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it's this mean yeah he's from Albania

you know he grew up in labor camp his

parents were political activists they

were arrested me as a kid you know and

like you're not taking us seriously who

the hell is going

I wouldn't do that I did not like him

save it it's not for you he's a weak man

with no self-control how can you tell

that from 30 feet away you learned a lot

about the man through the scope of a

sniper rifle didn't you get in my

darling I don't like him

what daddy you met him for 30 seconds

even that was done Oh

oh my god my parents oh my god what are

they gonna say about this Oh their

little girl comes to the city and then

within a year is pregnant and not even

with a man she intends on staying with

okay is what your parents say or the way

they did things there's a clinic four

blocks away you know I could sure no one

is going to judge you do what you wish

but don't do it because you're scared

you must own your actions in life like

you did a summary of the village brings

up a child and New York is a very great

village now get some food sleep

you have made such a big thing out of

protecting me from all these bad men and

now it's like you're encouraging me to

live life alone but you're no longer


so that is the spine and then that's the

head it's like the whole universe in

there are you okay I've just never seen

this type of pictures before yeah

I quote I'm just excited I got a job

offer is about time people started to Co

talents but it's in LA okay I don't know

if I want to bring her up in LA she's a

New Yorker what are you eating

we're just making plans now seeing if

it's possible everything is possible

she'll miss the city and this building

and you

no complaints Maggie

hello hello hello hello hello hi look at

you come here

it's so good to see you can she meet


amen oh so uh this Daniel

this is goos mean my old friend pleased

to meet you yeah I hear I have to pass

some sort of tests your posture what did

I do

nothing I saw it in her eyes just mean I

was never looking at the man Maggie I

was looking at your eyes