How to tell what has been replaced inside an iPhone (Without opening it)

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hi everybody Jason here today I'm gonna

share something with you that I believe

will be extremely helpful for consumers

and repair shops alike

imagine that you're a consumer and you

take your phone into a repair shop and

the guy at the counter takes it and he

goes into the back and he's in the back

for however long and comes back out and

he hands you your repaired phone and I'm

sure there's a lot of honest shops but

there's also a lot of people that wonder

what did he actually do to my phone I'm

going to show you a way that you can

tell that without actually opening the

phone to do this we're going to be using

a piece of software called 3u tools 3u

tools is a free program available to

download for Windows as you can see

their website is just 3u tools com this

is an iTunes alternative it works really

good for making backups seeing other

things about the phone that iTunes will

not show you and it is one of my go-to

tools for doing all sorts of stuff with

the iPhone but let me show you what else

that it will do okay let's take this

phone here in front of me let's go ahead

and lock the screen this is my phone by

the way

and let's go ahead and plug this phone

into 3d tools alright so here on my

screen you will see my phone alright it

just shows you all the specs that shows

you you know it shows you what size the

phone is it shows you what your serial

number is one really cool feature if you

see this little button here that says

view verification report the first time

I seen that I'm like well what does that

mean well let's click on it and here is

what it shows you about my phone I'm

gonna let's see I'm gonna be blocking

out some of the information here because

it's my phone I mean I'm gonna keep it

private but as you can see here you have

the on in the top left column here you

have the tested item which is the device

that is in question and then you have

the the X factory value which is what

this phone was put out with from the

factory you have a motherboard serial

number do you have a battery serial

number you have a rear camera front

camera screen serial number as well as a

touch ID

okay that's the left-hand column and

then the next column over you have here

is the actual read value so you have

what the phone originally came out with

from the factory and then you have

what's in it today brilliant it's it's

extremely useful so if you check this

before you go to the repair shop and you

check it after you go to the repair shop

you have a really good idea as to if

you're any of your stuff was swapped out

if you're in the market and you buy and

sell and trade use phones you can

actually plug into these things and you

know I mean roughly I mean there are

things that are not tagged here but you

have a pretty good idea of what all has

been replaced inside the phone and you

never even have to turn a screw let's

look at one more phone

let's get mine off to the side this is

an original iPhone 6s plus let's go

ahead I'm gonna grab a customer's phone

here let's see this was a VDD boost

short and to finish the repair I had to

put a screen into it so let's go ahead

now I'm gonna connect the customer's

phone here I'll probably have to edit

yeah I'll have to block some of this out

to get rid of her pictures and stuff so

now we have the customers phone on the

screen and I'm gonna do the same thing

i'm gonna click view verification report

crap okay so that one's completely

normal - let's grab a better example all

right so let's grab one more phone here

and we're gonna hook this one two three

you tools see what three you tools can

tell us about this one so here's this

one on the screen let's view the

verification report oh look at this one

this one's got some good details here

this phone is only scoring a 64 okay it

shows that everything is normal until

you get down to the battery it shows

that the phone was released with this

battery serial number only now it has

this battery serial number it says that

the rear camera was replaced because the

serial numbers don't match it says the

front camera was replaced because the

serial number don't match and it also

says that the touch ID must didn't

replace because the serial number don't

match so as you can see you can tell

what the phone was originally released

with and you can tell what is in it

today and this is just immensely helpful

and whenever I first started seeing the

like kiosks at Walmart for

ripping people off I mean buying

people's phones from home

I wondered how in the heck can this

machine give a quote based on what the

front of the phone looks like I haven't

verified it for sure yet but I imagine

if they're kind of wise they would

require the customer to trust the device

that way the machine could actually see

the stuff that's inside the phone and

whether or not it's been replaced so

guys I'm gonna move on with my next task

here I do I do thank you all for

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