Contestants Pitch Their Designs to Anna Wintour and the Judges | Vogue

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okay I'm actually gonna close the store

beautiful reveal

actually I do one caretta caretta she

just meant to microwave a desktop

today it's one of the biggest days for

the designers they come we give them

five models they brought five looks that

they think best illustrate their brand

who they were in the past who they are

now and they can be in the future and

they will walk into a very intimidating

room and look at the Mount Rushmore of

judges and basically pitch them on why

they should win the fashion fund but as

soon as models already you can start

dressing your people it's like a first


some are cuter some have cuter

personalities it's really like a first

impression that sets you up either for

success or to be digging yourself out of

a hole for the next five months I watch

the previous season of the show and go

through the possible questions we came

up with 14 questions amongst us if they

ask you know what were your sales last

year a million times before but now it's

very fitting for their people

this really is us it's our DNA I don't

know there's anything else we could talk

about more passionately or confidently I

went through a lot of looks to sort of

decide on the final five this is sort of

like the hardest part to be in the

competition no I'm definitely nervous I

mean multiple different emotion is

nervous excited you've been doing on so

much prep like leading up to it

Oh smooth Li and I'm waiting for the

other shoe to drop

are you feeling I am looking for D on

them oh he's a model no that's good

tell me I lost my model on the loose and

will be here in like five minutes if we

can have all the food away everybody's

just doing what they're supposed to be

doing just say we have to think of you a

different question I know the same way

the judges really grill the designers

but they like to have a little bit of

fun with it what do you think about

brexit this is the biggest moment for

these guys to really impress the judges

need to crush it we started with his

hand build mobile crew cart which is

like a mobile sales card and now we have

a beautiful flagship store in the heart

of the French Quarter do you hope to

expand beyond glasses without a doubt so

we launched a small optical test about a

year ago and we're gonna launch optical

in 2017

Carolyn you seem to have it all figured

out what what can we help you

I wanted to create a line then it's

classic and timeless but still with a

lot of details and you can touch it's a

very cluttered market by did you started

what did you think they did something

different to say I love shoes so I will

not imagine doing anything else and I

feel there's a lot of men designing I

feel I have sensitive more feminine

point of view

thank you so much guys my main goal is

to show that lingerie can be fashion I'm

Morgan Curtis my brand's called Morgan

Lane and I started painting dolls and

used one of the dolls as my brand news

Laney I do all custom hardware if you

have turned around if you were to win

how would you use the money the exposure

I used all the money that I made to

launch it literally every single penny

I would love some direction and to

expand the team good luck I could see

that whole doll thing working in a bring

samples of shoes the first look is the

foldable shoes we actually tapped into

making cashmere socks very nice you guys

are sisters sisters from Iran and do you

make money No


the model got arrested he was arrested

I'm gonna walk you through five looks

come a little bit closer everyone take

the jacket off this is elastic what do

you think your customers attracted to

your brand from like the super fashion

kid to the kid in Arizona who wants to

be the fashion kid it kind of hits like

multiple different like demographics and

Ely I would love to do like a vertical

business I would love to do online I

would love to do in-store only good

stuff okay so should we jeans worth

something we wanted to do for a very

long time we're happy we sold a thousand

pairs we wanted to design evening gown

it was approachable you're designing for

new design in fact yes my name is

Beckett and this is Patrick and we

design area

we specialize in textile development we

partially construct the garments and put

them into the Machine and embossed them

this suiting is actually also

hydrophobic red wine water it will just

fall directly off which yeah please

touch her are you interested in doing

performance clothes

Rihanna weren't wore some stuff did you

mean performance like sport orbit active

wear I love arts and crafts I was raised

in arts and crafts you'd have a little

bows for all that sweaters yeah the

level pom-pom love a bow often they say

Adam Salman is big coat little dress

what did you apply why did I find I mean

I need the mentorship in the money like

I am hustling you know what I mean like

day to day it is really a struggle thank

you so much guys

Rochambeau men's we were like what are

all these buttons this isn't our star

like looking at stream iring the brands

that were making things had we're also

looking overseas at what was going on we

were like there's got to be a different

style here I consider him a dreamer in a

sense I have to rein him back a bit

because he'll go crazy at times they may

have to dress for the next know you the

mothers go did you already tell us he

didn't come up our air depends how much

you wanna show there are some more

sudden exposures there's a user asleep

there's more opening so more like the

body shapes then you know the boobs and

butts and things like her shoulders but

you want a glass of water

yeah maybe thank you looks like she's

gonna faint and who would you like your

mentor to be my mentor I don't know the

options so now we'll give the judges a

few minutes to deliberate and put their

thoughts together about who did well I

think she has I don't like her who

didn't we like area I struggled with a

middle oh my which is area it's a kind

of very specific generational idea of

glamour and I think that we could help

them an atom really impressed me


do you think you can survive I think he

could survive he needs to get like a big

partner and we'll put him in a

contemporary space what do you want

friends between stamps and Roshan

believes in the Rochambeau show I didn't

understand how any of it really went


I think stamped is more thought-out and

I'm surprised I've never heard of it

that girl didn't like Chloe Shu so much

no I thought she was impressive

Mugen lanes eight o'clock in the morning

up seeing those walking up next to it at

my perfect couple and they're so

beautiful and they don't fight I mean

had the right balance of wearability

interesting ideas we all loved Brock and

we all loved Stirling's it's not like

anything else in the market and it's a

scale and it's probably just tell us who

is best backstage I would say Miriam and

Marjan from new bark are the most

proactive I got 80 emails between the

two of them I think Morgan is very quiet

but the more you talk to her I think the

smarter you can tell she is it's very

interesting it's gonna be fun to see how

they progress what an impressive crops

thank you very much thank you all so how

do you feel like a win I feel like it

went really really well they certainly

know that the designers a lot better

after this morning they know their

clothes they know their personalities so

the next thing the designers really have

to gear up for is the design challenge