How to NOT Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People

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this video is gonna make you look good

next time you have to speak in front of

people what's up guys I'm Clark Clark

Kegley comm and I wanted to take this

time today to talk about something that

ranks on the top 10 fears most people

have what do you think those top 10

fears are what he thinks the highest up

there is it spiders might be is a class

true phobia might be Heights might be

one that ranks higher than even death

itself and all those we just mentioned

public speaking three-fourths of people

report a fear some fear of public

speaking speaking in front of people 75%

of people would rather get bit by a

spider in a small space really high up

and maybe die then speak in front of an

audience now what's the problem here

most of us you and I we're gonna find

ourself at some time or another speaking

in front of a group of people maybe this

is a class maybe this is a group of

colleagues and we're presenting maybe

this is a job interview that you have

maybe it's a toast at an event or a

wedding whatever it is you're gonna have

a time where you have to get up and

speak in front of people and I don't

claim myself as a public speaking expert

by any means but I've learned a lot

along the way I've given public speeches

in front of audiences of hundreds of

people I've had podcasting or did public

speaking that got millions of downloads

I've done over 500 of these videos that

are essentially public speaking but I

still get nervous whenever it turns

camera on there's a bit of nerves that

go through me never I get up on stage

there's still those nerves that come

you're still gonna be nervous

you can't get rid of it completely but

you can reduce it using these five tips

let's get into them now tip number one a

lot of times we get nervous when we

speak in front of people because we're

thinking of it as you speaking to 500

people that's not the case what you're

really doing is speaking to one person

500 times every single one of those

people is just a person-to-person

interaction if you could talk to them

one-on-one you can talk to them in a

group of 500 tip number two slow down

the average speaking pace is around 110

to 150 words per minute now most people

when they get on stage they go they go

off they go 200

words per minute I mean it's nuts I was

taking a public speaking course in

University and that was the number one

thing the professor how to film

ourselves and then look at speaking

pieces and it was insane people would

get up there and I was like they're a

Roger Robert given a presentation I'll

only slow down take a few deep breaths

before you go on you're not in a race

against the clock and if you are then

you have too much information simplify

it take a few deep breaths it's gonna be

okay try and minimize the caffeine you

have before you go on I find that tends

to make me really double or triple pace

whatever it is I'm talking about

so minimize caffeine take a few deep

breaths try and get that sweet spot of

110 150 words per minute and you'll be

all set point number three structure

what this does is when you get up there

and say I want to give you the three

things I'm talking about today give him

a little bit of a preview of it

it's gonna give your audience benchmarks

to hit every time you hit these

benchmarks they're gonna feel like

they're making progress in your speech

which is gonna make them more engaged

don't go up there and say the 34 things

I'm talking about today is that's

overwhelming say you know anywhere from

three to seven things is a good number

to talk about point number four act as

if why do we get nervous I'm willing to

bet it's because you and I picture

things going wrong going poorly getting

laughed off the stage we're getting

rejected out of date getting not getting

the interview job saying we're under

qualified whatever it is we're getting

nervous because we really want the

outcome and we see it going bad in our

mind flip that right now see it going

better than it is get excited about the

possibility what if you went into the

job interview thinking you already had

the job not being cocky but that sense

of confidence that that makes you way

less nervous doesn't it

what if you went on the date thinking

the person was already gonna love you

way less nervous what if you got on

stage thinking about the people who

would come up to you after and say you

know great speech phenomenal speech I

learned a lot picture things going well

project that in your mind before you go

on or give that speech and that'll

really help combat those kind of

automatic negative thoughts that's

totally normal that we

have before we speak point number five

one book I absolutely love is how to win

friends and influence people by Dale

Carnegie believe it came out in the 40s

this is the book that Warren Buffett

says is one of the best investments he

made of all time

billionaire runs Berkshire Hathaway

other great resources feel free to flip

through this channel I'll link up some

videos on confidence and communication

that we've gone over if you like these

tips and you want more of them that's it

those are my top 5 tips for how to not

get nervous speaking in front of people

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have a bonus in a book I put out called

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specifically for YouTube yes but I

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