Behind the Judges Table

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hey guys welcome back to KVM talent

today is trick tip Thursday and we have

been in competition mode back and forth

competition conventions every weekend

just got back from Jeff this weekend had

a great time so I brought samples or a

sheet to share with you and hope to give

you a couple health pence so at the top

of the list of score sheets is usually

something about technique that is a big

one that has to do with your relevant

your knees being straight the proper

position of pirouettes where your passe

is all those kinds of things where your

lines in your technical training come

into play right there

secondly there usually is something

about execution or choreography of the

routine how well you did were you able

to use all of the space were you able to

transition from maybe one of your

technical moves to maybe a more stylized

movement also there's something usually

on there about showmanship or

personality that's a big one for me it's

how will you bring the audience in how

you tell the story and you relate to a

song maybe the emotion you're able to

carry out because remember when people

are watching dance you're not talking

your body and your emotion and your

connection with the song in the audience

is what is bringing you to the audience

and the judges so they know what's going

on lastly there's usually something

about presentation or appearance which

is using the costume or your hair being

pulled back out of your face just so

that you have a nice appearance out

there usually a score sheet is worth

about a hundred points and the first

thing we talk about with technique it's

usually about 40 points give or take

some time

top dishes of maybe 50 points or maybe

30 but about 40 and usually execution of

the dance the same thing about 40 points

40% of your score and then usually the

showmanship and the appearance sometimes

is between 15% and 20% depending on how

you're going to add up that hundred

percent at a typical dance to your

competition there's three judges in each

of square sheet that's worth 100 points

so your total score is the average of

those three judges together which is a

total of 300 points I'm going to share

with you my two most favorite things

that I look for when someone is dancing

for me number one is eye contact a lot

of people dance and they're dancing and

they're all the places are doing this

fabulous performance but they never look

at me and I want them to look me

straight in the eye and dance to me too

and the audience so keeping your eyes on

the judges and the audience balance is a

very very good tip to remember and

secondly it's confident nothing is more

wonderful to watch than a confident

dancer they walk out on the stage they

get into the first pose and they strike

it no matter how good they are about how

we can be dancer they are when they're

confident they score big points with me

and the final tip I want to give you

about any kind of audition or

competition when you're being judged is

dance is subjective it's a matter of

opinion and whatever you feel your

opinion is when you're out there may be

different than my opinion and remember

that that's not wrong go out and do your

best be confident and have fun