VIDEO CONTEST WINNING SECRETS: How I've Won Over $200,000 In Contests

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people have asked me I've won so many

contests so I'm giving you all of the

tea in this video the secret sauce

what's up beautiful people welcome back

to my channel I'm Erin and this is Erin

on demand and placement entrepreneurs

and content creators looking to build

your brand business impacts in y'all

today we are talking about how I've made

over $200,000 in content


someone has sent to me because they

thought it would be a good fit for me

and I applied and I won so I want to

share with you guys some of the contests

that I have a plat for some of them are

recurrent contest so if I were you I

would definitely look into them and then

I'm gonna share with you guys some tips

on how to really make contest

applications stand out for quite a while

I wouldn't say I relied on contest but I

really made it my mission to just put

myself out there and I think that's why

a lot of people weren't surprised when I

started this YouTube channel and also

weren't suppressed at the success of the

channel because I've always just been

the type to kind of just throw myself

into uncomfortable situations and just

see what happens with these contests

they've always been very public contests

that if I don't win then lots of people

know about it and if I do win lots of

people know about it so I will say this

contest you can potentially make a lot

of money by applying to contests but I

will also say this it is not something

that you want to hold your breath one

just like a wild gamble okay and if you

win it you're happy and if you don't you

know you kind of just can't think too

hard about it but I will let y'all know

this that there is a formula I feel like

two winning contests so I'm going to

share with you guys the secret sauce

that I've had and I cannot tell you guys

how many people have asked me about how

I've won so many contests so I'm giving

you all of that see in this video so

first I just want to share a couple of

the contests that I've won I'm one

I want tens of thousands of dollars in

college scholarships which I included in

my over $200,000 total but I'm gonna

start with the things that I've won

after I graduated so I first won my job

right out of college the young and free

Michigan spokes tur position where I was

basically a brand ambassador for this

credit union and it was the coolest job


but it was a it was an intense

competition I had to submit a video I

had to submit an application and I was

competing with all of these cool

creative people all around Michigan so I

ended up winning that job in that paid

$30,000 plus I was eligible and received

a $5,000 bonus so we'll just say that

that contest won me $35,000 and it was a

year-long prize the second contest that

I applied for was to become a guest

co-host for live with Kelly with Kelly

Ripa my dad actually heard about this

contest on the radio and he was like

Aaron I think you should apply like

you'd be so great so literally on the

deadline I put together my application

video and I submitted it and I ended up

making the top 100 then the top 15th in

the top 20 then the top 10 and then I

got cut but I didn't receive

compensation for it but it just was a

pretty big deal I got so much exposure

from that one contest the next contest

that one was with National Geographic

they did a nationwide call basically for

their first ever digital correspondent

and they wanted someone who was going to

be able to tell stories and travel and

you know do all this cool fun stuff for

net geo and so I applied for that and

then I got a call saying I made the top

three and there were over 600 applicants

for this dream job and I went to New

York competed against the other two

finalists and I won so I had to actually

move back to DC to claim that prize

which was a ten month contract working

in this position and that contest paid

ninety thousand dollars over the span of

the ten months it was a really good

money especially coming from my $35,000

job at the credit union okay so the next

contest I applied for was with this

organization called the Keefer

foundation and they are all about

helping eliminate distracted driving

they open up a contest for anyone to

submit a 30-second video one ending

distracted driving and so I literally

submitted my 30-second video and I won

$10,000 and then lastly my most recent

contest win was with the United Negro

College Fund and my African pride wear

your crown with confidence student loan

forgiveness contest and I didn't do a

video for that one I actually had to

write an essay for that and I won 29

thousand dollars worth of student loan

debt forgiveness so I have a whole video

about how I became debt free by 25 so if

you guys don't check that out I will

link it in the description box so I've

won quite a few contests in you guys I

just want to share this too that I have

lost quite a few contests so these are

not all of the contests that I've

applied for I've applied for so many

contests but I have been very grateful

to win a great amount of them I

literally applied for an icon contest a

essence contest recently and I didn't

win them but I will say this I always

bet on myself and I will always take the

chance and I'm going to get into some of

the points that can hopefully help you

if you are if you stumble upon a video

contest and you want to apply but you

want to make sure your application

stands out all right so the first thing

it seems so self-explanatory but the

very first thing you need to do is read

the rules like you want to read these

rules so thoroughly that you just know

the rules

okay the very first thing that I always

do before I get excited about a contest

is read the rules because some of them

may have age stipulations some of them

may have little clauses or relocations

especially for ones that are

turn like the two positions that I won

so you want to make sure that you

thoroughly read the rules you thoroughly

read what the prize is the time limits

all of those things which we will get

into but do not record anything without

thoroughly reading the official rules

which are always going to be available

if you are applying for it contest okay

so a lot of these tips are about

following the rules that you will have

read because you're gonna do step one

but the second thing is to use the full

amount of times if they say you have

three minutes to answer the question who

inspires you do not use one minute you

want to use all three minutes I would

say if they ask for three minutes try to

get it above two minutes and thirty

seconds get it as close to three minutes

as possible without going over so you

will not want to go over at the time

even by a hair don't even go one second

over so anything that is going to off

top prevent you from being qualified

you're going to want to avoid doing that

and a lot of times people just simply

don't read the rules or your video or

your essay is entirely too short and it

makes it seem like you didn't put a full

amount of effort in if they're gonna

give you them on a time you need to

figure out what to do to fill that time

the third tip is to answer the question

answer it plain and simple do not try to

dance around the question or to answer

it in some fancy way to the point where

they don't even really understand what

your answer is

most of these contests come with a

prompt that they are going to want you

to answer so make sure you are very

clear with your answer the fourth thing

is you need to tell a story this is the

part where you really can get the upper

hand on a lot of other contestants

because some people will only answer the

question and they won't really go into

much depth on the why or how if you

understand that from a judge's

perspective if I'm giving you ten grand

to win something I want to know who you

are because this is a very small amount

of time for

it's a trust that I can give you this

prize and you are going to do what you

say you're going to do with it so the

more that you can reveal yourself be

vulnerable in bees really tell a

compelling interesting engaging story

the better position you are in and this

is the only thing that you have that's

unique to you you know you may have

access to a fancy camera or you may be a

great writer but the thing that you have

that no one literally no one else has is

your story so you're you definitely want

to capitalize on interweaving your story

in there some kind of way I don't care

what how crazy the prompt is it can be

what superhero was your favorite

childhood superhero you need to answer


it could be Superman but then you need

to tell them why when you were five you

thought you were Superman and how your

daddy a Superman to you and blah blah

blah like you need to give it some

substance because that is what they want

the second part of this point is to

think of what everyone else is gonna do

or say and then try your best to not do

that this is gonna give your entry a lot

more uniqueness and it's gonna really

capture the judges attention and their

interest so for example for me I did the

keeper Foundation video was all about

eliminating distracted driving and about

90 to 95 percent of the videos where all

of these like distraught like car

crashes so like they would do like this

intense like car crash scene and like

someone died or all these statistics on

how people like how many people died

from distracted driving which is true

and it's heartbreaking and I just didn't

want my video to do that I wanted to

give people a different perspective and

hope when it came to getting in your car

so for mine I got a text message and I

looked at it and then my future flashed

in my head like I saw myself getting

married then I saw myself having a baby

and I saw myself buying the hop my first

house and then it left went back and I

the phone dinged again and I was like I

clicked it off and I said like your

future is waiting for you

or something because it's like those are

all of the things that I may not ever

get to experience if I answer this text

message so giving it some perspective

that creativity is really going to come

into play when you are answering the

context of the contest entry and you're

really going to want to give it some

good creative thought the fifth tip is

to share your impact or the impact that

winning this prize is going to make so

if they give you the opportunity to

write or if they ask you an open-ended

question for the video that gives you an

opportunity to tell them what this money

or what this prize means to you and how

you're going to use it definitely make

it very clear what that means and I like

to always share how I'm gonna pay it

forward because a lot of these

organizations don't want their prize or

money to stop with you

they want to know what greater impact

you are going to make on your community

so make sure that that's something you

include as well alright number six is

submit on time I actually always usually

submit the day that is due I just don't

like to submit things too early

especially when they go live on the page

so a lot of contests will make the video

entries go live on their website and you

can kind of see everyone who has applied

and I just don't want everybody seeing

my stuff and like trying to jack off my

creativity if I post my like two weeks

before the deadline so I usually post

closer to the deadline but you're going

to want to make sure you post on time

because if it is one second after the

deadline you are cut make sure you know

the timezone of the deadlines because

that can also jack you up number seven

is to pour your all into it do not slack

off just because this is a contest and

you haven't received the prize or you're

like oh my chances are low but I'm still

gonna apply for everything you can into

it I'm telling you guys when I have

apply for these concepts even if I apply

it the last minute I'm giving it my all

and then I just leave it all on the

table for whatever result happens but

there have been kind

where I literally like have a

videographer with me helping me because

it's just that serious and when you go

the extra mile and you make yourself

look presentable and you add that

creativity you you really like take it

to the next level those are the things

that really make your application stand

out and then number eight is to show

your personality okay this is really

what wins people over and when you think

about it just know that the people who

are watching your submission are people

okay so they like to laugh they want to

smile they want to feel something and

when you can get into the emotions of

the judges that is when you you own to

something okay so make sure you show

your personality don't feel like you

have to be so stoic or even in your

writing give it some Oh have a great

attention-grabber have a great

conclusion that ties in I added a lot of

personality into my essay but I also

always add lots of personality into my

video content so these things apply to

both whatever the contest is you're

gonna want to channel voice if you're

writing or personality if you are

talking and doing the video even if your

video quality isn't that great if you

shot it on your iPhone if you can tell a

good story and you have some personality

that is a winning combination then you

follow the rules like those are the

three tips that really means the most so

yes that is my secret sauce to applying

to contest this is literally exactly

what I did to win the contest that I've

won and I am so thankful for all the

contests that I want and you guys I'm

not stopping I'm always going to apply


because the way that I look at it is it

can take me a day or two of stress to

actually do the application and if I

don't win it it's like whatever is like

it's not that big of a deal but if I do

win it is like wow I only put two days

worth of effort into this and the reward

is so big they are definitely will worth

the time and effort but I would say make

sure you put all of these tips to

practice all right you guys if you have

any questions on video contests or any

kind of concepts and how to make your

application stand out and if you want to

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love you and I will see you on the next

one peace