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hey guys I'm Ali and I'm the casting

director at ng M modeling I thought I

would share a few tips of what I'm

looking for in our castings and when we

have models out for auditions so one of

the first things that I look at is

actually social media accounts so one of

the things first things you should do

before even submitting to an agency is

to clean up your social media accounts

if you have things on there that are

inappropriate or that may be borderline

or don't have anything to do with

modeling it's important to clean those

things off of your social media or just

have an account that's specifically for

modeling but make sure that your social

media presence it's clean

because agencies do have an image to

maintain and it becomes a part of us as

well whatever it is that you're

portraying in your social media

next thing when you show up to an

audition or to a casting with us be sure

to show up in all black clothing that

way it's easier to just kind of take

account for each person kind of all the

same as opposed to oh this person was

wearing a red shirt or no we're not

looking for someone to stand out we want

you all to look the same so we can take

into account some other things as well

the other thing you should do is along

with wearing your all-black is to bring

some feels either wear them in or bring

them with you because this will be

important when they ask you to walk or

pose you'll want will want to be able to

see what you can do while you're wearing

heels next important thing is to bring a

comp card and not just something that

you print it off at home it's so

important to show us that you are taking

modeling see

even if you don't have a ton of

experience it is important to seek

somebody out or have some a professional

photographer make a comp card a

professional comp card for you because

that is going to make a difference for

sure with us is that we are looking for

someone who is serious about what

they're doing when you show up with

something you've printed off yourself at

home at Walmart whatever these are not

going to be taken as seriously as

someone who has taken the time and the

money to purchase and to have

professional comp cards also you will

want to be prepared to walk and pose it

is important for us to be able to see

what you know again you may come with

very little experience but take some

time you can watch some of our YouTube

videos right here and you could learn to

do some walking and some posing we're

not going to have you do anything

extensive but it is important to be able

to walk in those heels that you brought

with you and to be able to show us at

least a few poses and just be honest and

say hey I don't have a ton of experience

this is what I know or if you do have

experience then this gives you the

opportunity to show us exactly what you

can do the other thing is to come with

neutral or light very light makeup on we

don't want you to come with full makeup

full glam even if you're coming from

another job or from another audition we

don't want you to come with all that we

want to see what you actually look like

so we don't want you to come with all

this makeup covering up your face we

want to see your actual face what so

because it will help us to see what we

what projects we could use you for and

those types of things so be sure to come

with some nice light neutral makeup on

your face

next important thing I think is not to

compare yourself with others don't

compare yourself with other models that

you know are a part of an agency that

you're auditioning for um sometimes

they'll come in and say hey you know I'm

just like this person or I'm not like

this person just come in and and be

yourself because a lot of times we're

looking for people in several different

areas of modeling so not everyone that

we sign is gonna be exactly the same so

it's okay to just be who you are being

on time is really important why because

we have other things to do we have very

tight schedules and we have very full

schedules and often times on days when

we're doing auditions we have lots of

models scheduled if you're not on time

it's gonna make it very difficult to be

able to to take the time to get to know

you that we need because we a lot a

certain amount of time for each model so

it will be very difficult to get to know

each one if you show up late then we may

not even have time to see you so be sure

that you're there early or right on time

so that we're able to see you and give

you plenty of time to be able to get to

know you and you to get to know us next

you want to be prepared to answer

questions about what type of modeling

you've done and what type of modeling

you want to do so if you come with

experience it'll be good to be able this

is a great time for you to be able to

share with us what types of projects

you've done and have experience with and

there's also areas that maybe you would

like to expand into you can share a

little bit about that with us because

that gives us the opportunity to be able

to look for those particular

opportunities for you

it's okay if you don't have experience

some agencies would rather work with

models that are new so don't be afraid

to still send in an audition a submit an

audition for a time with an agency

because sometimes they are looking for

brand new brand new people and people to

be able to mold and and to teach so come

in with the attitude of being to teach

of being teachable and being able to to

learn new things and being open to new

challenges in that arena so just keep

kind of all these things in mind so

that's kind of look around 10 different

things that we're looking for that I'm

looking for at different auditions so

just keep those in mind we hope these

tips were very helpful for you for your

next audition whether it's with us at

MGM modeling or with another agency be

sure to keep these in mind because most

of the agencies do use this so we hope

you enjoyed this like comment subscribe

and we'll see you on the next video