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hello everybody I'm your produce guide

and today by viewer request we're going

to talk about pineapples

now pineapples are really interesting

plant and I brought here an example of

another plant similar to and in the same

family of pineapples you can see the

pineapple is with that spikey top and

everything pineapples are from the

family bromeliads and here I'd brought a

bromeliad flower that I bought down at

the store and you can see it's got these

leaves that kind of stick up and then

one single flower stem that grows right

right in the center of that plant will

the pineapples are the same way they

grow exactly like that this spiky plant

grows up and the pineapple fruit sits on

the very top of the plant now that

sounds like it's easy to go and harvest

but those those plants have got all

these spikes madam's so it is kind of

treacherous pineapples we always think

of Hawaii with pineapples but they're

actually an import to Hawaii they're

native to Brazil and a lot of these are

grown in fact these pineapples are

believed are grown in Costa Rica today

so let's talk about how to tell a ripe

pineapple and in order to do that I'm

going to have to have you come in close

okay I've got several pineapples here in

varying stages of ripeness now this one

looks really nice has a nice crown on it

but you can see that this guy is super

super green pineapples ripened remember

how they sit on top of the plant they

ripen from the bottom up so as this

green color turns to gold going up that

tells you how ripe it is now I had a

associate produce manager one time tell

me that pineapples are always right when

they pick them just the sweetness varies

so you can eat them in this form right

here in this stage and it will be just

fine it just won't be

it's sweet so let's take a look you can

see the greenness there let's look at

one of these other more ripe pineapples

now can you see that difference there

the green versus the gold now you look

at the top and the top looks dried out

and not real pretty but the fruit is in

great shape now I had to buy these

pineapples at different stages or

different times I've had this one this

one is the most recent purchased right

here and this one I bought all about a

week ago and have had it out and it is

ripen you can see that now sometimes

people some folks I know that told me of

course because it pineapple ripens from

the bottom up you can get gravity to

work for you a little bit you just twist

off the top of that pineapple and set it

on your counter upside down and then

gravity will help pull the sugar and

ripen it a little bit faster I'm not

sure if that's true or not but I've

heard that several times so we're going

to go with that also just a little tip

if you're buying pineapples by the pound

why would you want to pay for this I

purchased all these pineapples they were

all a single price and not by the pound

if you're paying by the pound

grab that pineapple and when the produce

guy is not looking twist it off throw

that part away and take this up to the

cash register there's a little money

saving tip for you

pineapple by the pound well there it is

that's how to tell how a pineapple is

right and sweet

so if you're purchasing a pineapple have

an event that you're looking forward to

having a fresh pineapple at be sure to

go to the store several days in advance

pick one up and let it ripen on your

counter even twisting off the top and

turning it upside down we sure

appreciate you viewing our videos and

thanks again to those subscribers who

suggested that we do a profile on

pineapples in our next video

go ahead and show you how to break one

down and it's very user friendly you'll

be able to break it down and use use the

fruit in a variety of ways thank you so

much I am a produce guy and always

remember fresh is best