ALL Outfielders Need To Watch This!! (EASILY READ FLY BALLS)

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hey it's coach Justin from ultimate

baseball training welcome back to

another video and if you are an

outfielder then this video is for you

we're gonna be talking about how you can

easily read fly balls better in the

outfield I'm also gonna provide you a

bunch of tips that I didn't learn until

way later in my career that would have

helped me if I learn them sooner so I

really think you're gonna enjoy this one

without further ado let's head on out to

the outfield and let me share with you

these tips alright so we're in center

field now and today like I mentioned

we're gonna be talking about how to

easily read fly balls and the very first

thing that I want to talk about is a

common mistake that I see a lot of

younger outfielders make but even a lot

of high school outfielders some college

outfielders as well is you know it's

it's your starting position it's your

stance so let's just say you know the

pitcher is getting a sign and you guys

are just kind of out here hanging out in

the outfield you might be saying

something back and forth to each other

and then all of a sudden all of a sudden

it's time for him to deliver the pitch

right and the first common mistake that

I see that really is gonna hinder you

from seeing the ball well off the bat is

I see a lot of players who jump into

their stance alright so that was kind of

you know a small jump but I see a lot of

players take a bigger hop step and

really jump into their stance and I want

to encourage you to not do that that's

the very first part that I want to touch

on in today's video because what that

does for you whenever you jump into your

stance right you go from being up tall

like this and all of a sudden jumping

down is your eyes are moving all over

the place and so when you're trying to

track an object and really you know

outfield it's kind of like a game of

inches you really want to get a really

good jump off the bat so boom you know

you get a good jump you see the ball off

the bat we're not wasting any steps and

then that's gonna allow us to get two

balls and a lot of other outfielders

aren't able to get to right but it

you're gonna have a hard time doing that

if you jump into your stance your eyes

are moving all over and then you know it

takes you a second to kind of pick up

where the baseball is alright so I don't

care really what you do in terms of

stance I don't think you should be

standing here like this with your hands

on your knees when the pitch is being

delivered because this is a hard

position to move out of I don't care if

you're resting like this in between

pitches but not while

the pitch is being thrown I don't want

you to jump in but aside from that if

you want to just do you know right left

like infielders and stay up a little bit

taller personally that's always what I

like to do is just right left have my

hands nice and loose ready to go kind of

you know by my hips here and it's just

not a lot of movement it's just a little

overcoming inertia on the balls of my

feet ready to go you can even just you

know have your right foot planted like

this and bring your left foot in and

boom I'm ready to go not even a right

left just a quick little step you see a

lot of big leaguers they really try to

minimize their movement especially

because they're playing 162 games a year

alright so I don't care how you really

start just make sure your hands are not

on your knees like this if you want your

hands somewhere have them a little bit

higher like this you can move a little

bit better stay on the balls of your

feet but don't hop don't jump into your

stance and have your eyes be dancing all

over the place alright moving on another

tip that I really want to share with you

this is something that's really going to

help you read the ball much better off

the bat unfortunately this is not common

knowledge it's not typically taught to

players so what are you typically taught

everything you do from from a young

player you're taught to you know the

name of the game is to watch the ball

right watch the baseball well in this

case you don't want to watch the

baseball I know this sounds a little

counterintuitive but listen to what I'm

saying here so I'm in center field again

right and what a lot of players try to

do is when the pitcher winds up they try

to throw out the pitchers entire wind-up

they try to watch the baseball from his

wind-up and as he goes through

everything and as he delivers the pitch

and they try to watch the ball from his

release point to the hitting zone and

then they try to watch it pick it up off

the bat after that so their eyes are

dancing all over the place and it's just

too much to track your eyes get tired

after a certain amount of time and it's

too hard to go from watching the ball

come out of his hand to all of a sudden

it's coming in 8090 miles an hour and

then all of a sudden it's coming at the

same speed or faster off the bat you're

just gonna have a hard time if you're

trying to track the baseball out of his

hand so what do you do right because

obviously we want to watch the balls a

big part of the game what do you do well

instead focus your eyes on the hitting

zone that's it just pick up the ball

when it's being hit when it crosses the

plate alright so this is going to take a

lot of practice you need to focus on and

adding practice first to really get the

hang of it but I promise you it's gonna

make you see the baseball so much better

your eyes are gonna be way less tired

and it's super easy just you know you

wait for the pitcher to deliver the

pitch right you get into whatever your

ready position is and you're looking in

the hitting zone and then boom you're

gonna see the baseball up here and if

it's coming your way you're gonna see it

jump off the baseball bat and I promise

you try this technique out your jumps

are gonna be so much better all right in

the very last tip is brim of your cap

now you're probably thinking what is he

talking about brim of your cap well this

is really going to help you again read

fly balls easier that's what this video

is about and this was something that

other thing that I wasn't really taught

until way later in my career but

basically the way that this works I know

a lot of the times it's difficult

especially for center fielders to judge

if the ball is hitting you know if it's

hit right at them or you know if they

have to move in on it or if they have to

move back on obviously if the ball is

crushed you know way over your head into

one of the gaps that's easier if it's a

really really shallow fly ball a lot of

those are easy to pick up and just start

sprinting in but what about those ones

where they kind of catch a flat-footed

because you're like okay I don't know

how much this ball is carrying I don't

know if I should go in or take a few

steps back and you're really kind of

puzzled well that's where this brim of

your cap thing comes in so again this is

another thing that you're really gonna

have to practice but the way it works is

you get into your ready position when

the ball is hit you know that you know

if you're wearing your baseball cap like

a normal baseball player would you know

that if the ball stays underneath your

cap here because you know obviously our

eyes and our header level if the ball

stays underneath our cap here then

chances are the ball is either going to

be hit to you or in front of you but if

it's still in vision without you having

to tilt your head up like this if it's

still in vision then the ball is in

front of you or right at you okay so

don't be taking a million steps back

just stay where you're at until you get

a little bit better of a visual on it

and then you can come in on the ball

however if the ball immediately goes

above your brim typically then that's

going to be a ball that's hit you know

further back so that's going to be a

ball work instantly you want to

obviously take your drop step and start

running back getting to the spot first

then settling underneath it

and coming through the ball now there

are some extremes I get that you know a

pop up to the catcher obviously that's

gonna go above your brim of your cap and

you might be thinking well I don't have

to go backwards on that I get that there

are some outliers right but this is just

overall it's a great way to really help

you just read fly balls better so try it

out so that's it hopefully you enjoyed

this video hopefully it was helpful for

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