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hi everyone welcome to talentsprint

my name is Sir mister and I'm here to

give you your daily dose of job skills

in today's video we are going to focus

on few sentences for group discussions

now what is a group discussion it is one

of the elimination round

in the interview process where 8 to 12

participants speak about a given topic

now when you speak about a given topic

you have to discuss your opinions using

certain sentences you have to make sure

that you are always professional while

discussing about the topic so today we

are going to look into certain sentences

you can use to give out your opinion to

disagree with participants or agree with

participants there so let us look into

it one by one the first one is

initiation you can definitely go ahead

and start initiating the topic in case

you are strong with the content so if

you're strong with the content you can

start your initiation by defining the

main term in the topic there you can

also initiate by stating certain facts

if you are aware of that but make sure

that your facts are very accurate when

you are initiating you can use the terms

like in my opinion or you can also say

that in today's world and so on so this

is how you initiate a particular topic

of a group discussion the second one is

when you agree to a participant


then you agree with the participant the

sentences that you can use are I agree

with my friend or I do feel the same as

my friend thinks you're completely right

I second you on that opinion I too feel

the same

these are the few sentences you can use

while you agree with a person the next

one is disagreeing with a person when

you disagree with a participant make

sure you do not be very aggressive

control your emotions but at the same

time be energetic so what are the

sentences you can use just the opposite

of what we have used for agreeing for

example you can say I did not or I can't

support your point of view you can also

use I oppose your point of view the

other things you can use I think

differently or I have a different

opinion on that these are the few

sentences you can use now for example if

the person has given a particular fact

which is not right you can also use this

particular sentence like I am afraid

that's not right moving on to the next

one is interruption it's very important

that you interrupt a person if the

person is elaborating a particular main

point too much so how do you interrupt

the person simply by saying sorry I wish

to interrupt you there sorry to

interrupt you there so add a sorry in

front of the sentence so that the person

doesn't mind you interrupting him or her

the next one is when you partially agree

with a person


you can simply say I agree with you to

some extent but and so on you continue

with your topic you can also use your

right however and so on these are the

few statements you can use to partially

agree with a person you may also want to

add few points at times so when you wish

to add a few points you can say you're

correct to that I would like to add some

points or in additional to that and you

add a few points that so these are the

few things you can use in different

phases of the group discussion for

initiating agreeing disagreeing

interrupting partially agree and adding

few points I hope you have enjoyed the

video and you will use these sentence

starters in your next group discussions

thank you for watching us we shall come

up with more such videos on job skills

that will help you to improve your

interview skills and hey do not forget

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