How to Win Any Halloween Costume Contest , (The Big 3 Secrets) Guaranteed! (almost)

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hi this is infinity I'm gonna tell you

how to win your Halloween contest this

year no money-back guarantees but this

is gonna greatly improve your chances so

how do I know so much about this well

I've been entering count win contests

for 45 years that's a long time since I

was a little kid and I've made about a

hundred unique individual Halloween

costumes by hand for me and my family

and yes I did win most of those contests

that I entered at least in some capacity

and the few that I didn't I knew in

advance that it wasn't a winning

situation for me so before I get to the

big three secrets of how to surely win

your Halloween contest

let me give you some hint hints for the

costume that you may already have or in

the process of working on if you've

already made your decision on what

you're going to be so number one is to

choose the correct contest to go to in

the first place the larger the prize the

bigger the competition so if you have a

nice costume that is nice

um going to a place where the prize is a

thousand dollars probably isn't going to

cut it those thousand two thousand

dollar prizes trips to Mexico those are

places where you have to have one of the

big three type of costumes in order to

enter so choose the contest that you're

going to according to the kind of

costume that you're wearing if you're

wearing something basic and you do want

to win um go to a contest for the where

the prize is a hundred dollars or less

and at least you're wanting something

because going to the place where it's

thousand dollars and up you're not going

to you're not gonna win unless you have

something really really phenomenal

that's for the high rollers and I'll

tell you how to be one of those high

rollers so choose your contest wisely

and also within doing that also make

sure that it's appropriate

you so if you're an adult do not enter a

contest made for children and if you're

an older adult of baby boomer or older

it's not always the best idea to go to a

contest where people are in their 20s

and 30s

likewise um if you go to a bar

restaurant that is frequented by

regulars very often management wants to

give the prize to one of their regular

customers that they see on almost a

daily basis they don't want to give it

to some outside interloper and the one

contest to avoid unless you have a lot

of very close friends is contests where

the prize is based on audience applause

those contests are almost never won by

somebody who has the best costume those

prizes are always won by whoever brought

the most friends with them and did the

most clapping the other way you could

win with that if that is your goal is

popularity and what's popularity is

anything that is scary um sometimes

things sadly pornographic things have

won for that reason things that are

politically correct or politically

incorrect things that make a bold

statement that's gonna really get the

attention of the audience it is a gamble

and the people who win that usually are

the people who just brought 20 friends

with them and said everybody better clap

for me so once you pick your contest or

contests that you're going to go to if I

usually go anywhere from between one to

ten contests a year so we're talking

over 500 contests that I've been in in

my lifetime get a sewing machine get a

sewing machine if you can't get a hold

of a sewing machine become friends with

someone who has a sewing machine and

learn how to use it it's not that hard

now we now we can learn how to do

anything on YouTube here's a sewing

machine okay they do still exist get a

sewing machine you can't just rely on

putting things

together at some point something's gonna

have to be sewn so as far as the

costumes that you're making the most

important thing is authenticity realism

and accuracy to the costume that you're

being so I'd like to point out in the

category of animals if you are going to

be an animal do not show any human skin

at all or human hair and this includes

the skin on your face and on your hands

if you look at the Broadway musical Cats

um I think that cloak play might have

closed ten or twenty years ago

um the actors all had on complete facial

makeup I don't remember what they wore

in it on their hands because it was a

long time ago do not show any human skin

so any part of your body all of your

body should be covered in some type of

clothing and your face should be

completely covered in makeup if you

don't want to put makeup on your hands I

know that's a pain wear gloves and then

if you're a mammal you can always glue

the fake claws to the gloves and that

even goes for your feet so realism do

not show any skin at all please if

you're an animal and insect anything

that just it it takes away from the

realism the accuracy and authenticity of

being animal period costumes costumes

where you are a human but you're a human

that took place in a different time

period do not have anything on you that

is of today okay your cell phone

sticking out of your pocket your your

car keys um some other modern thing is

not going to make sense if you're

dressed in Victorian garb and ladies do

not bring your pocketbook what you the

best thing to do as your pocketbook is

to make a little drawstring pouch out of

leftover material that you use to make

your costume with which is easier to do

if you have one of those and at least it

matches but don't walk around

with a pocketbook it just kills the

whole moment try to incorporate whatever

purse you need to wear as part of the

costing another good piece of advice is

when choosing the costume is to make it

appropriate for your body type so if you

are a short person you're a short guy

you're not

you shouldn't go dressed as Lou Ferrigno

as the Hult

Hulk or again you shouldn't be try to be

a tall character if you're a shorter

person or a muscular character if you're

thin or you know and vice versa if

you're a big person then you don't want

to go as something that you're better

off being petite as like like an elf

right if you're tall you don't want to

dress up as an elf it doesn't make sense

so choose a costume keeping with your

body type now really the best bit of

advice that I could give you is you when

making a standard not one of the big

three costumes but a standard costume is

have a prop I think half of the times

that I won which was which was numerous

we're talking over fifty maybe a hundred

times maybe more than that I think a lot

of the reason that I won was because of

the prop that I carried around in many

instances if I did not have the prop my

costume might have gotten yes some

compliments oh yeah that's cute your

this year whatever the other it's nice

but in so many cases it was the prop

that made me win the prize and if you're

a lady and you have this pocketbook

situation try to see if excuse me over

here he's here in my mouth try to see if

somehow the prop can be your purse if

it's a 3d prop try to see if there is an

area that you can use to put your stuff

in and it'll double as your purse any

kind of prop that you can use is always

going to add remember you only need one

hand to drink and if you're eating you

can just put the prop down on the table

while you're having your meal at the

party if you're in a situation where say

you're on crutches or you need a cane to

walk or something pick a costume where a

cane is used any kind of prop that you

can think of that goes with the costume

is going to up your check it's going to

really double if not triple your chances

of winning the exception is with if

you're an animal animals really don't

carry stuff around but do try to come up

with a prop to go with your costume so

these things alone is greatly vastly

even if you just listen to half of what

I said you're gonna double your chances

of winning at your costume contest so

finally the big three the big three

that'll definitely make you win unless

there's someone else at the party doing

one of the other big three and in that

case you'll come in second maybe third

and that's only if you're at one of the

High Roller parties where the prize is

over a thousand dollars the big three is

larger than life lights up or has

movable parts so when I say larger than

life I mean your costume is larger than

the size of a human being not human

being being you if you're 5 feet tall

and you dress up as a person that 7 feet


that's enough if you're one person and

you have one of those costumes where

you're two people

those are good now they're more and more

people doing that because costume shops

are actually manufacturing those

costumes but when I first saw it done I

think in the 1980s boy boy was it a

splash so larger than life this means if

you own a van a pickup truck and SUV or

other large vehicle that's how you're

going to get to the party a regular car

will not get a larger-than-life costume

to the party so you do need the correct

vehicle to have a larger-than-life

costume another good way is to have your

costume light up and by light up I mean

after you've already done all those


things on the list have your costume

illuminate in some capacity either all

the time or with an on and off switch

because you're going to have to have a

battery pack on you and that will get

even more attention and more kudos

especially to the judges if it

illuminates but again that's only if

you've obeyed all the other stuff and

the other big one is to have the costume

move in some way okay

almost all costumes out there are a

fixed object they're stationary if your

costume has moving parts you're you're

good to go that's pretty much it so by

moving parts I mean if you have a

costume where wings are required right

instead of the wings just sitting there

rig up a pulley system where the wings

can actually move and flap if you're a

butterfly an angel a bumblebee any kind

of moving parts um the peacock tail that

I made where it goes up and down very

popular and you can see youtube videos

for all just the past two or three years

of costumes that I made not too many

because I'm I'm new to YouTube and yes

all those costumes did win there were

some costumes if you want to you can

subscribe I only make a couple of videos

a year and you'll see on my past and

present future Halloween costumes either

there's some lighting involved some of

them not all of them movable parts some

of them not all of them again and props

I haven't done the larger-than-life

thing and yeah and I do own a minivan so

I certainly could but I just haven't

done that yet maybe another year so so

that's it so the big three secrets are

larger than life lights up and I'm gonna

put that one in third place and moveable

parts he doesn't have to be fancy the

movable parts if you know if you really

like have an engineering degree and you

could have a battery pack of something

that moves back and forth great

otherwise you know have something on a

pulley string is

similar way that on puppet strings would

be used so that some part of your


actually moves in of itself um without

you you know physically grabbing the

butterfly wings and holding them up or

something something that moves on its

own accord um so that's it and I hope

you take this advice and you use it to

win and if you win something based on

this advice I would love to hear from

you in your comments and do hit hit

subscribe I am Li put out a couple of

videos a year but it's it's all quality

stuff on Halloween and maybe I might add

another topic but for now Halloween

costumes okay happy Halloween everyone