6 Signs of a Strong Relationship

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hey psyched goers welcome back to

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secta goes mission is to make psychology

more accessible to everyone so let's

begin how much confidence do you have in

your current romantic relationship do

you think your relationship is healthy

and strong being in a romantic

relationship can be very rewarding but

it has its highs and lows Studies on

relationship patterns have identified

certain traits as positive indicators of

a strong relationship here are six signs

you have a strong relationship one you

and your partner open up to each other

some people are more private than others

even in an intimate relationship do you

struggle with trust issues and find it

hard to open up to your partner or do

you open up to them about the more

private aspects of your life because you

know they won't judge you how you and

your partner respond to each other is

another important component in a strong

relationship positive engaged responses

have been linked to stronger

relationships while neutral or negative

responses such as changing the subject

or agreeing but not supporting have been

linked to relationship instability too

you and your partner communicate well

how do you communicate with your partner

communication that is frequent and

meaningful is another sign of a strong

relationship for example texting your

partner throughout the day can help you

both feeling more connected especially

when you can't see each other every day

in each relationship communication

styles will slightly differ from person

to person but if you and your partner

are able to communicate in a way that

makes both of you feel connected and

heard this is a good indicator of a

strong relationship 3 you and your

partner resolve fights constructively

you and your partner won't always agree

on everything and that's normal how

often you and your partner fight isn't

an accurate indicator of how strong your

relationship is instead research

suggests that you should be considering


recover from and effectively resolve

your disagreement in your relationship

do you try to work things through or do

you ignore the conflict only for it to

reappear in a later argument when the

pair of you choose to address fights as

they occur and don't let an argument

spill into other parts of your

relationship in your relationship

strengthens or you're empathetic do you

feel empathy towards your partner do you

use your shared experiences to

understand where they're coming from a

study published in the journal Applied

Psychology and biofeedback found a link

between partners with constructive

conflict resolution as having higher

levels of empathy and overall

relationship satisfaction this means

that if you and your partner work to

understand each other's point of view

even if you don't agree with them you're

more likely to resolve your fights in a

healthy way

and build a strong relationship based on

mutual understanding 5 you both share a

sense of humor

do you have an inside joke that only you

and your partner understand according to

a study published in the Western Journal

of communications 92% of married couples

surveyed reported that humor was a

significant part of their married life

while some partners might value humor

more than others the use of humor has

been linked to positive feelings towards

your partner couples who are able to

laugh together may feel more connected

and better able to relate to one another

especially when you share inside jokes

and number 6 you accept your partner for

who they are you encourage each other to

grow into the best kinds of people you

two can possibly be or do you try to

change or fix things about your partner

partners who are in a strong

relationship work on changing their

thoughts about their partner rather than

trying to change their partner's

behavior or personality a study

published in the mindfulness Journal

showed a correlation between partners

who practiced mindfulness and those who

accepted their partner's flaws more

easily this same study also linked open

acceptance of your partner to

relationship security and strength how

many of these signs have you seen in

your own romantic relationships let us


the comments below it's important to

note that it takes time to build a

strong relationship and different signs

may be more or less important to

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