How to Judge People's Character | Robert Greene Interview Clip | The Jordan Harbinger Show Ep. 117

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the most important chapters in the book

is about the ability to judge people's

character right the ability to see deep

within them and to see that core of

their being and what governs their

behavior and what makes them repeat the

same kind of patterns of behavior over

and over again and when you're

constantly going around just reacting to

what people do looking at their face and

getting charmed by them or getting

pissed off about them you're not seeing

what's really going on and so you'll end

up hiring people because they're

charming or pleasing or have a good

resume or you'll end up marrying someone

because they flatter you and they make

you feel good about this of the other

and then you get into the relationship

and you see something really ugly and

dark that you hadn't anticipated and you

blame them for deceiving you but in fact

the source of the problem is you you're

not able to judge people's character

you're simply reacting to the

appearances they present so that's

another bit of resistance training that

you're talking about how do we assess or

begin to assess character via someone's

behavior that's a huge question I

realize well understand that people I

say in this chapter people never do

anything once we are compulsive animals

that continually repeat the same

behavior right I know in writing my

books I'm writing my fifth this is my

sixth book I'm going damn it I'm not

gonna repeat this I'm not gonna make

8,000 note cards with extraneous

information I'm gonna stop wasting my

time and what do I do I do it again I

create even more note cards I fall into

the same pattern I can't control it it's

compulsive there's something deep within

it I could tre trace it back to

something in my childhood to some

insecurities some need to do more than

is required in my work but I have

patterns I can't control everybody you

around you has these kinds of patterns I

say that there's something genetic about

it it's it's in their DNA it's how their

brains are wired

they can't help doing certain patterns

and it's also their childhood their

parents their upbringing that

level of attachment with their parents

there's something very deeply ingrained

in their character and you want to be

have the ability to assess it so first

of all particularly in a relationship

with it with it you're hiring a business

partner or a romantic relationship you

want to be able you've looked at my wife

paying attention hopefully she's not

paying attention to this part you want

to be pay extra attention to patterns

you've heard from them in the past if

she if Jen tells you that her last

boyfriend was such an [ __ ] who abused

her and and she got rid of him and then

but then you also discover the same

thing about the prior one and the one

before that you might begin to think

that maybe she's not telling the right

story maybe it's something having to do

with her own behavior there's been

causing this right so you want to see

the patterns that people revealed no one

ever is is completely opaque you can see

the patterns and what they've done in

the past there are some people who

deliberately attract the wrong personal

in their life for sure so they can have

lots of drama and complain about it and

then you'll only see the drama and

you'll see them complaining you won't

realize that they're actually partially

or completely the source of the drama

that's going on