Mind Control Skills: Face Reading How To Read Anyone Instantly Through Body Language Psychology

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all right welcome to the first day of

the rest of your life all right well I

think you guys know who I am and yes I

brought my little red wagon and I


you know many years ago not many - I did

it I did a training in this room called

erotic hypnosis made easy it was a

nightmare not because of the content

because of the room see these low

ceilings they tend to press down on your

the energy coming up and so it makes you

kind of it's hard to get your energy

level up sometimes how do people fall

asleep in a neurotic hypnosis class I

don't know but we had that going on so I

specifically requested never use this

room again so much for negation anyway

so today we're going to be talking about

face reading how to read people's faces

and know things about them that

sometimes even their best friends don't

know and they may not want you to know

you know a lot of you are familiar with

my work on youth oh man we gonna can we

fix this it's a little bit leave a

scream just all everybody should have a

TJ so for those of you who ever dream of

being a presenter see the man in pink

he'll make you sound good okay perfect

so people some people asked me who who

attended the face reading program last

year I know I just opened a loop but

you'll have to deal with that god that's

bright okay some people asked me last

year or this year who attended my face

reading last year if I was gonna do the

same stuff No

a couple of a couple administrative

details for those how many of you is

this your first time in a class with me

raise your hand okay cool I'm sorry

all right off the bat is no anyway so a

couple of things if politically

incorrect language colorful metaphors

swearing or the word boobies offends

anyone probably not the best use of the

next two hours for you my intention is

never to offend anyone although

sometimes that's inevitable but I do

kind of be very provocative in the way I

speak and the reason for that is a it's

fun for me and B it also tends to help

you find your demons so to speak so if I

say something else then you have this

normally emotional response it's a

signal that that's something that needs

to be explored for you okay I'm just

putting that out there this means yes

this means no there will be a test okay

this means I know the answer this means

I don't this means oh [ __ ] I hope he

doesn't call on me next right if this is

the scope and I do this with every

training but it's true especially with

this one if this is the scope of

everything there is to learn about the

art and science of face reading and

Chinese face reading specifically we

have time for this so I commit mentalis

rabbit-hole and point you in the

direction of where to go to take the

next step if that's something you feel

you want to do is that is that fair

is that a fair trade excellent now those

are all with all but a few of you have a

handout the handouts are so you can

follow along with what we're doing you

are not allowed to reproduce these okay

these are taken from my teachers my

teacher Lily and bridges book face

reading in Chinese medicine we did have

copies but they also doubt during the

pre conference lily and Brigitte my

teacher Lillian bridges is the world's

leading authority on Chinese face

reading and she's uh her father was an

ex-cia agent her mother is Chinese and

and she was taught through her lineage

going back several hundred years and


we being courted by two security

agencies one of which begins with CIA to

actually bring her face reading systems

into into the intelligence field she's

torn about doing it because she's afraid

it's gonna be misused I said too late

because if the CIA wants your stuff if

you're not gonna give it to them they'll

find someone else who will

so at least if you if you say yes then

at least you can control to a certain


you know how it's delivered and how it's

disseminated the other one I think is it

is in Canada but I don't know what to

which security agency that is Lillian is

so good she can look at your face and

tell you your myers-briggs profile yeah

the woman radiates an energy that will

just melt your heart and make you love

her instantly I've never met a woman who

has this kind of an effect on people

that wasn't a supermodel but anyway it's

a different kind of love trust me when I

for those who don't know I have a

license I'm a licensed acupuncturist in

the state of California I have a

master's degree in oriental medicine

I'm currently have one whole class left

in my doctorate program and then I'll

get my doctorate in oriental medicine

from Pacific College of Universal

oriental energy they totally off the red

bull before class I have a degree black

belt in the martial arts I've been doing

martial arts that have an energetic

basis to them for almost 40 years I

spent a lot of time reverse engineering

a lot of the things that people finger

just legends and myths and trying to

find out what is actually the truth

behind the myth and we managed to

reverse-engineer off a lot of cool stuff

like that so I thought I knew an awful

lot and I was what are the number two

NLP trainer in the world last 3 years in

a row by global gurus calm so yeah I've

been certifying and training people have

off over 15 different products on

various forms of human influence

everything from sexuality and

relationships all the way up to advanced

sales and sales tactics and actually

yeah I consult with personal injury

attorneys on how to influence juries and

things like that so when I went into the

Pacific College symposium 6er sets it's

going on probably six years ago I

thought I was pretty smart

I thought I'd seen just about everything

there was to see

and then Lillian starts talking about

markings in the face and I'm like my

Snider sense started tingling I'm like

oh my god

hypnotists need to know this now and

even if you're not a hypnotist you're

just interested in understanding people

better you need to know this but one of

the the most exciting and simultaneously

frustrating things about face reading

when I went to the trainings cut me a

few years to get to the trainings

actually was that this stuff is

amazingly accurate at diagnosing

personality lifestyle trauma history

personality temperament they use it in

in matchmaking they use it in sex for

sexual compatibility training they use

it in business to figure out what kind

of a personality type you need for a

specific job it's used extensively in

the Orient it's used in jury selection

Oh in Asia but it's all diagnostic

mostly which means you get to talk about

their problems but you don't actually

get to fix them which to me is like

because if you know me if I see a

problem I got to fix it

right so I went through like six weeks

out of four five weeks of intense

training everybody's pointing out

problems everybody's pointing out stuff

and I'm not allowed to fix any of it

right I lasted about three days then I

just start grabbing people and pulling

off the side and fixing them

now I Lillian calls me a wizard now

because I just point at you and it goes

away but there is a therapeutic

component just to the face reading and

that's one thing I want to share with

you because when they took when Lillian

first told me about this I did not

believe that I'm actually quite a

skeptic with a lot of stuff I'm kind of

guy come from the kind of show me school

right and so that's how I trained my

hypnotist like hypnosis anytime anywhere

for any reason under any circumstances

and we we are documented as having an

entire class of students doing deep

level therapy work in a hotel lobby

under renovations right next to an

active deck jackhammer right hundred

percent success rate all right because

you don't need quiet you just need a

good state control right

so with this what an interesting thing

that happens it's a vibrational I call

it Chinese vibrational psychotherapy so

if you think if you can think of it as a

as a form of energy psychology and

there's a transformation that happens to

the practitioner when they go through

the training I don't know if it's just

something unconsciously that Lillian

does if these spirits are going you have

been anointed my friend I don't know but

when you start to unpack a facial

feature and you reframe it and resolve

it the marking goes away oh yeah same

way all right I didn't believe it either

I didn't believe it either on the last

day of every training they bring people

in off the street just random people and

they take it before picture person does

the face reading and they take an after

picture and the faces are different same

lighting same wall same everything right

first time that happened to me I was

like it's just it's amazing right so I

taught a three-day face reading in

Chinese medical hypnotherapy last year

which is a hybrid class it combines our

energy therapy techniques if you came to

speed healing on on Friday with the

Chinese with the Chinese stuff and

people's faces were changing left and

right right the students were how many

were in that class raise your hands how

many people had a face change from the

start to the finish all right that

admits it right okay people were going

out and just doing some cool stuff so

for us as hypnotists as therapists this

is something that is tremendously useful

it has well over 3,000 years of

observational science behind it now we

shouldn't confuse this with some of the

more the modern facial reading stuff

like micro exposures how many people are

familiar with Paul Ekman's

micro-expressions okay this is not about

that directly micro-expressions are

moments where we try to suppress an

emotion and they sneak out right you

understand that rage grief anger or

whatever this if you want to think about

it as a corollary is actually the

consequence of a lifetime of


okay so what I'm going to do is we're

going to start where I start every class

with understanding what is immediately

the most important things that you can

go out and start reading today if we can

we'll have you break up into groups and

maybe do some readings on each other

then what I'd like to do is I'd like to

actually translate or transition through

some of the other ways of looking at the

face and then I'd like to end if Ike if

we have time with some specific

applications for the business world we

call it the five-minute face reading

we'll talk about the key features to

look at what things to unfortunate that

stuff isn't in your manual I didn't have

time to collate it but these are things

that you can just start to look at but

the emot-- the the emotional map to me

is the most immediately useful

representation for what we do and if you

want to gain a profound influence over

another human beings neurology read

their face because an interesting thing

happens is that when you express

knowledge about somebody that they

couldn't possibly know any other way you

generate a level of authority in their

world that causes them to view you as

their if the authority in their life on

everything which means they become hyper

suggestible and hyper compliant to you

now for what we do do that is a

tremendous tremendous power to have and

it takes us from the realm of cold

reading to the realm of warm read and

we're actually instead of making gross

generalizations and guesses about what's

going on with that person we actually

know and don't be surprised when you

start doing this out in the field you go

to somebody say what happened when you

were five and they burst out in tears

because every time you have a trauma it

marks it marks in a slightly different


the Chinese looked at can you guys see

this okay if not you have your your

sheet okay the Chinese anytime you see a

horizontal marking across an area you're

seeing the now the analogy of a crack in

the riverbed you know when a river is

running and it dries up the cracks go

everywhere this is kind of how that

works the Jack the Chinese look at the

face like an ecosystem with mouth

and valleys and rivers and lakes so they

call this area the river of life and

that's one of the primary places that we

look at for general health and lifestyle

and Constitution we're not going to be

paying as much attention to the

lifestyle and Constitution part we will

be talking about traumas a bit though

and we'll be talking about when people

have certain types of emotions that

predominate within them these are the

places they mark for those emotions we

have over 3,000 years of observational

science that this is what happens in the

vast majority of cases now keep in mind

like any system there will be exceptions

to the rule when you're seeking to learn

influence and profiling you can't focus

on the exceptions to the rule first you

have to focus on the commonalities and

the generalities first otherwise you get

law you you you actually get overwhelmed

much more quickly okay so what I'm gonna

do is we're gonna start from the upper

right hand corner we're gonna work

clockwise we're gonna go from scepticism

to transformation okay and then we'll

end we will start with the center with

the 12 o'clock position which is not on

it's at the top of your sheet hold on

say this has got irritation annoyance

and impatience but I want to start which

is what I have a lot so let's start with

skepticism skepticism when people are

chronically skeptical in its big part of

their nature you're going to see a line

right here around the islands anybody

have those maybe what would you got a

little bit

no you're good you got some he's got

some pigment he's a lawyer I'm writing

okay you got a little bit you got you

got any wings Botox will paralyze the

muscle so the reco goes away and so that

part won't move so you have to look at

other things we recommend that you avoid

injecting neurotoxins into your body not

just because the obvious local effect

but we gotta remember something about

that about Chinese medicines each of

these areas of the body in addition I'm

teaching you in a more westernized

approach but every part of the face

corresponds to an organ system in your

body which corresponds to an energy or a

vibrational continuum that has certain

effects if you're coming to the

vibrational influence three-day post I'm

doing tomorrow you will understand this

intimately if anybody's interested we

may have a few seats left see Stephanie

if after this you decide you want to go

rep further down the rabbit hole cuz

we're gonna do a bunch with this and

then we're gonna go even more into how

to manipulate these energies and do

really cool things with sound and make

people heavier lighter turn water into

wine you know you know this is the basic

stuff right so well because I because I

want you guys interactive what I'd like

to do is I'm gonna take I'm gonna try

and do this in like groups of five I'm

gonna tell you teach you five traits out

of shot and then I want you to break up

into we got how many people in this room

okay so here's what I'd like to again

this room is gonna be hot it's gonna get

oppressive so here's what I'd like us to

do when I break you up into groups go

out into the hall go out into the

library into the lobby specifically

cluster around the front desk just

saying if you might find yourself there

waving these things around and reading

random people's faces that might you

know send a message

what I'd like to do is I like to go in

groups of five or six will show you the

traits we'll have you break up into

groups and you'll read each other then

you'll come and by the way how many

people know how to handle a Bree actions

and know how to do a reframing okay if

you know how to handle add reactions and

do reframing and somebody just goes

reframing but um vent and then reframe

it right because what happens is when

you do a face reading you don't I'm

teaching a very systematic approach it's

actually quite intuitive once you know

what all the gestures mean is when

you're talking to somebody you you focus

on the first thing that jumps out like

him he hit his seat of the stamp which

is right here it's huge which means he's

had good experiences with people in

power he's learned how to get along in

corporate environments true not true

right it just his third eye effect wide

open right he's got really good eyebrows

you see a little sign up for this is

it's it's in here it's in the business

section of your thing we'll see how they

kind of come up and then down he thinks

about things for a while that makes a

business decision and then he just acts

on the decision people who are very

impatient they're like ready fire aim

there are other eye bogos don't that's a

straight up right these people like the

light turns yellow or green or red or

whatever and they're just like their

current they're tramping on the

accelerator train that's not him okay

his eyebrow is actually a little bit

longer than his eyes so he casts

actually has he catch it has energy for

friends me I have almost no eyebrows so

I [ __ ] hate people

one last thing you wouldn't know it

right this is something you'll be able

to play with later this is called the

pen test not to be confused with the

version by Neil Strauss but anyway you

see how deep-set his eyes are okay if I

place a pen here

close your eyes open your eyes he's very

much an introvert yeah when you when you

can I may be getting this wrong but I

was told that if you have if you can

open your eye that makes your more

introverted and what that means

necessarily daddy hah that he doesn't

like people but he's very much into his

thoughts he's very contemplative he's

got a lot of water energy alright if you

give if for if for example ya come see

uh let me have a look I'm your sweetie

I'm just going off on a tangent here

okay another introvert okay I'm trying

to find like maybe I got it backwards

cuz I'm an introvert and I can't open my

[ __ ] eye but do you see how with me

so switch that I got it I was Lex Dixit

for a moment okay all right all right so

and I know she is right so I started

forgive me I got that backwards

introvert extrovert right so these are

just little little things right and and

it goes to the water element in your

body we're gonna stay up we're gonna do

our best for the sake of this training

to stay away from this concept of

elements because most people that

everything about the Chinese medical

system the way I was taught it

presupposes and a background in Chinese

medicine yes

so I am to medical esthetics so as women

we do Botox Restylane I brought it to a

lot of other things feelers so how that

will affect the normal process of

attributes about it I don't think it

will affect I don't think it will affect

anything immediately but if you do it

over a period of time I think it most

probably will to some degree affect the

organ systems and the energy systems

connected to that feature I'll tell you

a real quick story I was gonna do it

when we got to jaw bones but I'll just

tell it now someone with a really really

big strong jaw has a lot of the wood

element they're usually very very driven

there that's wood energy is to get it

done energy contrast that with fire

energy which is like you can always tell

a fire person because as soon as they

get home from work there's a trail of

clothing leading from the door to their

bedroom is they're all over the place

what people like but the wood energy is

like is is is geared towards athleticism

they they're very physical very

goal-oriented driven people not that

other elements can't be goal oriented

but the strength of the wood element

really is designed for athletes soldiers

things like that there was this one once

client that Lillian had who had this

huge you know these guys with these

massive cro-magnon jaws right they're

usually really strong really terrifying

to look at sometimes right and he was

like on a fast track to a copper to an

NFL career he would they recruited him

from college or from high school to to

play college ball full scholarship and

as a high school graduation present his

mom got in plastic surgery remove his

big chunk of that bone from the job as

he looked he didn't look he wanted they

wanted he was very self-conscious about

it he lost his ability to play football

now this was before they knew they'd

gone to William he lost his ability to

play football so adding things isn't it

doesn't seem to be quite as bad as we're

moving things like if you go in and you

get a big chunk of bone remove that bone

is is part of your

your fuel source for whatever talents or

skills or abilities that you have okay

and so you want to be very very careful

I'm not saying don't do it when and it

will change it will change you will

change you fat just for hulis sake and

for you guys when I open when I was

training half the class half the class

that I was with or acupuncturist the

other half were s tested estheticians so

so you may want to incorporate this into

your and you may actually when you're

giving people suggestions about what

shape to take right if you want somebody

who to be a little bit more precision

oriented a little bit more finesse e a

little bit more finicky have give them a

very streamlined nose if you want

someone to be a little bit more

pioneering look how far the nose extends

from the face itself we call that a

Pioneers nose okay the further out it

extends the more these people need to be

entrepreneurial alright okay okay useful


that's just the stuff they do off the

top of my head we're not even on the

list yet alright so skepticism lines

first second thing we're gonna look at

is joy now joy comes in in two varieties

classic joy starts at the outer canthus

and it circles up to about the eyebrow

just right at the eyebrow tip that's

about the average joy line when this

line starts to travel higher your move

you start moving into what we call mania

or hyperactive what's that what's that

what you say

use your fault just turn the camera

around right Yeah right

but yeah so you can go you can see a

prime example of mania hyperactivity by

just watching the annual public State of

the Union address

people like this tend to stay up and be

tweeting at 3 o'clock in the mornings

they're a little maniacal but when you

see one if you get clients who are

bipolar or ABV especially their older

check out these lines chances are

they're marks

hi hi sadness is the inverse sadness

again starts at the outer campus and

begins to descend to about to about here

these will be deep if you got clients

suffering from grief you'll see way

beyond this but it just goes to about

here when it starts to go longer we

start moving into what we call sorrow

right so you think about it as acute

well uh chronic really bad like

internalized okay so when it starts

coming down the I this is by the way

this is the lung area on your face so

you guys know if you guys have ever

treated any any lung issues there's

almost always some kind of grief

involved right sadness gravitates to the

lungs sadness sorrow and grief sorry

I've got that wrong sadness sorrow grief

are all Continuum's of intensity and

repression right so if you've got

someone who lost a spouse or a mate or a

loved one five six years ago and they're

still grieving I mean like visibly

grieving and just can't get past it you

might you may see these lines here okay

and if you if you talk about them they

may start to AB react which to me is not

a bad thing because it's it triggers a

venting process okay in my world AB

reactions are not abnormal emotional

responses generated by the client

they're normal emotional responses that

freak out the hypnotist

all right my our people are trained to

go searching for AB reactions because

it's the clothes it's the fastest route

to the problem and most of the time that

energy just needs to be vented right now

you still as a hypnotist need to be in

control the session and make sure your

clients safe but you need to manage the

AB reaction not put the genie back in

the bottle and hope it goes away

understand the difference okay so these

thing and when you start telling people

about these things they start to go

you're a witch doctor right but they

will start to become very very very

suggestible and compliant to you we can

look at pictures but let's just get

through these first okay so it starts on

a continue we have joy sadness sorrow

grief so right about the filter when you

start and you'll see this a lot you see

this a lot interestingly I don't get as

much grief from anybody but um I don't

get as much grief clinically as I do

anger resentment bitterness shame guilt

those kinds of things it's just most of

what I get is very very trump

trauma-related which may have agree for

a sorrow component but it's usually

anger and fear and rage and some of the

other stuff but I'm that's just me right

now okay so humor this is kind of fun if

you've got a little line in your lip it

sent it indicates you have a good sense

of humor both in terms of getting jokes

and telling them right one of the one of

my favorite pastimes when I'm watching

television is I read their lips and I

look home I'll bet she's funny offset

right or he's funny offset or whatever

it's a little line right down the center

I don't know what would happen if you

surgically put one in if you know

somebody who just tells really bad jokes

it never seems to get yours yeah go see

Voula anyway

I think you alright

bitterness you see this a lot with

cancer patients see us a lot with cancer

patients internalize bitterness

resentment there are little lines right

down here they a lot of these don't

normally manifest till after about I

have noticed especially with my clinical

demographic that a lot of these things

first of all we don't start manifesting

a lot of the pathology the pathological

aspects of disease you know the

bitterness the rage the trauma the fear

a lot of these we have a pretty good

tolerance of until we hit about thirty

five ish and we've kind of hit our limit

and then we start to manifest chronic

illness symptoms and the studies are

there that 80% or more of chronic

illness is related to early adverse

childhood experiences there was a study

did like 10 or 15 years ago and it's

still it's still valid today they've

traced the epidemiology of things like

Parkinson's and cancer and most grossest

not to mention drug addictions and stuff

like that to adverse childhood

experiences okay so that's this is where

we live is hypnotists right this is what

we clean up and so but I think the body

has a certain tolerance each of you it's

unique based on you what Chinese call

your Jing or your Constitution but I

think about 35-ish that you start

hitting your limit and we start to break

down because our stem cells are no

longer reproducing at the same rate we

can't keep those emotional bundles of

energy in check okay

so that's why the vast majority of our

clients tend to be about 35 ish or over

using about 45 50 60 that's when we're

start to really feel the effects of

these debilitating and most toxic

emotions right we can start reading the

face we may be able to preempt a lot of

that but if you do a facial Invitational

marking inventory at the beginning of

your session you may notice at the end

of your session your clients face is

significantly different okay and if you

demonstrate these things with a client

they'll pass every suggest ability test

you give them okay

yes hold on so the line here can change

if their demeanor and attitude and oh

yeah the base of it the reason I asked

that is that I went through a really

rough time the last couple years and our

last year with some family things and I

noticed that some lines that disappeared

off my face and at my age are usually

getting them okay oh you actually the

more you engage in the face reading

process the younger you'll get facially

well it was interesting and it was like

I tribute it to the product I was using

but maybe not there's probably an

attribution effect to that book well I

have I like I just we just did a I'm a

golden path facilitator and I'll talk

about golden path otherwise because if I

start talking about golden path that's

all you want to know about but one of

the things that that Lillian shows she

should like her assistant Kelly who's

been with her now for ten years we have

before and picked after pictures of

Kelly when she started face reading and

how she looks now and 80% of her

wrinkles are gone because she's been

doing the unpacking you said the

business lines are common and cancer

patients cause or effect yes Chinese

medicine is cyclic all if you if you if

you go in there and dig something you'll

probably wind up feeling more bitter

especially towards the person who did it

to you okay but usually that's if you

for this you want to think of it as an

effect it's it's it's a it's the effect

rather than the cause but it's a marker

that you can use especially if it jumps

out at you and that's what I was trying

to get at early when I say it's

intuitive when you look at somebody what

ever facial feet like his eyebrows just

jumped out at me and is and he's got a

very open third eye right that's what

you talked about like Darrin may look at

David and and then focus on his nose or

his literary around his mouth right and

that's what you talk about first there's

a we talked about those of you who've

been to killer charisma and killer

influence we talked about the Bluetooth

synchronization right talk about how the

proprioceptive neurology lines up well

the minute I look at you as a face

reader that sync happens and now I start

getting the information and I'm

intuitively drawn

to the facial feature that most eyes

most open to being influenced by me that

makes sense if you're a psychic as a

brick you just go around the clock

that's being systematic as opposed to

intuitive and human beings prefer

systems so when I start we stew our

certifications we're doing it in a way

that's specific to how Westerners think

who don't so you don't need a background

in Chinese medicine so you can get out

from the training and to start reading

people and if you want to come back

later on and do the classic old

energetics and things like that then

we'll teach you that stuff too but I

think for right now we just need to know

what these cues mean not whether it's a

wood energy or a fire energy although

this stuff is really cool it just

doesn't get us professed and if we can

get lost in the sauce so if we just be

very very systematic we look at the face

like a clock when we go around we want

to start to gallop or calibrate their

emotional history this tells us the

feelings they've been holding most

predominantly up to that point

understand and some of these are very

very telling all right so skepticism joy

sadness sorrow grief humor bitterness

huh depression is going to be a liver

thing you're going to see that probably

in the eyebrows usually the eyebrows

that tilt down you'll see some eyebrows

kind of go up some kind of go lateral

some go down that's usually someone

who's prone to depression oh yeah I'm

the poster child for depressive would

energy right but actually they don't go

down I use eyebrow shadow you see your

eyebrows are actually one of the most

important facial features that you have

for social interaction you ever want to

see somebody freak out shave your

eyebrows and walk around yes

is about the pigmentation after you know

people sometimes under the hormone

treatment like after they put the

microphone they use lots of a hormone

drugs in the shots and there they

haven't pregnant but they already have

this liver spots and also some people

with the birthmark on the somewhere it

accounts like yeah well actually most

birthmarks are a good thing actually

freckles freckles are a sign of extra

fire energy fire energy fire if fire

people are fun they're big they're just

happy-go-lucky party my my my my nine

year old cassia she's maybe the Chinese

term is young wah wah right it's kind of

a mixed breed kind of a thing for a

Japanese Chinese said she's got little

she's this beautiful white alabaster

like skin I don't know where she got it

from cuz I'm just the pale kid not as

pale as Scott sailin like guy who was in

the dark but anyway I can say that but

she's got these little freckles and if

you've ever seen Cassie she's like oh

she's like she never stops not just

because she's a you know a kid but she

also has this energy about her the

Chinese call it peach locked in them and

they've actually taken this concept of

charisma and divided it by the elements

so each type of there's different types

of charisma she's got a she's very much

got this fire charisma stage she just

stops traffic wherever she goes which

means I'm in deep [ __ ] when she gets old

gods that they're going on you thought

attraction and seduction as a young man

huh daughters

anybody tell you the Karma doesn't exist

[ __ ] you Darwin anyway all right so

here's what we're gonna fear the last

one I want to talk about is fear now

fear sometimes sometimes it'll be very

obvious they'll be like little dimples

in the chin like when you're done right

and sometimes it'll only be there when

they're afraid but over a lifetime

you'll see it my wife has them because

she grew up actually her first nine

months of her life was in a Chinese


her mother was arrested as a political

prisoner while she was pregnant so yeah

I have my work cut out for me for

futures right but every now and then you

can see the little dimples right we

again we can force it and if we feel

fear we'll start this is where we'll

start to activate right but if you see

them just blatantly they just jump out

at you you can pretty much guess this

guy's but this person has been holding

on to a lot of fear with that the same

thing as in a cleft chin if you saw no

no no you talk about a little divot in

the chin no that's actually quite a

different a different trait I don't know

if you'll get well it's yeah people you

ever see the John Travolta chin all

right or if you've ever watched me

myself and Irene you remember at the end

of the movie when you went and got

plastic surgery had a butt on his chin

right people have this this indentation

is dimple in the chin tend to like to be

the center of attention so you'll see it

a lot in actors public speakers teachers

things like that they have this kind of

a need for the attention it's not

necessarily a bad thing but you see it a

lot in in very dramatic personalities

okay so what I'd like us to do now is I

like us to take 15 minutes I'd like you

to break up into no more than groups of

five and I want you to just take turns

reading read at least three people and

get read three times and what you do is

is what what a lot of times when people

are first learning this and I learned

this act I learned this particular

approach from from Bart Baggett when I

was studying handwriting analysis and

actually if we get to the the three


the face there's a huge correlation I'm

finding between what's coming out what's

what what we're [ __ ] what's done in

graph analysis and the way the face is

organized it's really cool what you want

to do is you want to describe the

behavior more so than a label right

describe how that behavior might

manifest sometimes you get feel you

start you know a lot of times you feel

pretty down you know you're kind of

prone to dealing a little depressed from

something be very gentle and loving and

warm and validating with your approach

because if you walk up somebody and say

you're manic it's like that old joke you

know be careful of sitting you know

saying the word [ __ ] when you're hiking

the sizing a subject because they might

write but Lee Ann for example she's her

third eye is actually quite open but

there's been some there's been some some

loss in her life there's been some some

sad times for her right and you can see

that because you see the lines that go

down here she's had some joyful times

she's actually pretty happy but there's

been some stuff that's marked her a

little bit her kidneys are a little bit

tired all right well it's interrupts

rate on your face JB oh there's lots of

kidney areas but you want to look at the

ears for kidney energy you want to look

at the area right under the eyes yeah if

it's really late white or puffy you've

got you've got tired kidneys or or or

sometimes if they're black it could be

one of the other or sometimes you're

repressing some group some tears you

haven't shed okay so that's that's a

behavior point where you feel

I'm sorry intuition is right here right

in front of the ear these are like gills

when you when you see people with these

don't try to lie to them they're gonna

catch it I crave a treat to have as a

hypnotist right because you've got great

[ __ ] detectors Autocar your tuition

right they got a little I haven't I had

I'm so deep it good you can see through

the other side because of the things

that I do oh is a bully kid I grew up

and it was an emotionally abusive

household and I was manipulated by

anyone who could find me I mean that was

my perception at least and so it's true

but and so III developed these as a way

to protect myself and a lot of you

especially you know have them I can see

I can just by talking to you right if he

a lot of lawyers will have huge ones

right the lifestyle you lead will mark

your face

understand and as you change your

lifestyle as you change your internal

environment your face will change

because it's just a projection anyway if

you were at my speed healing class I

talked about vibration of data coming

through the nervous the the body like a

like a light through a prism and it's

refracted out well your face is a

refracted hologram and so the minute you

change the internal filters the external

projection changes that's why the face

is change because we're just Holograms

we're just solid Holograms that make

sense even if it doesn't that's how it

works right right doesn't half you don't

have to believe me for this [ __ ] to be


alright there wasn't one question over

here I saw it helps take the glasses off

just to have a clear line of sight but

what I'd like us to do is I'd like us to

take I said 15 minutes read as many

people as you can and just ask them we

well again if it gets oppressive in this

room with all that milling about so fan

out into the hallway fan out into the

common area and read people okay

where am i where am i certified face

meter where are you guys okay walk

around and help them point stuff out to

them show them how this works

you guys got 15 minutes I'm watching

back at 5 after 11 by that's 11 go