gonna use my AP season as a base but to

that I'm also adding some other

ingredients I've got some chili powder

some cumin some cayenne some onion and

some paprika for a little bit of color

and I've also got a little bit of sugar

to balance it out I'm just gonna take

about half a cup of my AP and what we're

gonna do is just mix all this together

just get it all incorporated and we're

gonna put it back in that shaker and

we're gonna be ready to season this

chicken so now I got the chicken spread

out here on the cutting board we're

ready to put the seasoned into it and

I'm gonna hit both sides with our

chicken rub that we made up and I don't

know if you could put too much on it I'm

going pretty heavy because we're going

to mop some of this off as it cooks

we're gonna season one side and then

we're going to flip the pieces over and

we're gonna do the same thing to the

opposite side and then I'm gonna move it

to the platter so we can get it all on

the pit so I got my offset miss Jolene

fired up today running about 275 degrees

I started out with some lump charcoal

and burnt it down to a hot bed of coals

and then we start feeding their sticks

I'm running post oak because I want some

really good smoke flavor but I need some

good beets he used to maintain that 275

degree temperature it takes about a

stick every 45 minutes and she'll purr

like a kitten all day long now I'm gonna

start getting the chicken on the pit and

it doesn't really matter how you put it

on but give it enough room to where air

and the smoke and flow around each piece

now we're going to get the pit closed

and let Miss Jolene work her magic I'm

just gonna hold her at 275 the whole

time she'll need a stick of wood about

every 45 minutes we'll start mopping

them here in a minute to keep that

chicken nice and juicy

so our chickens been going about 30

minutes now it's time to start basting

it and I've just got a barbecue mop here

and I'm not really touching the sir

Fist of the chicken I'm just kind of

letting it drip on it I've taken Italian

dressing and mixed it with some barbecue

rub added some hot water to kind of melt

that a little bit of Worcestershire a

little bit of soy sauce it just kind of

makes a barbecue vinaigrette keeps that

chicken nice and juicy as it cooks we

just need to get the pit closed let miss

Jolene keep cooking all right we're

about an hour in on our barbecue chicken

now I want you to check it out look how

beautiful that skin is turning at

seasonings it's got the outside of it

just looking amazing but what I want to

do at this point we're gonna baste it

one more time with our mop then I'm

gonna flip this chicken cause it's about

an hour it's time to time to flip it to

cook the other side too I want to get

some based on it as well and this is

old-school chicken cooking right here

how to barbecue chicken right or at

least it ain't how to do it wrong on

I'll tell you that it's looking


but it does need some mop on this bottom

sighs once we get them all flipped now

let's hit the backside with some mop all

right we're gonna get a close back up

we're gonna let it cook skin down for

about 30 minutes come back check on it

so we've had a chicken flip for about 30

minutes you know check it out that

backsides pretty now it's looking really

good what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit

it one more time on this backside with a

baste and then we're gonna give it a

flip get it back to skin side and it's

gonna be time to start heating our salsa

now you could use any sauce you want for

barbecue chicken you've got some

favorite ones by all means go to it I'm

keeping it simple I'm just going one

bottle of my regular sauce one bottle of

my vinegar sauce that's gonna be plenty

to do all this chicken we're gonna leave

it over on the side and let it warm up

all right our sauce has been warming up

and it's time to start glazing this

chicken I'm just going to kind of give

this bunch of moisture out of my mop as

I can there and we're going straight to

the sauce it's kind of thinned up a

little bit we're just gonna start

hitting this chicken with it letting it

run all down same thing we're not really

rubbing it we're just kind of letting

the mop barely touch it and letting that

sauce get all over the chicken gonna

flip our chicken over and we're building

these layers of flavors with the pit

with the seasoning with the post Oh with

the mop and now with the sauce we're

salsa we swagging flexing we're doing

all of it on this chicken now we're

gonna get the lid

losed let that sauce cook on the

backside we'll flip it back over we're

just going to keep repeating this

process until we get it exactly where we

want it it's going to be chicken plate

time all right

now it's time to flip his chicken back

over I'm gonna put some more sauce on

the other side

we're just layering on the sauce letting

it caramelize on cook down on this

chicken now we're gonna close it down we

ought to be about through it another

half hour all right our barbecue chicken

has been rocking and rolling we've been

sauce and caramelizing it on the outside

and I know that it's about ready so I'm

just gonna verify these temps I'm seeing

165 in that woman so we got here in this

thick part

oh yeah 100-seat that juice run clear

check that big thigh but oh he's soft

oh yeah he's about a hundred seventy

eight I know our barbecue chickens done

it's time to get it off the pit no right

or wrong way to take up barbecue chicken

either you just get it off the grill

we're gonna mix it all in white meat

with the dark meat the legs with the

thighs with the wings I mean look at

these chicken legs juicy sit juices

running out and that friends is a plate

of barbecue chicken let's get it back to

the cutting board so I can show you how

we're gonna serve this today now I can't

wait to see how this barbecue chicken

turned out so I've got my eyes on one of

these big legs right on top and these

dudes just come off the pit you know

they're getting hot but I can't help but

I got to try one mmm that's some

dynamite barbecue chicken right there

shut juice it run out it's steaming hot

just come off the pit it's been 275 for

about 3 hours 3 hours 15 minutes well

that's perfect barbecue chicken I mean

that chicken tastes just like I remember

it as a kid coming off the grill

mmm I like didn't stand a chance

so just to talk about how easy this

barbecue chicken was I just started with

a bunch of pieces of cut-up chicken you

could use wings breast legs the whole

nine yards whatever you want

we made up an easy chicken seasoning we

also made up that mop sauce with the

Italian dressing we kept that chicken

nice and juicy as it cooked and then at

the very end when it started getting

done that's when we started heating up

that barbecue sauce and caramelizing it

over the top

flipping it both ways and just watching

it until it was done

and this is just a textbook way to cook

barbecue chicken you can do it on any

kind of pit just hold those tips about

275 to 300 degrees put some smoke on it

for some wood flavors and just let that

chicken cook I'm gonna show you what

we're gonna do on 4th of July we're

building chicken plates so I've got a

few pieces of chicken here and we'll get

loaded up let's get a wing

let's get another leg how about a three

piece chicken plate let's see how about

that big thigh right there that Joker

looks good then we're gonna come with

some coleslaw you got to have slaw for

eating July 4th eating barbecue

then we've got some barbecue baked beans

that we did on the pit right alongside

that chicken top it all off I'm gonna

hit it with a few pickles if that's not

a barbecue chicken plate I don't know

what is I'd be happy to get that at any

fourth of July cookout oh yeah and I

can't forget gotta have a roll on there

I mean this is old-school chicken at its

finest you get the caramelized sauce on

the outside its juicy its tender on the


it's got a little bit of that spice kick

from the rub and from that vinegar sauce

that we've mixed with the regular

barbecue sauce and it all cooks in a

good smoky pit man that is fantastic

barbecue chicken thanks for checking us

out here at how to barbecue right if

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