5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Rug

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hi I'm Melissa here with LeClair decor

and I am going to tell you about our top

5 tips for selecting a rug


we know that so many of you struggle

when you go to select a rug for your

room and we want to make it a little bit

easier for you to narrow down those

results so you can easily pick something

for your space number one is style go

and look for some inspiration whether

it's from a magazine or Pinterest

whatever source that you go to when you

are looking up for beautiful spaces and

figure out what style of rug that you

want pick three images that are your

favorite and figure out what's the

consistency between those three images

typically you're gravitating either

towards a color or a style is that white

black is there pattern there is it solid

save those three images and we are going

to use them as a source of reference

number two is selecting your budget I

know this is a hard topic for some

people how much money to spend on a rug

and maybe you don't know but take a

little look in your bank account and

figure out how much you want to spend on

this particular purchase if you're doing

your whole room allocate a budget to the

whole room and then pick a budget for

each item within that room I know this

is a little time consuming but trust me

it's really beneficial we always do this

when we're working on projects and it's

so helpful to know how much you're

spending on every item and how much you

want to allocate to that room and that

project so this may be something you

want to come back to after you've done a

little bit more research with your rugs

but starting from a base point is really

really helpful when you're starting to

narrow down which rugs that you want to

be picking stay within your budget if

possible next is size

there is a lot of sizes when you're

picking your rugs we always say bigger

is better try to maximize that rug while

still giving your room a little bit of

breathing space you want to have a

little bit of floor showing underneath

the rugs but you really want to maximize

that space here's a little context to

show you for a dining room a living room

in a bedroom so get that measuring tape

out and take a look at your space as

well as your furniture to help you

decide on what size of rug that you are

looking for so number four is selecting

your optimal material there's a lot of

information here I'm gonna kind of sum

it up for you and make it a bit easy for

picking per room so for your entrance

you want to gravitate towards something

that's indoor/outdoor specific and or a

polypropylene a polyester rug is great

for washability we have that in our

entrance right now and it is working out

great for your living room any material

goes if you feel like it's a

high-traffic area or you have kids again

you may want to gravitate towards a

polyester or polypropylene rug

wool is also a really great material in

here it has longevity it feels luxurious

and looks luxurious so really anything

goes in this space

for your family room anything goes in

here as well polypropylene is a great

route to go because it's family friendly

easy to clean easy to maintain if you

get something with a nice heavy pattern

it's gonna hide all of those spills you

can also send it out and have it cleaned

well it's great in this room because

it's soft underfoot easy to clean and

maintain and has longevity that's a

great way to go as well four bedrooms

this will depend on what you have on

your floor if you've got hardwood you

can do anything in your bedroom if you

have carpet you want to gravitate

towards a wool or a cotton that has no

backing if you have a stiff backing it's

gonna ripple and look awkward under your

bed so you want to go with something

that's wool or cotton with no backing on

it so it'll sit nicely on top of your

carpet little note here that viscose and

silk are beautiful luxurious fabrics we

definitely recommend them but they are a

little harder to clean and maintain they

do not hold up well to wear and tear

they absorb really quickly any liquid

that you spill on them so you just want

to be a little careful when you're

picking a rug that has this goes in it

number five is shopping do a little

research and figure out where you want

to purchase these rugs from Aldi shop is

a great place just a little hint pile

your list

you've got your budget your style your

size and your material it's time to go

shopping so you can go into the store

perfect you can see the rug selections

up close and personal you can feel them

touch them and see the accurate colors

in person if you can't do that and

you're a little nervous shopping online

a lot of the times they're fairly

accurate but sometimes the color can be

a little off order a sample or talk to

an associate they're readily available

to help you make the right decisions so

make sure that you're doing your due

diligence before you place that order

those are top five tips for selecting a

rug let us know what you think and if

you have any other questions in the

comments below don't forget to Like and

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