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please to read a person through this

eyes people say that the eyes are a

window to the soul that they can tell us

much about a person just by gazing into

them know how I is looking up when a

person looks upwards they are often

thinking in particular they are probably

making pictures in their head and thus

may well be an indicator of a visual

thinker looking upwards and to the left

can indicate recalling a memory looking

upwards and the right can indicate

imaginative construction of a picture I

looking up but head down head lowered

and eyes looking back up at the other

person are a coy and suggestive action

as it combines the head down of

submission with eye contact of


it can also be judged mental especially

when combined with a frown

I is looking down looking at a person

can be an act of power and domination

looking down involves not looking at the

other person which hence may be a sign

of submission it can also indicate that

the person is feeling guilty in many

cultures where I contact is a root or

dominant signal people will look down

when talking with others in order to

show respect eyes down looking left

looking down and to the left can

indicate that they are talking to

themselves looking down and to the right

can indicate that they are attending to

internal emotions

looking sideways much of our field of

vision is in the horizontal plane so

when a person looks sideways

they are either looking away from what

is in front of them or looking towards

something that has taken their interest

lateral movement is moving from side to

side can indicate shiftiness and lying

as if the person is looking for an

escape route in case they are found out

lateral movement can also happen when

the person is being conspiratorial as if

they are checking that nobody else is


gazing looking at something shows an

interest in it when you look at

something then others who look at your

eyes will feel compelled to follow your

gaze to see what you are looking at this

is a remarkable skill as we are able to

follow our gaze very accurately

if after locking is a person of the

opposite sex keeps looking at the eyes

then it may be love if the I slide down

over the body then it is more likely to

be lust recognize a liar people who are

lying may look away more often as they

feel guilty when looking at others

however when they know this they may

over compensate by looking at you for

longer than usual this also helps them

watch your body language for signs of

detection uneven eye contact

distribution if a person likes you

then he will look at you more often in

other words if you were in a group then

the person who likes you will give you

the lion's share of eye contact while

looking less at the other people around

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