how to get kicked out of your high school talent show immediately

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ginny are you prepared for some abrupt


great okay well i guess we'll just we'll

just stop then we'll just leave

some people say chaos is a ladder genie

no no some people say

chaos is a pit this chaos is a ladder no

no no no no no

he says that later after varys says his

piece of chaos is like bad

and then littlefinger says chaos

is a letter and then he walks away in


prideful stretch i say chaos is abrupt

genie that's what we're doing



kitty why it's like how can there be so

much chaos

there's one little glance over say oh i

wonder what's happening

oh my god how to make a burrito

it's going to drop it's going to smack

the cutting board it's going to launch

straight in her face

okay we've seen


even the mexican moms are like in on

this meme genie you may be able to touch

a hot pan but you can't properly roll a


someone's gonna be hearing from hr

that is abrupt the chaos like he's just

on his phone

and then suddenly leaps at the man

across the table

trying to figure out this is a real or

not it does look like genuine security


i like the resourcefulness when he grabs

keyboard like good stuff

yeah but why chicken farm during an


oh this is gonna be exciting it's gonna

be great

oh okay it kind of looks like a

swarm of cockroaches to be honest no

that's chicken

chickens are losing their hands

this clip needs audio it's just like

audio wait i just made a turkey noise so

at first it's just like

oh oh how did you do that

it makes it too well genie the ferocity

of its mixing


why why does he just shoot out dude fish

are powerful

he literally used his lamp to propel

himself like a coil that's a magikarp

trying to turn into a gyarados right


oh the whole building is about to go

down his something

eat him like i feel like something just


sucked him up from the heavens

the lord was like it is time to go

so you are needed somewhere else my


yeah aliens wants to suck them up into

their ship i wish an ali would suck me

up bruh

bruh bro can you explain that phenomena

i don't know phenomena

i know how to trigger all of your

different things

in exam my brain sells


this is tarzan this is jungle book

okay okay

all right




they're about to like bust out some

knives and start cutting each other

oh my god that's how they get lit in the

jungles junior you know how we have like

concerts and we mush pit

this is their like mosh pitting just

beat the [ __ ] out of each other with


but why are there so many people hanging

in trees

if you have a certain age and british

this will tickle your nostalgia

oh [ __ ] this thing's like taking you

down now [ __ ]

he's pretty good at it though is this a

real bird or is

this him i can't tell it's a real bird

is that a puppet

no it's a real dude the resolution is

like too shitty for me to tell like

don't make fun of me





okay that's kind of sad that's kind of

mean wait why she's like an old lady

though it's so cold i love this uh

[ __ ] asian music

meanwhile a [ __ ] hawk's like the

ladies like just

dies in the corner

nothing oh so you get hit by a truck

when you do that huh

you get isa code get izukai truckcoon

came to find your butt

brazilian dude finally saved enough

money for a moped

no no don't face it towards the lady

oh my god dude okay okay

i don't think that's that funny i feel

like he could have killed himself there

yeah he just got it too yeah i feel kind

of bad from

city of san diego's entire fireworks

show goes off at once 2012

oh my god

holy [ __ ] did they accidentally like

explode one and just triggered all of

them that probably cost like

a thousand like ten thousand dollars

junior probably more what

five hundred thousand dollars really

fireworks are very expensive yeah right

that was perfect the girl and then was

like yeah yeah that's fine

everything exploding was fun

oh it's so cute it's so small

[ __ ] that's brutal ginny [ __ ] mother


did you see he turned around and he

immediately tried to make a u-turn

you say i regret my decision i don't

know yeah he's like [ __ ]

do i look sexy as a character

yes thank you poppy yes oh

gee wait what

that was like the most friendly public

exchange in the world and then attempted


and no explanation

oh cute animals

it's funny because the horse was the one

who ran into the cat

it just triggered something and said hey

[ __ ] you

holy [ __ ] what is wrong with this horse

so this is what thou shall not pass

looks like

holy [ __ ] back the [ __ ] up people

were those trees like taped down with


dollar store tape they must be chopping

trees down over there then but that

wouldn't be legal

why would all these trees just fall like

that because the roots are deep in the

soil right so one one tree

uproots it loosens the soil which has a

high likelihood of uprooting the other

trees and the other trees

she's so smart you should be an


can you get upstairs

why did you hey oh my god he

literally reenacted all of my dreams

when i just

jump down the stairs i like how he's


i'll go down the stairs wait not good


walks down the stairs wait one [ __ ]

minute i don't recall being born as a

little [ __ ]

that's gotta be the thought process


oh that's brutal

oh she's crying dude what [ __ ] luck

on that are you kidding me like right on

the corner of the desk

why is she sitting at the corner of the

desk yeah that's actually a

really odd place it's gotta be so

uncomfortable you know why she cried

you know what's greater than the

physical pain it's the pain of dropping

your meal you've been looking forward to

yeah i was the nail in the coffin yeah

you're just like she looked at it she's


finally drew tears oh yeah the music at

the end

you did it oh

fallout 3. i'm hungry and that stupid

robot destroyed the cake

give me that sweet roll you got from old

lady palmer

whoa oh yeah we'll see about that i'm

not sure anymore

i've done that quite a bit in my day

it doesn't even faze me anymore because

i don't know how many children i've

killed in bethesda games at this point

oh my god


oh no oh

ouch last friday night

across the lot try to hold on to the

tail didn't

really get too far not alone yeah

teenage memories teacher all dreams have

meaning my dream

yeah i don't think there's any meaning

in this at all

maybe you're destined to be a meme lord

this is uh it was uh editing of the god

here jimmy

that's quite good yeah hello and welcome

back to creature watching


and creature watch is done creatures

while the dog came back to fly across

the screen yeah he straight up totaled

him right there

i love that dog just flying across the

screen at the end it's so weird hey

budgie let me get it out

hey no no no

obedient dog he even went above and

beyond he was like hold on a sec i'm

gonna give you the best hour hours

you've ever heard in your life

okay i i don't think the dog likes that

i don't know if she continued doing that

judy likes when i do that

yeah look look at me


oh wait oh oh oh okay this is

like time to have sex now that my own

wait did you notice he did it at exactly

the cat's

face area yeah why it's like my owner's

out of the picture now i can

enjoy myself yeah i thought it was like

cute i thought he was like oh no i

missed you like come back

but no this guy's a king genie

that's a [ __ ] dark souls boss isn't a

chicken wait but you don't even have

time to react he's just like

covering your everything that you know

yeah i was just waiting for the snow to

come down he's just like

i've done my job why is standing there


rain on me that lady gaga song rain

on me snow on


oh [ __ ] that's a [ __ ] demon chimney

sometimes stuck its head in it's like

excuse me what the [ __ ] japan


how is she doing that she explains yeah


curtains down how i don't want to know

how is that possible i have a question

which hole is it in right now i don't


oh god that's crazy i wonder if she did

that at a school talent show right do

you have japan a lot more accepting of

different talents than like

it is here in america all right that's

it for about


wow that was so abrupt ginny thank you

so much for watching we'll see you next

time peace